Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday: Tattoos and a Baked Garden

This morning, I went for my CAT scan and to get "positioned" for my radiation treatment, which included getting two tattoos to help the technicians focus the radiation in the proper area each time.  So now, at the age of 60, I am a tattooed lady!  :o  One of my nieces tells me that I should get a leather jacket to go with my tattoos!  Um...

When I came back home, afterwards, I found a bunch of work-related emails waiting for me!  So, spent the next hour or so responding to those.

Took a break for brunch - I had some toast with the rest of the tuna salad I had made.  It had tasted bitter, yesterday, but today, it tasted fine.  I had some diluted passion fruit juice with it. 

Nathalie had asked about my garden and I had replied it was baked.  I took some pictures of my baked garden today:

Sun baked lemons are dropping from the trees...

Sun baked peaches:

Peaches 1

Peaches 2
The one peach that escaped damage:

One Good Peach
It will be a peach harvest of one single peach!

The loquat tree:

Loquat Tree
The African Daisies:

African Daisies
The camellia tree:

The oranges look like they might be OK:

It is a sad excuse for a garden, isn't it? 

I am glad I didn't bother to grow any vegetables this year.  Nothing would have survived!  I might try growing some winter vegetables in the fall, though (and hope we won't have one of our rare freezes, like the one we had a few years ago, when my avocado tree died).

I did more office work in the afternoon and then, took a nap! 

Later, I did my decluttering for the day:

June 29 Decluttering

6 brass cups (I am counting them individually because they were a gift from my mother and are hard to let go of)
1 set of 5 placemats (also bought by my mother)
1 mandolin/slicer thing (received as a gift from a friend, but hardly used)
2 food containers (saved to reuse, but time to toss)
= 10 items

Today, I am grateful for:
- CAT scan and tattooing went well, without any problems
- Safe drive to clinic and back
- Validated parking at this clinic!
- At least one peach survived getting baked!
- Afternoon naps

Today, I spent:

$2 for parking with validation

This week's grocery ads came out yesterday and one of the grocery stores is having coconut water on sale for $.50 per can.  This particular brand usually sells for $.99 a can, so this is a good sale.  I will be passing by this store on the way to and from the lab where I get my blood tests done, so I might stop by to buy some cans of coconut water with the $5 left in my June grocery budget.

On the agenda for tomorrow:  Blood test and maybe grocery shopping for cans of coconut water.

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for the holiday weekend?


  1. Such a shame about your garden. All those lovely plants and fruit trees trying so hard to thrive against all the odds.

    Is your radiation tattoo a black dot? Imagine if you could choose a flower or butterfly, now that would be a pretty way of having a not so nice treatment carried out. As long as they could remove it aftewards if you wanted them to of course. xx

    1. They are two dots, which I can't even see (I've birthmarks that are more prominent). I think I'll let them be. They don't bother me, especially since I can't see them and there's no one else to see them either, if you know what I mean! ;) :D

  2. Oh Bless, I am so sorry about your garden.. That is so awful. The heat is rough.. Proud your oranges are ok..
    Had to laugh about your tattoo.. Yesterday, when you said something about the tattoo.. I thought...ummmmh.. wonder does she mean, she is getting a tattoo.. Didn't say anything, because I didn't want to offend.hahaha. So, now I know. I agree with cousin, I think you need a leather jacket and maybe add you a motorcycle. smile.
    My kids/grandkids are coming, so we are going to grill hamburgers and son is going to make homemade ice cream.. Will enjoy seeing all the kids.
    HOpe you have a good July 4th too.

    1. Oh, yes, a motorcycle! :D I don't think I'll ever get a regular tattoo - it hurts too much!

      The garden is a sorry sight, isn't it? It will recover, eventually.

      Oh, a family gathering and homemade ice cream. It sounds lovely. I know you'll have a wonderful time. Enjoy!

  3. So you finally got the tattoos. Soon the next round of treatment begins and we will start counting down to a happy finish! What a year you are having. I hope that from now on your food will all start to taste good. Too bad about your garden, it is so sad to see such lovely plants dried up. Some of our plants wilt during the day with the fierce sun but on the whole a good watering will make a difference, although I have lost a plant or two and the cilantro is just pathetic. At least we can water them.
    Your de-cluttering is so inspiring!

    1. Yes, I got my tattoos! I can't even see them. I hope the radiation technicians are better at locating them than I am!

      The garden will recover, but I am sad about my peaches. I was looking forward to having peaches from my tree.

  4. I laughed at the image of you in a leather jacket and a bunch of tattoos, lol.

    Your garden makes me want to weep! I wish i could send you some rain, we got so much of it tonight, I was worried about the tomatoes I haven't harvested yet.

    Good job on your decluttering, as always!

    Have a great evening, Bless. I'm trying to stay up past midnight since Greg and our son decided to drive straight home today instead of spending the night in Chattanooga. They'll be exhausted when they get home and will go straight to bed, and I'll be too keyed up to fall asleep, although I feel that I could fall asleep right about now, lol.

    We don't have any plans for the weekend, I don't think. Our little town usually hosts the 4th of July Fireworks over the little lake just a block away from our house, but this year much larger Clermont decided to have their own fireworks so we'll see how well attended ours is. We usually just watch it from our front yard. Some cities are holding their festivities over the weekend but ours is on the 4th proper. Depending on the weather I'll grill burgers and/or hot dogs, but it's only the three of us at home so it'll just be a regular meal not a huge extravaganza. I celebrate the holidays less and less now that most of the kids are out of the house. And honestly? I don't miss it. It seems that all the planning, shopping, cooking, setting up and then cleaning up is always left up to me anyway.

    What about you, what are your plans? Is anyone in your family having a big cookout?

    1. Nathalie, I hope Greg and your son have a safe drive home tonight and you'll have no problem falling asleep.

      I have no plans for the 4th. As far as I know, no one is doing anything. Last year, daughter and I went over to a friend's house to dinner as it was her birthday and we watched a fireworks display that could be seen from her apartment. This year, daughter won't be here and I will probably have a quiet evening at home video chatting with her.

      Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. Enjoy having Greg and your son home, again.

  5. Those poor sun baked plants...I feel so bad for them. My hubby had to make a temporary shade structure for my arctic kiwi since it was getting fried also.

    I had to laugh at the comment your niece made about the leather jacket to go with your tattoo. It sounds like the people in your family have a wonderful sense of humor! :)

    Be blessed!

    1. A shade structure is a good idea. I should consider one for my peach tree, next year.

      You are right, for the most part, the family members do have a great sense of humor. :)

      Hope you have a blessed weekend, Debbie.


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