Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday's Doings

I had a hard time falling asleep, last night; the last time I checked the clock, it was almost 4:00 a.m.  I am wondering if it was because I had to use my rescue inhaler due to an asthma flare up, last night.  I woke up at 9:00 a.m., this morning, but felt tired.  However, I didn't need a nap in the afternoon.  So, hopefully, I can go to sleep at a decent time, tonight. 

My daughter and I had been invited to lunch and an afternoon out at one of the piers to celebrate a friend's daughter's birthday, but I didn't feel quite up to it.  So I stayed home and rested while my daughter went on her own.  But I made a card for the birthday girl, using supplies I had on hand:

Birthday Card
I keep meaning to make about a dozen cards and keep on hand, rather than rushing to make one an hour before it is needed.  Might be another project to do when I have the a/c on in the bedroom!

I spent a quiet day, resting.  My feet are swollen from the heat, I believe, so I've been sitting on the sofa with my feet up for the most part.  I watched some TV and cut more strips for the rag rug.

Today's declutering was fairly easy - a stack of 10 magazines:

June 25 Decluttering
I held back the December issue to look through for ideas, but it will also be decluttered, later.

In the evening, I went over to my friend's house to wish her daughter a happy birthday and have a slice of cake.  Other than going to the clinic for treatments and the lab for blood tests, this was the first time I went visiting since November!  

Now I am home and doing a small load of laundry. 

Today, I am grateful for:

- A quiet, restful day.
- Daughter being able to have a fun afternoon with her friend.
- Going visiting for the first time since November!
- A relatively cool day.
- 250 items decluttered to date.

Plans for tomorrow include taking daughter to the airport.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


  1. Sorry you had trouble sleeping and sorry for the asthma attack.. This hot weather is rough on asthma for sure.
    Proud you got to go to friends house for a visit.. Know that was nice, after being in the house since November.. You know Bless, I am going to be more diligent to pray for people on cancer treatments. Before you, I knew but never really realized the magnitude of being isolated from the outside world. My heart goes out to you.. I know we take our every day life for granted, and we shouldn't.
    The birthday card is beautiful.. that's a great idea, to make up extra in the cool AC bedroom..

    1. It can get very lonely, especially when one is living alone. I know that not all cancer patients are as isolated as I have been. Even though we are all told to avoid crowds and being out in public to minimize our risk of getting sick when the immunity levels are down, many do get about. But by doing so, they also increase their risks of getting sick.

      My daughter was very worried about me getting sick, especially because she wasn't here with me to look after me. She was worried that I might have to go to hospital. She made me promise that I won't take any risks and I kept my promise because I didn't want to stress her out any more than she already was. Maybe it was a bit extreme, but, at least, I managed to get through the flu season without getting sick. :)

    2. BLess you and daughter are so sweet. I am so proud you did stay in and away from the flu. When the immune system is down, it is so easy to catch things.. You were very wise...But, I know it was trying. Think of you often, and saying lots of prayers..
      Will you have someone to drive you to radiation treatments? Or will you be able to drive yourself?

    3. Judy, the doctor said I should be able to drive myself. But, of course, daughter wants to come down for that first week of treatments to drive me, just in case. Personally, I think I'll need some help towards the latter end, as I might have some blistering, etc., by the end of treatment. But she says she can arrange to be down, later, too. We'll take it one day at a time and see how things go.

  2. I thought that maybe the AC had kick started your asthma but then you commented on my blog that you hadn't turned in on... It's a good thing that you had your inhaler!
    Yesterday I also decluttered a bunch of BH&G mags and also greeting cards that I had bought years ago and that I'll never use (I rarely send cards) so someone else might as well use them as they're going to the thrift store.

    Are your feet better today? My mom also has problems with her legs, ankles and feet swelling up in the heat. Last year when we were there and it was so hot, she had to wear compression hose to try to attenuate it a little but mostly it was sitting with her feet up that helped.

    I'm glad you had a nice visit with your friend and that it was cool enough for you not to turn on the AC! Have great evening :)

    1. I think the asthma flare up was due to bad air quality (we have had several brush fires burning in the surrounding area) and perhaps some dust I stirred up while cleaning. Don't always take the trouble to wear a mask when I dust and clean.

      Yes, my feet are better, today, thank you. I had my shoes on for part of the morning while I was out and about, and have them elevated now, so they are not as swollen.

      It is 97F outside, but only 80F inside the house, so with the ceiling fan on, I don't need the a/c. But it is good to know that it is in place if I need it.

      Hope you are having a lovely Sunday evening, yourself. :)

  3. So glad you can go visiting. And I continue to be impressed by your decluttering. Take care of yourself, prayers continue x

    1. Thanks, Lyssa. It's amazing the amount of stuff I have stored, which can be got rid of! Still more to go, I'm afraid!

  4. I love the card you made! It is just so cheerful. :) I'm so glad you were able to get out and do some visiting. Praying the swelling in your feet goes down. Mine do that too when I get too hot.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. My feet are OK, today.


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