Friday, June 24, 2016

June Grocery Shopping: Week 3

Another nice, cooler day.  I was busy with office work, but during a break in the morning, I stripped daughter's bed and did a load of laundry.  During a break for lunch (the fried chicken my friend had brought for me, yesterday), I confirmed my appointment with the radiation oncologist.

Later in the evening, after I had finished office work for the day and it was cooler, I went grocery shopping.  I really didn't need much, just some fresh fruit, half & half, bread, and juice.  I was planning to get the strawberries that were advertised at $1.25/lb., but they were all sold out and I didn't feel like going to the service desk to get a rain check, etc.  I decided to get the corn while I was in the store.  

Week 3 Groceries

1 loaf of bread = $1.29
1 half & half (for daughter's coffee) = $1.79
1 passion fruit juice = $2.49
2 ears of corn @ 3/$1.00 = $.66
bananas @ $.69/lb = $1.12

Total spent:  $7.35

Total spent on groceries so far in June = $9.78 + $11.16 + $7.35 = $28.29

After I put away the groceries, I put away the laundry, remade daughter's bed, wiped one of the window sills in her room, and did my decluttering for the day:

June 23 Decluttering

4 more crochet magazines
3 food storage containers with lids
1 group of 4 condiment containers
4 lids without containers
= 12 items

Still later in the evening, I picked up my daughter from the airport.  So good to see her again and have her home for the weekend! 

Today, I am grateful for:

- Daughter had a safe flight and is home for the weekend.
- Another cooler day (forecast says another heatwave this weekend!)
- Being able to do my own grocery shopping again!
- Getting my office work done.
- A working washing machine.

Tomorrow, I will be having a consultation with the radiation oncologist to start on the next phase of the cancer treatment. 


  1. It must be good to get out again! It's a shame about the strawberries. Thinking of you x

    1. Thanks, Lyssa. There will be other opportunities for strawberries. :)

  2. Praying for your radiation consultation.. Hope it all goes well, and you will soon have it done.. Proud daughter was able to come home and be with you. Such a blessing to have our children with us.
    Great job with your decluttering. I went though dresser drawers and put several items in the donate pile, and a couple in the garbage. thanks for your encouragement.. Seeing what you accomplish, encourages me to continue . Smile.

    1. Thanks, Judy. It went well. Glad to hear that my decluttering is encouraging you! :)

  3. Look at you getting rid of food containers! That's another area where I stockpile because "you never know" but I really don't need as many as I have, especially since I've started using mostly glass Pyrex containers for the leftovers. So I was thinking yesterday that I should go through the cabinets again to get rid of more containers because sometimes it's hard to close the door!

    The store gave you a lot of points for bringing your own bags for a very small shopping trip! I always insist that the Target cashier use separate bags so I can get more than one 5 cent discount, lol. I've stopped bringing the larger bags when I go to Target for that reason :)

    I hope your gardener is able to put your AC unit in today so you can be cooler this weekend :)

    1. Food containers are a hard item to get rid of for me, too! But I have too many of them. I, too, bought the glass storage containers, but their plastic lids have started to crack.

      I don't know why the store gave me all those points! I usually take 3 bags in with me and they usually give me points for 3 bags, whether I use all or some. This is about the first time I got so many points - I think the cashier made a mistake. Doesn't really matter, though, because I never use the points! I buy my gas at a non-participating station, so the points are wasted on me.


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