Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday's Doings

We are having a mini heatwave!  In the low 90s yesterday, today, and, according to the forecast, tomorrow, too.  Oh, well, the forecast also says that it will cool down to highs of 70F by the weekend.

Today, I went to the office, went to the pharmacy during my lunch break, went through this week's grocery ads, and video chatted with daughter in the evening.  I also watched a TV documentary about snub nosed monkeys which was very interesting.

Not the most productive of days, but I'm OK with that. 

Plans for tomorrow include, going to the office, going to the bank during my lunch break, going to the podiatrist appointment in the afternoon, and some house cleaning in the evening.  Should also water the garden.

How was your Friday?  Did you have a good day? 


  1. You seem ready for the weekend :-) I'll let you know how Friday goes when it gets here :-)

    My Wednesday was alright. Tired because Little Wolf has a bad cold and trouble sleeping, but work was okay. And the husband stayed home with him so we didn't have to worry about getting him out, so that was nice.

    1. Jess, LOL! I didn't realize I wrote Friday! Yes, definitely ready for the weekend! :D

      Sorry to hear Little Wolf has a cold; hope he feels better, soon. Glad your husband was able to stay home with him.


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