Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Review and Tuesday's To Do List

I managed to do everything on my Monday's to do list, except buying edging stones, which was a "maybe" to begin with.

I went to the bank during lunch and managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the pharmacy to pick up some saline nasal spray, which I hadn't put on my to do list.

My drive home took twice as long due to some closed roads and extra traffic because it was baseball season opening day.  My regular route goes past the baseball stadium, but today, I took a different, longer way home.  As a result, it turned into a 2-hour drive!  I put gas to the car and came home instead of going to buy edging stones.  I think I'll wait until Saturday to get the edging stones. 

Took the trash cans to the curb, checked the mail, had a quick phone call with daughter (she has requested I call her when I get home so she knows I've got home, safely), had a cup of coffee and some bread, butter and jam.  Then, I spent the next 45 minutes doing the housework I had planned to do: dust the living room and family room, empty the waste baskets, clean out the fridge, wipe down the counters, etc.  I also cleaned the litter box and swept the bathroom floor (a daily chore, since the litter box is in the bathroom).

I had a short chat with one of my neighbors across the street when I went out to put the kitchen trash in the trash bin, as she was out collecting her mail.  Later, I phoned one of my friends, wrote an email to another friend, and video chatted with daughter while we both watched a dance competition on TV. 

Soup and bread for lunch, orange and amaretti cookies for dessert; barbequed chicken drumsticks (leftovers) for dinner.

Leftover sauted sliced chicken breast and vegetables with bread and butter for tomorrow's lunch, with a pear and amaretti cookies for dessert.

Tuesday's to do list:

- Go to the office
- Bring trash cans in
- Dust my bedroom
- Cook cabbage
- Do 15 minutes of filing
- Bake something?

A much shorter list for Tuesday.  It is supposed to rain, tomorrow!  I hope it will.  We desperately need the rain and my garden will appreciate it!

How was your Monday?  What have you planned for Tuesday?


  1. My Monday was alright. I didn't feel very good, allergies maybe. But I bought a pair of brand new jeans for $1! Tuesday was supposed to be my day off, but I'm having to work. It's storming right now and is supposed to every day this week which means no outside time :-(

    1. Jess, sorry to hear you didn't feel very good, yesterday; hoping you are feeling better. But what a great deal on the jeans! I hope you get paid extra for working on your day off - or do you get to take another day off, instead? Nothing worse than no outside time when you are caring for children. They need that outside time to work off some of their energy. Hope your workday goes well.

  2. Hi Bless. New reader, enjoying all that you write. Always looking for money-saving tips.


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