Monday, June 20, 2016

Warmer Sunday

It was relatively cool (75F) inside the house when I woke up this morning, but today's high was 107F!  I stepped outside for a couple of minutes at 8:30 a.m. and it was already hot!  I kept the windows closed and the drapes drawn to keep the house as cool as I could for as long as I could.  But, the temperature inside the house continued to go up as the afternoon wore on.  It was 86F inside at 5:30 p.m. but peaked at almost 88F at 6:30 p.m.

June 19 Inside Temperature
I must admit it felt a bit warm at that point and stuffy.  I opened the windows then, even though the outside temperature was still warm, to get some fresh air.  It is just past 11:00 p.m. now and it has cooled off outside.  I'm sitting in front of the window, so I feel the cool air.  But it is still 86F inside the house (I just checked).

So, what does one do on such a warm day?  Well, I spent the morning relaxing, chatting on the phone with my neighbor and an aunt, reading blogs, texting with my daughter, and putting away the load of laundry I did yesterday.  In the afternoon, I did some paperwork, put away the washed dishes from yesterday, and washed some other dishes.  In the evening, I turned on the sprinklers to water the back garden, did a load of laundry, did some decluttering, cleaned my bathroom, and video chatted with daughter.

Speaking of decluttering, I must admit to a bit of a failure.  Remember the pile of nightdresses I decluttered?  Well, I went back and took back the nightdress my mother sewed.  I am not yet ready to let go of it.  Instead, I decluttered 11 items today, to make up for it.  So my overall total will remain the same.

June 19 Decluttering
Today's items consisted of:

- 1 old handbag
- 2 sweaters
- 1 3-ring binder
- 2 books
- 5 crochet magazines that had belonged to my mother

= 11 items

Today, I am grateful for:
- The house was cool in the morning.
- I didn't have to go anywhere/be outside in the heat.
- It is not humid in addition to being hot.
- Cooler evenings.
- Video chatting with my daughter.

Plans for tomorrow include office work, a little more paperwork, more decluttering, and, above all else, staying cool!  It's supposed to be even hotter than today!

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for tomorrow and the rest of the week?


  1. You did a lot even though it was hot! 86F doesn't sound so hot when you're talking outside where there might be a breeze, but inside a house, it must have felt stuffy for sure. I hope you're OK today.

    I don't think you're a failure for taking back something that was meaningful to you. Especially since you found something else to get rid of in its place.

    Now time for me to do a couple of chores too... have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks, Nathalie. I did have the ceiling fan on, so there was some air circulation, but after awhile, it's just hot air being circulated so it's not very helpful.

      Hope you are doing OK and not too lonely, since everyone is gone. Enjoy a little "staycation" of your own. :)

  2. I don't blame you for taking back the nightdress your mother sewed. Some things are just too precious to toss until you are really sure you are ready to let go. Of course you could always take a photo, but even that may not be right for you yet.

    It is about 99F here (Monday). See, I converted from our Canadian Celsius for you! Still very hot whichever way you call it. It bugs me that when the heat is so intense, even very hardy plants like Echinacea or certain wild plants will just wilt! I find the sun so strong that it burns, so I stay in or take an umbrella if it is like that.
    Sunday was lovely, a new young priest celebrated his first mass at our church and there was all the pageantry and beauty that one could wish for, including extra priests, deacons and the bishop.
    This morning I changed the bed, and washed the sheets, etc. but put them in the dryer because there is a lot of pollen around at the moment. Seems a pity not to hang them outside, though.

    1. Bushlady, I had no idea it gets that hot up there! I don't know if you have any a/c; if not, hopefully you have fans. Do keep cool and I hope it cools off soon.

      Sunday's service sounds lovely. :)

      I hang the laundry inside the house to dry. Put garments on hangers and hang them from the door frames, the bed sheets are hung using skirt hangers, and the rest go on folding airers.

    2. We do have AC Bless, thank goodness. I don't often hand anything inside the house in summer because of the humidity, except the odd lightweight item. A friend was staying once and hung some jeans in the basement and the dehumidifier worked overtime to deal with the extra moisture. But in winter I love to hang everything down there as it creates humidity to counteract the dry air from the wood furnace!

    3. I am glad you have a/c! Heat plus humidity can be so oppressive. My daughter can't hang anything to dry in her apartment, either, because of the humidity. She runs the dehumidifier every day, after her first traumatic experience with mold, shortly after she moved up there!

  3. Oh BLess, I am so happy you took back the nightgown your mom made. That is special [ I know you cant keep everything, but she made this with her own hands so I know it is really special--- Do you see why I have such a hard time de-cluttering? lol]
    The heat is awful.. I know 107 must be TERRIBLE.. I am complaining at the 90's we are having. smile. When do you put your AC in?
    Proud your taking it easy.. praying for you.

    1. Judy, she used to sew all our clothes at one time. I have also kept 3 dresses she sewed for me and practically all the cute, frilly dresses she made for daughter! It'll be up to daughter to get rid of those!

      I am regretting not getting my gardener to put in the a/c when he came to do the garden last Friday. I might have him do so next Friday.

  4. Good grief Bless, I'm wilting just at the thought of it being 88F inside the house. I like to be warm but I think that would be too much even for me.

    So glad the blood test results were fine and that you are now able to get out and about again. I bet being able to do things like shopping feels strange but good doesn't it.

    I'm really impressed with your de-cluttering drive, it makes mine back in January look positively amateurish haha. I don't think keeping the nightdress was a failure at all. No point getting rid of things then regretting it, plus something like that isn't remotely like old magazines or books etc.

    Right, I need to get Thomas moving now for school. He has to eat his mammoth breakfast first, it's probably the best meal of the day for him. Yesterday he had apple, sausage, toast, cereal, a packet of crips and a chocolate biscuit!!

    Hope you have a cooler day today. The weather here is overcast but thankfully no rain - yet :) xx

    1. I can tolerate fairly high heat levels, especially when it is a dry heat. Don't do as well when it is humid and hot.

      I just reached 200 items decluttered, today! My goal is 300 by the end of the month.

      Well, they do say that one should breakfast like a king. I'm glad Thomas has a good, filling breakfast. :)

      If you could send some rain, it would be much appreciated!

      Hope you have a lovely day.


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