Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday: Blood Test and June Grocery Shopping Week 2

Thursday, I had a blood test to see how my white blood cell count was, etc.  Results will be made available at Friday's hydration session.

After the blood test, I stopped by the grocery store!  This is the first time I've gone grocery shopping in person since I started chemo therapy in December!

June Week 2 Groceries
I only needed bread, ham cold cuts, and bananas, but I also bought a few extra groceries (it felt so good to just look around and decide to pick up a couple of items just because the were either on sale or I just felt like having it!) and some non-grocery items such as cat food, toiletries, and an air freshener!  I spent a total of $26.39, but the groceries only came to $11.16.


Instead of bread, I bought 2 bagels and 4 whole wheat bolillo rolls.

Juice = $2.49
1 can tuna = $1.00
1 individual frozen pizza = $1.29
1 yellow cake mix = $1.00
Bananas, @ $.69/lb = $.80
1/2 lb. ham cold cuts = $2.00
2 bagels, @$.79 = $1.58
4 bolillo rolls @.25 = $1.00
Total = $11.16

Total spent on groceries so far in June = $9.78 + $11.16 = $20.94

I had a bolillo roll sandwiched with some ham cold cuts for brunch, along with a glass of juice.  Normally, passion fruit juice is a favorite, but my taste was slightly off and I didn't enjoy it as much.  The ham sandwich tasted slightly bitter, as well. But I ate it all!

I spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon doing office work.  I did manage to sneak in an afternoon nap!  In the evening, I put water to the back garden using the sprinklers and took out the trash.  Then, I did my decluttering for the day:

June 16 Declutterings Part 1
- A jewellery box with a saying about grandmothers that I had bought for my daughter to give to her grandmother.  My mother had kept it, along with its outer box, and two "necklaces" a pre-school daughter had made with beads strung together. 

- A CD my daughter had received, which she didn't want, still in its wrapper.

- A bunch of pens/pencils/markers.

- 3 staple removers

- A partial card of sponge animals (drop in water to make them "grow")

- Some scrapbooking items

June 16 Declutterings Part 2
- Craft supplies - mostly packets of beads (11 packets), a packet of feathers, two "necklaces" of strung beads

I am going to count this lot as being 10 items.  The jewellery box, scrapbooking items, and craft supplies will be donated; other items will be tossed.

I had a phone call from one of my aunts and a friend, today, and I called a cousin and left a message.  Plus I've been video chatting with my daughter.

Tomorrow, I have to go in for hydration in the morning and I need to call and schedule my bone density test (forgot to do it today).

Today, I am grateful for:

- More items being decluttered.
- Being able to do my own grocery shopping again!
- An afternoon nap.
- The blood test got done without any problems.
- Sprinklers to help water the garden.

Today, I spent:

$2 for parking at the lab when I went for the blood test
$26.39 at the grocery store for groceries, cat food, toiletries, and household items.
$160.58 for the phone bill (house phone, daughter's cell phone, my cell phone).

How was your Thursday?  What have you planned for tomorrow?


  1. I'll bet it felt good to actually be able to get back to part of your normal routine again with the shopping. :) Praying you get a good report tomorrow!

    1. It did feel good, Debbie. I enjoy grocery shopping, so I've missed doing it all these months. Thank you for your prayers. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. You must have had so much fun at the store! And look, you earned points for bringing your own bags too. I'm hoping your sense of taste comes back soon so you can enjoy your favorite drinks and foods once again. Your bead donations will not only declutter your house but make some kid very happy!

    I hope you are having a great Friday so far, Bless!

    1. Yes, the grocery stores in our city limits don't give the one-time use plastic bags any more. You have to bring your own reusable bags or purchase a brown bag ($.10) or a reusable plastic bag ($1). I used to reuse the plastic grocery bags as trash can liners, especially for cleaning out the cat's litter box.

  3. So happy you were able to do some shopping.. Know that made you feel better.. Take it easy though... don't over do..[sorry , cant help but worry about you, smile]
    Great job with the decluttering.. When we were packing to move, I found so much stuff [didn't know we had], we donated so much to the Salvation army, they began to know me by name,lol. We threw away bags and bags of junk.. And do you know, I am still finding plenty to add to my decluttering each day. I am not doing it as good as you are, but making progress.Yea.
    Your wheat rolls sound so good, I love to go to stores that have the homemade breads/rolls.. Makes wonderful sandwiches and toast.
    Will be praying for you , for good results and praying for your upcoming radiation treatments. Also the taste buds to be normal again..[My brother in law, said this was so awful..] Hugs,

    1. Thank you, Judy. It tired me out, the shopping, yesterday! Had to come home and take a nap! I didn't expect that!

      Moving is the ultimate incentive to declutter, especially if one is downsizing as well!

      Thank you for the continued prayers, Judy. Really appreciate them.

  4. I hope that as the chemo finally works out of your system you will be able to taste food normally again.

    How nice to be able to do your own shopping. I remember when I was in my 20s I had Hep. A after a holiday and I had to have a few weeks complete bed rest, at my parents' home. Anything I needed to buy, like yarn for knitting or writing materials had to be shopped for by my mother, who did the best she could, but I well remember the frustration of not being able to go and pick things up myself, so I can understand what a breakthrough it was for you to be able to pick out things that took your fancy.

    1. Thanks, Bushlady. Yes, exactly, the pleasure of being able to pick out things that took my fancy! My daughter did very well with a shopping list, but she went strictly by the list.

  5. Hi Bless. How are you doing with this heat? I just got home from work and it's 93 here. At 5:30! I'm so not looking forward to the weekend temps and especially Monday. The sky looks really smoggy. Hope you're keeping cool.

    1. Hi Mia, I'm doing OK, thank you. It was 88F when I got home after hydration, but the house was cool. In fact, I opened a couple of windows hoping to warm up the house! Monday is supposed to be 105F, here. If it gets too uncomfortably hot, I'll go to the library or the Mall. Haven't been in either place since last November!

  6. So happy for you that you are now able to go out and about! Have never tried bolillo rolls ... Will look for them in our grocery store. Have a great weekend!

    1. Carolyn, I really don't know what the difference is, between the different rolls they have in the bakery section! They have grinder rolls, French rolls, bolillo rolls - they are all bread rolls as far as I am concerned, but the bolillo rolls are cheaper than the others!


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