Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunless Sunday

Went to sleep after 3:00 a.m., so slept in till 10:00 a.m., Sunday morning.  Another, overcast, "June Gloom" day.  But the morning was spent pleasantly enough, chatting on the phone with a friend, first, and then, my neighbor.

Later, it was time to take my daughter to the airport.  Even when I know I'll be seeing her again in approximately 10 days' time (she'll be coming down to accompany me when I go for the consultation with the radiation oncologist), it's hard to say goodbye.

I felt a bit nauseated in the afternoon, from Friday's chemo session.  But I took a nap and felt better, afterwards.

In the evening, my cousin who lives across the street from me called and came over for a visit.  Later, one of my aunts called.  So, it has been a good day for phone calls and visits, for family and friends.  :)

June 12 Decluttering
I decluttered 10 more items of clothing from my closet.  Once again, the majority of them were items given to me by a relative who was clearing out her closet.  She gave me several bags of clothes and I gratefully accepted them.  Some items have become favorite pieces that I wear all the time.  But others have not been worn at all for one reason or another and it is time for me to release them so they can bless someone else. 

On Sunday, I was grateful for:
- Daughter had a safe flight back.
- Phone calls and visits from family and friends.
- Afternoon naps.
- Being able to share the abundance of clothing I've received.
- Relatively mild side effects from the last chemo session.

I didn't spend any money on Sunday. 

Monday's To Do List:

- Office work
- Personal paperwork
- Clean the kitchen
- Take the trash cans to the curb
- Water the front garden
- Water the house plants
- Declutter 10 more items

How was your Sunday?  What have you planned for Monday?


  1. Sorry you were nauseated, but proud you felt better after the nap.
    ALso, happy daughter got back to her home safely.
    We had to go to Lowes first thing this am.. I am going to work in the garden this afternoon when it cools off. I am going to do some more de-cluttering today..
    Hope you have a good day.

    1. Thanks, Judy. Sounds like you've had an early start to your day! Hope the gardening and decluttering goes well. Have a lovely day.

  2. Hi Bless. So pleased for you that your last chemo session has taken place. Goodness, you really have been busy de-cluttering haven't you. I'm pretty cluttered here at the moment but in a good way as it's mostly caravan stuff and it'll be going at the end of the week. Weather is pretty rubbish here as well. Lots of rain but warm, not my favourite type of weather at all. Just makes me feel hot and sticky. xx

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. I'm working on it, a little bit at a time. Caravan stuff is good clutter, as it means heading off to have some family fun times. :) Warm and humid is not to my liking, either. Hope you have nice weather, soon.

  3. It sounds like you had a good Sunday! I'm sorry your daughter had to leave again, but those 10 days will go by fast now that you can be out and about again!

    1. You are right; the days will go by fast. :) How are you doing with your daughter being away?


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