Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Review and Friday's To Do List

I  was able to get most of my list done, today; I went to the office, wrote a sympathy card to the sister of an aunt who had passed away (couldn't mail it because I need to buy an airmail stamp from the post office), picked 3 oranges from the tree (3 more left on the tree for picking next week), cleaned the 2nd bathroom, etc.  In addition, I exchanged emails with cousins, spoke on the phone with another cousin, video chatted with daughter, and wrote to a friend.  Whatever I didn't get done that was on my list can be done tomorrow, or carried over to the weekend.  

I am keeping my Friday's list very short:

- Write a note to the gardener
- Go to the office
- Post office for airmail stamps/mail card & letter

There used to be a time, several years ago, when I used to work half-day on Fridays.  I'd come home and spend the afternoon cleaning the apartment in which I lived with my mother and step-father.    I rather liked that, because not only was I able to get the weekly cleaning done in an afternoon, but also, the place was clean for the weekend.  These days, I tend to prefer to relax on a Friday evening after I come home from work!  And it takes me longer to clean than it used to.  Of course, the house is a little bigger than the apartment was.  Not to mention I am 30+ years older!  LOL.

Hope you all had a lovely day today and a good day, tomorrow. 


  1. Bless. I had to laugh, when you told about the way you use to take off on Friday afternoon, and clean.. but now it takes you longer.. ha. I tell my kids/hubby, " I can't understand, I use to work 12 hour shifts, go to the grocery store, come home, clean and do laundry.. Now, it takes me 1/2 day to clean the house". they tell me, " your old now".ha.. And I have to admit.. I have SURE slowed down..
    Have a great day/

    1. Judy, yes, we need to learn how to slow down and not stress about it. Hope you are having a good day. Enjoy your weekend.


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