Friday, April 24, 2015

Tired Friday and Weekend To Do List

I might start off the week with a lot of energy, but by the time Friday comes around, I am tired!

I had a good day at the office, today.  But I was ready for the work week to end! 

After I came home, I called a friend to check on her and then, I video chatted with daughter.  She had a busy day and had a lot to tell me about her day.  :)

I haven't been very productive, in terms of housework or crafts, this week.  Which is OK.  It just means that I'll need to do a little more over the weekend. 

This weekend's to do list includes:

- Grocery shopping/menu planning
- Laundry
- Baking bread
- House cleaning (dusting/vacuuming/sweeping/mopping/tidying)
- Paperwork/filing
- Sew a new lunch bag
- Make strawberry jam
- Attend monthly prayer meeting
- Buy mulch
- Water the front garden & indoor plants
- Run the dishwasher

I am sure I'll be adding to this list over the weekend, as I go about my activities.

How was your Friday?  Were you glad when the work week came to an end?  Have you made a weekend to do list?


  1. I was off Friday so that is always great. Day started rough (husband) and ended rough (Little Wolf is throwing huge screaming fits not wanting to sleep) but I love being at home. My weekend to do list is first and most importantly, making the decision about staying home or not. Sunday my mom is picking my boy up early to take him to church with her and the husband and I are planning to install some drywall in the downstairs bathroom.

    1. Jess, sorry your Friday started and ended "rough", but hope the middle was good. At least, you had the day off. How great that you and your husband know to install drywall! I wouldn't know where to start! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I had a really busy Friday.. We are putting our house up to sale, so , we are doing lots of cleaning out, organizing,fixing,etc..
    I have a good bit of weekend plans..
    Pick up fruit/fresh vegetable from grocery store
    Mop kitchen/living room
    Clean bathrooms
    Sew- making a blouse for me
    Make banana bread/white bread
    Husband and I picked polk salad, I will clean /boil it and put in freezer.
    Hope you are feeling less tired today and accomplishing your to do list.Have a great rest of the weekend.

    1. Judy, getting a house ready for sale is a big project! Wish you the best with that! Looks like we both have a busy weekend ahead of us!


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