Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mountain Climbing: the Next Phase

This morning, daughter and I went to my appointment with the radiation oncologist.  It was a very good consultation, with the doctor answering a lot of the questions we had before we could even ask them!  He went over the treatment, what to expect, possible side effects, etc.  I have an appointment for a CAT scan, next Wednesday, and was introduced to the technician who will be performing it.  I will be scheduled for the radiation treatments (daily, Monday through Friday, for 6 weeks, for a total of 30 treatments) after the doctor has seen the results of the CAT scan.  The next phase of my mountain climbing has started.

After we came home, daughter and I decide to get Japanese food for lunch.  Teriyaki chicken sounded good to me and I am glad to say that it tasted OK.  Later in the afternoon, I made some faluda, which is a drink made with rose syrup and sweetened milk:


Also in the afternoon, the gardener set up the air conditioner for me.  I didn't need it today, but I know I'll be glad of it when we have the next heatwave!

I did some office work, too, but I didn't get as much done today as I wanted to.  Instead, I took a nap!  I will make up for it over the weekend.

In the evening, I did my decluttering for the day:

June 24 Decluttering
I had to wait until daughter came home to ask her before I decluttered stuff above, because they were her stuff.  The items included:

2 lunch boxes
1 old planner (from her 1st year at UCLA)
1 expired anti-virus software
1 Halloween costume accessory
2 unopened craft kits
1 electronic dictionary
2 books

I stripped my bed and remade it with fresh sheets.  As I did so, I considered the number of bed sheets I have for my bed, with an eye towards decluttering them.  I have one set of flannel sheets (flat and fitted) for winter and two sets of cotton sheets for the summer.  There is also a third set of cotton sheets which I use as dust covers on the family room sofas, to keep Dancer's fur off the upholstery.  And an extra flat sheet (the matching fitted sheet wore out years ago).  I know some people recommend having just two sets of sheets per bed, but I like having two sets of cotton sheets for the summer, because it allows me to remake the bed without having to do laundry first.  I can always remake the bed with cotton sheets in the winter, if needed, but I really don't want to remake the bed with flannel sheets in the summer!  Three sets of sheets isn't excessive, is it?  I guess I could donate the extra flat sheet although I use it occasionally as a dust cover for my bed if I don't want my quilt dirtied (such as when I'm cleaning the ceiling fan).  

 Took this photo today - Dancer playing with an empty brown bag; you can see the sheet that is covering one of the sofas:

Dancer "Hiding"

Today, I am grateful for:

- A good consultation with the doctor
- Validated parking!
- The air conditioner is set up for hot days
- Being able to enjoy teriyaki chicken and a glass of faluda
- Daughter's company

Today, I spent:

$15 medical copay
$2 parking with validation
$5.98 for two teriyaki chicken bowls with "buy one get one free" coupon


  1. Well, I'm cheering you on already, Bless. Actually, you'll have a whole bunch of us encouraging you and waiting for you to get to the top of that mountain, lady.

    As always you did a great job with the decluttering. I don't know that I'd get rid of the sheets... they're versatile and really don't take too much room, but that's just me.

    I love it when you share dishes (or drinks in this case) that we might now know here. Rose nectar? That sounds so exotic! Where do you buy it? I'm looking at my mug of coffee accusingly now, as if to say "what's the matter with you? You're so... boring!" The preview for the CVS ad next week featured a can of Tamarind nectar and I'm thinking I might buy one so I can have a new exotic drink too, lol!

    And yay for BOGO Japanese food coupons. $6 for you two to eat lunch out? That's an excellent deal. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it too. Have a great weekend, Bless.

    1. Thank you, Nathalie. I'll need all the cheering I can get.

      I'm leaning towards keeping all my sheets; an extra sheet can be useful.

      The rose syrup is available for sale here in the ethnic grocery stores. If you have any Indian, middle eastern, or Armenian stores in your area, they'll probably have rose syrup.

      Yes, $6 for lunch for the two of us, plus my bowl was enough for my dinner, as well.

      Hope you, too, have a lovely weekend, Nathalie. Keep cool!

  2. I actually work on one set of bedding per bed, but I use a tumble dryer. Fingers crossed for the next stage and well done for keeping going so far! x

    1. Thanks, Lyssa. Wow, one set of bedding per bed! That is impressive! I'm glad you are able to make it work for you. :)

  3. I'm glad your consultation went well. And that's a cute picture of Dancer.

    1. Thanks, Jess. He played with the bag for quite a while. :)

  4. BLess. I am praying right now for the next step into getting to the top of that mountain.. Know it will be hard to have to go , every day. I am going to ask for special prayers for you ..
    I don't think 3 sets of sheets for your bed is too many [plus the extra sheets for dust covers].. I have 3 sets for my bed too. I too, like to make my bed when I strip having the extra sets makes it always possible.
    My thought on decluttering is........ If you use it, it is keepable
    Yours and daughters lunch sounds really good, and a great price. Proud she was with you for the consultation..
    Praying for you..

    1. Thank you Judy. Appreciate the special prayers.

      I really need to go through the linen closet one of these days. I'm sure there are a few items I can declutter (but not the crocheted table cloths my mother and grandmother made).

  5. Hi Bless! My prayers are with you as you tackle this mountain. Make sure you build in some down time and keep aloe vera on hand. Friends of mine that have gone through radiation swear by it to help sooth their skin.

    I try to keep at least 3 sets of sheets for each bed in our house also. I love soft cotton sheets in the Summer and use either flannel or jersey sheets in the Winter. I also keep a down comforter or down alternative comforter on our bed and on one of the guest beds year round since they "breath".

    You are doing well on your decluttering and your lunch sounds so good. I love teriyaki chicken and introduced my hubby to it. It is now one of his favorites also. I make it here at home too.

    I hope you are having a great weekend!

    1. Thank you for the prayers, Debbie.

      I guess the 3 sets of sheets per bed is fairly standard. One on the bed, one in the laundry, and one in the linen closet.

      I haven't tried making teriyaki chicken at home. I should try making it, one day.

      Hope you, too, are having a great weekend, Debbie.

  6. My goodness, that is a lot of radiotherapy to go through. This should really do the trick! I guess you won't have nausea, just other effects to deal with. Rather like us being thankful in winter that there are no mosquitoes and thankful in summer that there is no snow to shovel!

    We only use the cotton sheets but I have 2 sets for our bed and 3 between the 2 guest beds. One of these is an old navy blue set for when DGD stays, in case she has a nosebleed, and there is a "Garfield" pillow cover.

    As for Dancer - every cat should have at least one grocery sack to hide in, our cats and later our boarders always loved them.

    1. Yes, definitely a time to look for the positives and be thankful for them. :) I've read up on the side effects and I've prepared as best as I can, but I won't know for sure until I experience them. I guess I will deal with them when it happens.


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