Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Review and Thursday's To Do List

Today was a sunny day after yesterday's rain.  I accomplished most of today's to do list:

* Go to the office - Done
*  Attend work-related training (lunch will be provided) - Done
* Pay utilities bill - Done; went to the post office to mail it
* Filing - Not done, but sorted through some papers
* Clean 1 bathroom - Done

My Thursday To Do List:

- Go to the office
- Write and mail a letter
- Write and mail a sympathy card
- Clean the 2nd bathroom
- Pick the last of the oranges
- Cook the cabbage

Not a very ambitious to do list - I find my energy levels declining as the week progresses.

How was your Wednesday?  What have you planned for Thursday?


  1. I'm struggling, can't find...starts nearly every sentence. Do you know where I left my Bullet Journal before I left? Is it realistic to believe my neighbour took it to understand the principles when she came over for monthly condo check?

    As a result of your write-up...Fetched pillow cases I bought without reading label - actually a body pillow cover - no wonder it was such a bargain! Need to cut in 1/2 or possibly 3rds [once measured] and sewed into two, regular sized pillow cases.

    Managed to make simple mac 'n cheese + sausage casserole for dinner. DH was thrilled to have home cooking! So hilarious. Made up Apr. meal plan but will need to modify by what;s actually on hand, not well enough for major grocery stock-up. The idea of Costco is terrifying

    1. Hon, give yourself a little time to recover from jet lag and your cold! Glad to have inspired you to remake your pillowcases. :) Good idea to adjust your April meal plan to use what you have on hand. That's what I've been doing, this week.

  2. You're inspiring! I went downstairs to try-out a different container for doggy grooming supplies. The box broke when I gathered supplies to take to friend dog sitting for the 1st month... and found my missing Bullet Journal. [Honour]

    1. Glad you found your journal! Hope you found a suitable container for the doggy grooming supplies.

  3. Bless, I think you are accomplishing alot..
    I have been cleaning flower beds, planting, cleaning closets/cablinets organizing..So , staying really busy.. Have not had much blogging time.. But, need to work on that.
    have a great day. judy

    1. Judy, sounds like you've been really busy! I am planning to do some gardening this weekend; don't really have time during the work week (I'm out of the house for a good 12 hrs. most days).

  4. I enjoy reading about your day. You inspire me with all that you get done in your week and how you touch on all areas of your life. (Although I am sorry to hear that you have to send out a sympathy card.)
    This week is a 'take it very slow' type of week. My son fell off the backyard swing on Easter Sunday and we spent the rest of the day into Monday in the ER of the local hospital. He has a concussion, but thankfully there was no internal bleeding- I have not stopped praising God for that tremendous blessing!! And then yesterday my daughter starting vomiting- she has the stomach bug that I am told is going around. So, I have given up on getting much done the rest of the week, taking the pressure off myself and just focusing solely on getting my two little munchkins better and life will resume again next week. All part of being a mommy, right?! ;)

    1. Dawn, oh, I am so sorry to hear that your son fell off the swing and that your daughter is ill. So glad to hear that your son is OK, even with a concussion. Hope your daughter will be well soon. I had checked your blog and wondered if all was OK or if you were just very busy when I didn't see any new posts. Yes, definitely take the time off to take care of your babies. All else will wait. As for the sympathy card - I received news that one of my aunts had passed away (just before her 90th birthday).


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