Saturday, March 14, 2015

Weekend To Do List

That's right!  It's time to make another weekend to do list!  I've Monday off from work, so it's a 3-day weekend and I hope to get a lot done.  However, I always struggle with time management and procrastination, so, a list is a good motivating tool for me.   

- Launder sofa dust sheets/put new dust sheets - Done
- Household Laundry - 2 loads - Done
- Grocery shopping
- Quarterly stock up at warehouse store - Done
- Cat food & flea prevention meds.- Done

- Dust/tidy all rooms
- Vacuum
- Clean bathrooms
- Paperwork/file
- Meal plan/cook 
- Sewing - pillowcases; repair quilt
- Gardening - water front garden (done);weed
- Water indoor plants - Done

- Sort donations

- Declutter

It is going to be warm this weekend, with a high of 92F.  So, better get going with the housework while it's morning and still cool.

What does your weekend to do list include?


  1. My weekend to do list includes a lot of outside work. We did a lot today, Sunday is going to be nice and warm in the 60s so hopefully tomorrow we will get to hang out and go for walks in the nice weather.

    1. Jess, I hope you get to go for a walk and enjoy the nice weather, tomorrow.

  2. We're still in HuaHin,in 34-37C, close to 100F enjoying the pool in the AM and night market after 9 PM. Taking the overnight train to Penang, Malaysia tomorrow. I need to pack, terrified but need to get my hair cut and will likely treat myself to a pedicure. I hope the house sitter is doing ok, I haven't heard from her since the photos she sent at the end of February.

    1. 100F is warm! Especially if it is humid, too. Hope you have a pleasant train journey and enjoy your visit to Malaysia. I haven't been there since 1973, but I remember all the wonderful satay, etc. Hope you hear from your house sitter soon.


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