Friday, April 24, 2015

Quiet Thursday

Today, I went to the office and came back.  I didn't run any errands during my lunch or breaks because I did them yesterday (went to the bank and pharmacy).  I considered going to the weekly farmers market, but decided not to.

After I came home, I put water to the back garden.  I had been intending to put water to the back this whole week, but never got around to it, till today.  Currently, we are allowed to water the garden three times a week.  There is talk, however, of cutting that to twice a week due to the on-going drought.    It wouldn't bother me too much, since I already water the back garden only once a week (sometimes only once every 10 days) and the front garden once or twice a week (usually in the summer, when it is over 90F; front garden has a south and west exposure and gets very hot sun in the afternoon).

I started video chatting with daughter right after I had my coffee - she was eager to share her day with me since she had a lot to share.  :)  She started training for her summer internship, she received her statistics midterm test back and had received a good grade and the professor had written some good comments about her work (and had verbally told her that she did great), and tomorrow, she will "shadow" someone who is working in the field.  It's so lovely that she wants to share all these things with me, still.

Dinner was pork fried rice - I sliced the last pork chop and sauted it again; then added leftover rice and green peas and some chili flakes.  I will take the leftovers from tonight's dinner for my lunch, tomorrow.

I still need to write a quick note of instructions to the gardener for tomorrow.  And then, get ready for bed.

How was your Thursday?  Was it busy?  Or did you have a more relaxed day?



  1. I'm happy your daughter had such a good day. My Thursday was rough. Had some difficulties at work. Glad when the day was over and I got to pick up Little Wolf who was bouncing with excitement to see me.

    1. Jess, sorry to hear you had difficulties at work. But how adorable that Little Wolf was so happy to see you! I hope you had a better day at work, today, and have a wonderful weekend.


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