Sunday, March 15, 2015

Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning: March Week 2

This weekend, I went to one of the big warehouse stores to do my quarterly stock up and bought a bottle of multivitamins (400 count @ $11.49), pet supplies (6 count flea prevention medications @$65.99 and a 25lb. bag of cat food @18.59); household supplies (toilet paper, 30 rolls @$15.99 and 6 cans of cleanser @$6.29).  There was also $10.65 in sales taxes added to these items (food is not taxed).  These items aren't paid from my grocery budget, but I am listing them here, just to give an idea of my household expenses and to help me get over the shock of the $174.97 total on my receipt when the food items came to under $50!   

The items I did pay from my grocery budget were:

Rice, 25lb. = $8.99
Butter, 4 lb. = $7.99
Ensure, 30 cans = $28.99
Total = $45.97

In addition, I did the weekly grocery shopping today:

Tangerines, @ 3lb/$1 = $.91
Pears, @$.49/lb = $.55
Bananas, @$.69/lb = $.86
Green beans, @$.99/lb = $.52
Cashews, @$6.99 = $3.39
Chicken drumsticks, $.79/lb = $2.60
Turkey cold cuts, $2.00/lb = $1.00
Yeast 3-pouch packet = $2.39 
Total = $12.22

This weekend's grocery total = $45.97 + $12.22 = $58.19

Grocery totals to date: $6.69 + $58.19 = $64.88
Amount left in budget: $75 - $64.88 = $10.12

Ooh, that's kind of cutting it close, isn't it?!  There's still half the month to get through!  Can I get by with just over $10 to spend for the rest of the month?  Especially with daughter coming home for a week of spring break, next weekend! 

I think it will be OK.  I've a lot of food in the freezer and some of today's chicken drumsticks, too, will be cooked and frozen.  All I'll need between now and the end of the month will be another gallon of milk next weekend, some fresh vegetables and fruit, and hopefully, eggs!  Oh, and maybe bread, although I want to try my hand at baking bread (thus the packet of yeast!)  If necessary, I'll dip into next month's grocery budget or take $10 from my "miscellaneous" account.

Did you go grocery shopping this weekend?  


  1. I haven't been grocery shopping in a while, but I have a freezer full of stuff. I did go 'shopping' at my mom's this past week and took just a few things. She stocks up when she finds good deals and shares some of it with me (some of it would go bad before she got around to using it).

    Good luck with the bread! When I first started baking bread, I did not care for it. I was just so used to all the processed bread I have eaten my entire life that it took a bit to get used to it. I like it now though and bake a loaf every week or two. I let the bread machine do the work though and then pop it in the oven.

    1. That's nice that your mom shares her finds with you. I try to share my finds with my daughter, too. Thanks, I'll need luck when I go to make the bread (I'm waiting till next week, when daughter will be home). I tried making bread once before and it didn't rise at all (I think I killed the yeast with too hot water).


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