Saturday, March 7, 2015

This Weekend's To Do List

Guess what?  It's time to make another weekend to do list!  Of course, some tasks are being repeated, as I do them every week or every other week.  Others are carried forward from the previous list.

- Launder sofa dust sheets/put new dust sheets* - Done
- Launder bed sheets/remake bed* - Done
- Bank* - Done
- Grocery shopping* - Done
- Freezer inventory
- Dust/tidy living room/dining area/family room
- Tidy clothes closet - Done
- Paperwork/file 
- Meal plan - Done
- Sewing/knitting/reading
- Gardening/weeding
- Water indoor plants* - Done
- Put gas to the car (can be done on Monday)
- Dishes*- Done

* Must do's

Lots to do, as always.  But I took it easy after work during the week, this week, and so, need to do more over the weekend.

What do you have on your weekend to do list?

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