Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Grocery Shopping - Part 2

This week's grocery haul
 I went grocery shopping this afternoon and bought what is shown above (oops, maybe I should have opened the bags with the broccoli and pears!)

- milk ($2.65)
- apple juice ($1.69)
- 4 pork chops ($1.19/lb)
- 2 Polish sausages ($3.00@)
- 3 leeks ($1.49/lb)
- broccoli ($.99/lb)
- 3 pears ($.50/lb)
- 10 lb. strawberries ($.99/lb)
- 1 box of microwave popcorn ($.99)

My total came to $28.51:   

10 lbs. of strawberries because I am planning to make jam!  Strawberry jam is my favorite and $.99/lb. is about the best sale price these days. 
Speaking about sale prices:  the 1 lb. packages of strawberries were on sale for $.99 and nearby, there were 2 lb. packages of strawberries selling for $3.99!  Really?  Would anyone pay double the price per lb. for the larger package?

April grocery budget = $75

Amount spent to date:  $33.02 + $28.51 = $ 61.53
Amount left in budget = $75 - $62.54 = $13.47

I think I did well with this month's grocery budget.

How is your April grocery spending coming along?  Are you at budget?  Above?  Below? 


  1. You did fantastic- I am in awe that you got all that good stuff for under $30! Way to go!! :)

  2. Nice. We don't have an actual grocery budget yet, but I believe we have done pretty well this month. I picked up a few more things today including the bouillon cubes you told me about.

    1. Jess, glad to hear you were able to get the bouillon cubes. Now you can make stock anytime you want, for less.

  3. You have done a great job on your grocery budget.. Best wishes


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