Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Monday's Productivity

It has been another rather warm day.  A bit humid, too.  I started off the morning by doing a load of dishes and putting away the laundry from last night.  Took the opportunity to straighten out the bed linen shelf of the linen closet.  I keep the queen size sheets for my bed on one side, the twin size sheets for daughter's bed and the guest bed on the other side, with the pillowcases in the middle.  I need to straighten out the other shelves another day.

Then, I settled down to do my office work. 

Today, the ham sandwich I had for breakfast tasted bitter.  However, a slice of bread with some of my homemade strawberry jam tasted OK. 

Later in the afternoon, around 4 o'clock, I cooked the shrimp (made a curry), some rice, and some green beans and had that for a late lunch.  I cooked the ground beef later in the evening.  I browned half of it and froze it.  I made four hamburger patties with the other half, had one for dinner, and froze the other three.

I also took the trash cans to the curb, watered the garden and the houseplants, did my decluttering, and video chatted with daughter.       

To Do List Update:
- Office work - DONE
- Laundry (Started!  Writing out the list motivated me to do a load tonight!) - DONE
- Dishes/run dishwasher - DONE
- Tidy kitchen
- Tidy family room
- Cook/freeze shrimp - DONE
- Cook/freeze ground beef - DONE
- Water the garden - DONE (both front and back)
- Water houseplants - DONE
- Empty kitchen trash/waste baskets - DONE
- Take trash cans to curb - DONE
- Daily decluttering - DONE
- Call radiation clinic - DONE
- Call medical insurance - DONE
- Call auto insurance
- Pay bills

Well, I got most of my To Do list done.  The rest will be carried over to be done tomorrow.

June 27 Decluttering
I apologize for the dark picture.  I went to turn on the overhead light and there was a flash and the lights on that part of the house went off!  I guess I "blew a fuse"!  It was too late (after 11:30 p.m.) to go outside to take a look at the fuse box.  Will do that tomorrow morning.  Fortunately, the fridge is working, and the lights in the rest of the house.

Anyway, the items decluttered were:

1 Hello Kitty car seat organizer (to hang on the back of one of the front seats)
1 pair pants
1 cloth drawstring bag
2 empty coffee creamer bottles (saved to make snowmen I saw on some craft sites; decided not to)
3 empty boxes
2 old cameras (one is a disposable camera bought for daughter to take with her on a field trip when she was in 3rd grade!)
= 10 items

Total decluttered to date = 270.  The push is on for the last 30 items needed to make it 300 items decluttered! 

Today, my aunt called to say the power went off in her neighborhood and she was told it would be 3:00 a.m. before it comes back on.  She said it was very hot because she couldn't use the fans without any power.  I invited her to stay the night with me, but she declined.  This was before I tripped a switch and lost power in part of my own house!

 Today, I am grateful for:
- Electricity!
- Cool mornings and evenings.
- A productive day.
- Video chatting with my daughter.
- My appetite is slowly returning.

Plans for tomorrow include a quick trip to the grocery store for more chestnuts and some cherries.  Plus fixing the fuse (hopefully).  And doing the rest of the items on my to do list.

How was your Monday?  What are your plans for tomorrow?



  1. I'm glad your fridge stayed on! I love the hints that say that you have different colours for each bed and store the sheets inside the pillowcases for each set. It sounds great in practice, but I've never got it to work well. Your system sounds much more sustainable for me. Humid here too. x

    1. Lyssa, yes, so glad the fridge stayed on! I tried storing the sheets inside the pillowcases, but that didn't work for me. I might have done it wrong, but the resulting package looked too bulky.

  2. Look at all the tasks you accomplished! You were laser-focused!

    Were you able to get your fuse reset today? Did you get your cherries?

    1. Yes, I was able to reset the fuse! Thank goodness. :)

      And I got the cherries. The guy was putting out new stock, so I was able to get them as fresh as possible.

  3. You were really productive! Don't days like that feel awesome? Glad you were able to remedy the fuse issue. Seeing you track the number of items you're decluttering reminds me so much of the "old days" when you did so. Such fun!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. Yes, the good old days when I was Queen of Toss! :D

  4. Proud your taste is coming back. hopefully , it will soon be normal again.
    You have done such a good job with your de-cluttering.

    1. Thanks, Judy. I'm getting to a point where it is hard to find things to declutter. But the house still feels stuffed to the gills!

  5. I hope your aunt soon got the power back on. It's always a concern with the fridge and freezer in the heat that you are having. We had a cooler day today, but plenty warm enough to eat on the deck, and with a breeze to keep off the bugs. It's quite cool this evening (Tuesday) and I have a nice breeze coming through the window that I opened to hear a robin making a big fuss in the tree. He has calmed down now, but the wood thrushes are making a delightful musical call.

    1. I checked with my cousin this morning and she said they got the power back a little after 11:00 p.m.

      Glad to hear you had a cooler day with a nice breeze and bird songs to entertain you. It sounds delightful. :)

  6. I, too, have gotten rid of a lot of "potential craft supplies" this last couple of years because I don't want my daughter to think I was a crazy hoarder when she has to clear out my stuff someday.

    1. LOL, I think my daughter already suspects I'm a crazy hoarder! :D I've told myself that I need to stop looking at crafting sites! People do some very creative stuff with all kinds of recycled items and I get inspired to start collecting those items to try making those things, myself!


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