Sunday, April 5, 2015


Sometime back in September of last year, I bought a comforter/bed sheet set to share with daughter.  She got the comforter (to use as a mattress pad) and I got the bed frill and bed sheet set.  Except the pillowcases were too short for my large pillows.  In my earlier post, I had mentioned my plans to alter the pillowcases, but, for one reason or another, they were never altered.  I had unpicked the pillowcases and the shams, but I hadn't sewn them.  Until this weekend.

This weekend, I finally sat down and sewed them.  I decided to cut strips from one of the pillow shams and use them to lengthen the pillowcases and the other pillow shams, to make the right-length pillowcases. The pillowcases are white with tiny lilac dots; the pillow shams are lilac with large white outlines of flowers:

New Pillowcases

A better photo of the lilac dotted pillowcase with the floral fabric border strip sewn to lengthen it:

Pillowcase with Border

The bed sheets match the white with lilac dots pillowcases; the bed frill and comforter match the lilac floral pillowcases.

Close Up of Lilac Dotted Fabric

I have some extra lilac floral fabric left over - it'll go into my fabric stash for some future project!  Maybe some pillowcases for daughter or for the guest room.

Or, maybe I'll need to make some additional pillowcases for myself, for these ones seem to have been already claimed:

Dancer Kitty Gives His Seal of Approval

I am happy to say that I've finished one more "work in progress" project!  On to the next!

Do you have "works in progress" too?


  1. Nice work! I like the way you take things and make them stand out more. What pretty fabric! It's wonderful that you have more left to use for other projects!
    I have several (a lot!) of projects that are in the works. Right now I have a lot on hold because I have been hand sewing most things- I don't have a working sewing machine. That is one of 2 bigger purchases that I hope to make this year- keep your fingers crossed for me, please. :)
    Love seeing all the beautiful creations you craft with your hands. So glad that you share them with us- it is inspiring!
    Hope your have a beautiful day today! :)

    1. Dawn, thank you! I hope you'll be able to get your sewing machine in the very near future. I have a very basic sewing machine, Singer Simple, which I bought for under $100 (available at several places). It comes with a few fancy stitches which I hardly ever use - I just do straight stitching and occasionally, the zig-zag stitch. In any case, I prefer hand sewing to machine sewing - just that machine sewing is faster!

  2. Replies
    1. Jess, thank you! He's actually my daughter's, but she couldn't take him to college with her.


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