Saturday, June 18, 2016

Friday Hydration

Today, I went for my hydration session, in the morning.  I didn't have a long wait before they called me in.  Pressure was OK, blood test results were good, I had lost another 1 lb.  The hydration went smoothly, as well.

It was 88F when I came home afterwards.  But the house was quite cool.  In fact, I opened a couple of windows hoping to warm up the house a bit!  

I worked on office stuff in the afternoon and evening.  I called the office and spoke with a colleague and she sent me some additional documents I needed.

I challenged myself to do a 10-minutes declutter, today!  10 items in 10 minutes!  It took a bit longer, however, because I kept wavering on a couple of the items.  But I managed to find my 10 items:

June 17 Declutterings
- 1 animal print pleated skirt
- 1 matching scarf
- 5 old nightdresses
- 3 bundles of bangles

The skirt, scarf, and bangles will be donated.  The old nightdresses will be tossed.  I was shaking my head at myself about the old nightdresses.  I had sewn myself 4 new nightdresses, last year, to replace them because they were so old and worn (to give an idea of how old they are, one was sewn by my mother and she's been dead 10 years).  Plus I was given a new cotton nightdress and robe set over Christmas.  But, instead of getting rid of the old nightdresses, I stuffed the new ones in the dresser drawer alongside them!  And complained each time I did laundry because the drawer was too full.  I am back to having 5 summer nightdresses.  That should be plenty.  If I need more, I've fabric in the stash to make them. 

Today, I am grateful for:

- A safe drive to the clinic and back.
- Hydration went well.
- Blood test results were good.
- Pleasant and helpful staff at the clinic.
- Helpful colleagues.

Today, I spent:
- $15 copay at clinic
- $8 for parking

Hope your Friday was good.  What have you planned for the weekend?


  1. Glad to hear that your hydration session went well.
    Good job on the decluttering. I would find it hard to let go of those lovely bracelets! I am sure someone will be so happy to get those.
    Best wishes,
    Pam in TX.

    1. Thank you, Pam.

      I love the bracelets. But I no longer wear them, my daughter isn't interested in them, and I have others. So, it's time to let go of them.

      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. Look forward to hearing from you again.

  2. You are doing really well with the declutter! I love those bangles, I can imagine it must be hard to get rid.

    I wonder if I will ever get good enough to make nightdresses - you are so talented! x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. I am getting to the items that I couldn't bear to let go of in previous rounds of decluttering, and the bangles are among them. But, as I mentioned to Pam in Texas, although I love the bangles, I don't wear them anymore (I wear different ones) and my daughter doesn't care for them. Time for someone else to enjoy them.

      As for sewing nightdresses, I'm sure you can sew one, too. It's basically, cutting out openings for the head and arms, sewing the shoulders together, two long seams on the two sides, and sewing the openings for head and arms using bias binding. Here's a really simple one that I made last year:

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  4. Proud the hydration went well and blood test results were good.
    Your decluttering is fantastic. I read an article on decluttering , and the lady said, "if you haven't worn or used an item in 1 year, the odds of ever using it, is zilch. She said , to get rid of it..she also said, if you have 2 or 3 of the same items , such as kitchen untensils, to get rid of the excess..She said, you cant use that many spatulas..haha.. I am trying to remember these quotes.. Really hard. smile. I really decluttered a lot when we moved. But.. it is an on going effort. It feels so much better though, once I actually get a drawer/cabinet/or closet neatly organized with out lots of junk in it. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks, Judy. Decluttering is definitely an on-going process. Some people have no problem getting rid of things and they declutter regularly. And then, there's me! I seem to want to keep everything! But the clutter is getting to me and the time seems right to get rid of some of it.

    2. BLess me too.. I am one of those, that put things in the donation pile and before I get to deliver them, I am going through them second guessing, if I need them.ha And hubby is worse than me..I have to wait until he is not around to do his stuff.haha

    3. Judy, I have done that, myself!


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