Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Review and Weekend To Do List

So glad that it is Friday and the weekend is here!  This has felt like a long work week, to me.  But I managed to accomplish all what I had set out to do, today:  I went to the office, I went to the post office to buy air mail stamps and to post my cards, and I left a note of instructions to the gardener (he did some pruning and trimming for me).

At lunch, I went out for Japanese food (teriyaki chicken, vegetables and rice).  It cost $6.48 with tax.  I ate half of it for lunch and the remaining half for dinner, so, I guess that's not bad for 2 meals.  Breakfast was a granola bar and an orange.  I also had a chocolate chip waffle for dessert, after dinner (just added some chocolate chips to waffle batter).  Two leftover waffles will be kept in the fridge for breakfasts or snacks during the weekend.

I took the evening off and played some computer games and video chatted with daughter.  The only housework I'll do tonight will be cleaning the kitty litter box. 

This weekend's to do list:

- Laundry
- Grocery shopping (milk, vegetables, fruit, meat/ground beef)
- Shop for edging stones for the plant bed in front
- Menu plan/bulk cooking
- Repair daughter's quilt
- Filing/paperwork
- Water the garden & indoor plants
- Start tidying the 3rd bedroom (closet, desk, chest of drawers, shelves)
- Sew machine cover?

Some items, like laundry, are repeated weekly as they are recurring tasks.  Other items have been carried over from last weekend's to do list as they didn't get done then.  A busy weekend ahead!

How was your Friday?  What are you planning to do this weekend?   


  1. It's been a long week here too. The kids haven been off of school for Spring Break and I am ready for the weekend! I'm glad you got to relax and enjoy your Friday evening. My Friday was alright. Shut my fingers in the car door, but I don't think they are broken, so that is good. My weekend plans include the same old things in regards to cleaning. Top priorities include doing the laundry and hanging it out and cleaning the bedroom. I would also like to paint my toenails if I get the time.

    1. Jess, ouch! I once closed the car door on my fingers and that's painful! Hope you put some ice on your hand. Painting your toenails sounds like fun! Make it a priority and make time to do it - it'll be 10 minutes of "me" time for you and will make you smile each time you see your painted toes! Have a good weekend.

  2. I had a good Friday.. Hubby and I went to a neighboring town, to buy some tractor part he needed. So , we had breakfast out.. This was nice. We went Lowes and I bought some flowers for my flower beds. [And Saturday was so nice, I got to plant them..].
    Proud you had the evening off, and got to enjoy your day.. Also nice , you got to eat out ,and just relax.. I love Chinese food too..

    1. Sounds like you had a good day on Friday! Breakfast out, new plants for the garden, and how nice that you were able to get them all planted on Saturday! I'm sure your garden will look lovely with all the flowers.


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