Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday's Decluttering

I have spent a relatively quiet day, today.  I spent the better part of the day working on office work and submitted an assignment by the end of the work day.

Later in the evening, I sorted through the containers on my desk, into which I had tossed various bits and pieces and went through the two drawers in my bedside table.

June 7 Decluttering
Today's decluttering included:

1 desiccated orchid plant
1 foil potpie pan
2 paperback books
1 box of poker chips (leftover from a cake I decorated with playing cards, poker chips and dice for my uncle)
1 file folder of papers
1 Thomas Brothers map book (from 1998; I guess map books are obsolete now with electronic navigation devices?)
1 brochure (Berkeley guide)
1 map
1 non-working wrist watch

There were a few other bits and pieces such as a dried out pen, a lone earring (costume jewellery), 3 packets of gauze pads that were no longer sterile, a denim day button, etc., that I just tossed and didn't include in the decluttering count.

One of the items I decided to keep is this:

September 1974 Magazine

Why keep a magazine from 1974?  I came to this country at the end of August 1974; the magazine is dated September 1974.

It is interesting (to me) to see what was being discussed back then, when I first came to this country as an 18 year old University student.  Back when it was still OK to have cigarette advertisements in magazines.  It was a special food issue with the emphasis on quick and easy meals, so lots of recipes.   I have to admit I haven't tried any of the recipes; maybe I should remedy that!  Maybe not the "Chicken Liver Pate Casanova", because I am not too fond of chicken liver, but the "Strawberry Bavarian Cream" (frozen strawberries blended with unflavored gelatin, lemon juice, hot milk, egg yolks, and heavy cream) sounds delicious, although, obviously, the recipe predates present day health care concerns about raw egg yolks.  Hopefully, the warm milk will cook the egg yolks!  Interestingly, the recipe doesn't call for any additional sugar.

Today, I am grateful for:

- A good night's sleep, last night.
- A productive day.
- Being able to declutter a little more.
- A cool and comfortable day.
- Video chatting with daughter.

I didn't spend any money today.

How was your Tuesday?  Did you declutter anything today?  Would you choose to keep a magazine from a time that had a special meaning to you? 


  1. You really need a trustworthy source for the eggs you use and make the dessert while they are still very fresh, although they are heated they may not end up pasteurized properly. I have made raw egg food. I used fresh organic eggs and never had a problem.

    Making Bavarian Cream is quite a fuss. I recommend watching a video about it first.

    Here is a somewhat simplified version. You still have to be careful your egg doesn't cook.


    Here is how I was taught. :)



    1. Thank you for the links! I watched both videos and now I am drooling! The Bavarian cream recipe in the magazine is made in a blender! I will have to wait until my immune system is fully recovered before I try any raw egg recipes, but I will try making a Bavarian cream, one day.

  2. I love old magazines (and old catalogs especially). I'm glad you kept that. It might not mean anything to anybody else than you but you're still here for a long time so why not continue enjoying it, right?

    Speaking of cigarette ads, my local paper's website this morning as an article touting a local business' "feat" of growing tobacco in our part of the county for the first time since 1974. They dry it here and then SHIP it to Costa Rica (I think, I can't even bring myself for going back to check!) for processing and curing and then ship it back here to sell it. I am HORRIFIED that they are promoting this business, celebrating that people are back to growing tobacco and even bragging about it being an "eco tourism destination"! I'm especially sensitive to it as my FIL is currently dying of lung cancer and exclusively smoked cigars. I think they should have been required to run photos of lung cancer patients next to the article, quite frankly. Of course, they probably should also run pictures of me next to any mention of baked goods, bread, cheese, and other goodies as a cautionary tale :)

    Good job decluttering otherwise. I would have counted the earring, etc. Those are all the little things that one tends to not to want to deal with right away that accumulate and end up stressing us, I think.

    1. I saved a magazine from the month and year my daughter was born, as well! She's not interested now, but maybe, one day, she'll be amused to see what was of interest at the time.

      As for the news article about growing tobacco, maybe you should write to them, mention your FIL, and give them your opinion.

      I think I kept the earring thinking its mate would show up and then I forgot I kept it. But yes, I think I will include those items, too, in the future.

    2. I have the front page section of the Orlando Sentinel for each of the days when my kids were born. Some day they'll get those along with their hospital bracelets (so tiny!), first lost baby tooth, possibly a lock of hair from their first haircut too. Lol.

    3. Oh, what a great idea to save the front page of the newspaper! I think I tossed daughter's baby teeth in my last round of decluttering! But I probably still have her first lock of hair.

  3. Proud you slept good, and had a good day. yes..I would keep the magazine.. That has a special time in your life, and It is so fun to read the old magazines.
    Have a great evening.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Old magazines do provide a window into the past, don't they?

  4. How lovely that you have a memento of the start of that part of your life! x

  5. Your decluttering is really inspiring me. I had had second thoughts about a table lamp that was stored in the basement and put it back, but I've fetched it up and put it in a box for the charity shop.

    I have an old magazine from the 70s that I brought from my parent's house, and what amazes me is the advertisement for a suitable dress for a 40 year old. It is quite frumpy and I couldn't imagine any 40 year-olds or even 60 year-olds wanting to wear something like that today!

    1. Thank you for saying that, Bushlady. We shall continue to inspire each other!

      40 was considered quite middle aged back then, I guess. We are younger now! :D


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