Friday, June 3, 2016

Productive Thursday

Eight New "Sponges"!
Remember the foam inserts from one of the boxes I decluttered yesterday?  The box contained a gift of fresh fruits that a niece had sent at Christmas.  The 3 pieces of foam consisted of one with holes where the fruit were nestled and two solid pieces to cushion the fruit from top and below.  As I went to toss the foam in the recycling bag, I realized that the texture was that of a sponge, similar to the one I keep at the sink!  In fact, I could cut each piece of solid foam into four and obtain a total of eight free "sponges" to use for cleaning!  So, that's what I did!  I am so glad I decided to consider all three pieces of foam as one item, because, in the end, I only recycled the one piece of foam that had the holes!  This is one of the reasons why it is so hard for me to declutter - I keep thinking I can reuse/repurpose the items!  A packet of six sponges only cost $1 at the dollar stores, but the frugal side of me is happy to have found a way to save $1.  :)  

Today, I went for my blood test in the morning and then, worked on office stuff for most of the day.  I detected several errors in a document I was working on and my supervisor emailed me saying I was "eagle eyed"!  

Later, I spent an hour or so going through the bag of papers I had cleared off my desk, yesterday.  Some of the papers belonged to my daughter and I left them on her desk for her to deal with on a visit home.  The majority of the rest of the papers were torn up and tossed in the recycling bin (a brown grocery bag full!).  I ended up with a few pieces of paper that needed to be filed and I spent another 15 minutes, filing.  Yay, that stack of paper that was on my desk is gone!  There's still a stack of file folders to go through, but I can actually see the top of the desk!

Still later in the evening, I watered the back garden; it had been a rather warm day with the temperature in the 80s and the little peach tree and the orange tree were drooping.  Most probably I'll have to water the front garden tomorrow.  I'd been told not to garden while my immunity is compromised and therefore, I haven't done anything more than watering since I started chemo therapy.  I am looking forward to the end of chemo when I can start actively gardening, again, weeding and digging, etc.    

Today, for brunch, I had leftovers: leftover rice, leftover corn cut off the cob, leftover beef stir-fry.  Two tangerines for afternoon snack.  Later, I made egg salad and had an egg salad sandwich with a cup of tea.  Dinner was a cucumber salad, as I wasn't very hungry, but now, I am feeling a bit hungry, so I might have another egg salad sandwich!

I also decluttered 10 more items, today:

Decluttered Items for June 2

Today's 10 items were:

1 Tote bag with a broken zipper
2 Semi-annual reports
3 Paperback books
1 CD
1 Box my phone came in
1 Cookie tin
1 Silk scarf that is starting to tear

I find that 10 items a day is manageable and doesn't overwhelm me.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- A safe drive to the lab for the blood test and back
- Availability of parking at the lab
- Free "sponges"!
- Availability of water for the garden
- Being able to video chat with daughter

As part of coming up with a new budget, I have decided to keep a spending log, this month.

Yesterday, 6/1, I paid 3 bills:

Internet/cable = $132.70
Gas = $79.08
Water/Electric/Municipal Services = $265.66

Today, 6/2, I paid $1 for parking at the lab.

That has been my Thursday.  Hope you all had a lovely Thursday.  What have you planned for Friday?


  1. Go you! I know the feeling - the feeling that you've saved pennies but at least you've saved something! I would have done exactly the same (I hope!) Take care of yourself. x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa! I like feeling I got something for nothing! :)

  2. I don't think I would use those sponges wet around food. Not sure they're made for that, even if they were used for packing fruit . I love to repurpose, too, but I'm careful where the kitchen is concerned. I think there might be different standards in the manufacturing.
    Marylynn Caldwell

    1. You might be right, Marylynn. I did wonder about that, myself. But I think it'll be OK to use them for cleaning purposes. To wipe out the bathroom sinks, for example. Or when I wash the woodwork around the living room fireplace. I'll keep them under the sink with my cleaning supplies and not in the cabinet with the kitchen sponges.

  3. Like you, I keep thinking of ways to repurpose stuff, so it doesn't get decluttered after all. But you seem to be doing really well. I tidied up our porch yesterday and found a large handbag [purse] containing 2 smaller ones. I haven't used them [or actually missed them!] for a few months. I think these must go to a charity shop. Once I have checked all the inner pockets are empty, and no money lurking, I shall get rid of them. Glad blood tests went OK AND that you found parkig [it seems a trivial thing- but driving round looking for a space can be time-consuming and frustrating, cant it?] blessings xx

    1. Thank you, Angela. I have quite a few things in that "haven't used/haven't missed" category, myself! My problem is I keep thinking I can use for crafts purposes! But the storage spaces are overflowing, so it is time to bless the abundance and let it go!

  4. I get a kick out of the fact that the $1 you saved by cutting up the sponges could be said to have paid for your parking at the clinic! I think I would have cut them up, too, I have a weakness for repurposing at times.

    1. LOL, Bushlady, that is true! The $1 I spent for parking was the $1 I saved on sponges! :D

  5. How funny to read "This is one of the reasons why it is so hard for me to declutter - I keep thinking I can reuse/repurpose the items!" when I just wrote the same thing on my post scheduled for tonight right before reading your blog, lol. Kudos on the savings, it all adds up!

    What a nice compliment from your boss. Obviously, you are appreciated at work!

    Hmm, egg salad sandwiches. I do love them so! I'm so hungry right now and trying to hang in until noon... just 37 minutes to go. Arrgh.

    If you have all this pent-up desire to start weeding as soon as you get the go ahead from your doctor, I'll gladly fly you all the way to Florida so you can get it out of your system with my backyard, hahaha.

    You have inspired me (as you do every day!) to start getting rid of stuff too. I have made a small pile (don't want to do too much at once!) and I'll be detailing it in today's post as well. I did change my mind about two things and ended up keeping them. Maybe it'll get easier to let go as days go by...

    1. You know the saying, Nathalie - "Great minds think alike"! Too funny we both wrote the same thing!

      I love to weed - I find it very relaxing and therapeutic, almost like meditating. I am in the garden, in the fresh air, listening to the birds, usually during the cooler morning or evening hours, and I feel my mother's presence as she loved to garden. Plus I get a bit of exercise. What's not to enjoy?

      Glad I've inspired you to declutter! Small piles are good. We don't want to get overwhelmed. Keep it manageable and easily done. 5 items a day instead of 10. Even 1 item a day. Some people do 1 item on day 1, 2 items on day 2, and so forth. What ever works.

  6. I love the 10 items a day declutter rule.. That seems very doable. Oh Bless, I so understand your need to save things that may be repurposed later to save money.. I so do the same thing. And when I do throw something away.. I end up having to buy it. ha.
    I too, will be happy for you, when the chemo is all over and you can return to your normal self again.. I know this has been very hard.. And you are not a complainer...a very strong woman.
    congrats on getting the paper work on your desk gone..Doesnt that feel good?

    1. Judy, thank you. 10 is not too overwhelming. But if it is too much, one can do 5. Or 1 on day 1, 2 on day 2 - it all adds up!

      I do try not to complain too much. It gets boring to go on and on about the side effects. I might mention them from time to time, but I try not to dwell on them. I try to stay focused on the positives. I know I am being carried over the

    2. Ooh, I meant to say I know I am being carried over the rough spots! I published it before I finished typing, by accident!


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