Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Monthly Goals

My goals are distributed among the various segments of my Balance Wheel, to make sure that all areas of my life are being worked on at the same time.  Here are my March monthly goals:

Spiritual: Continue with daily devotions/meditations; attend the monthly prayer meeting (scheduled for 3rd weekend in March).

- Outside: Continue to spruce up the garden.  We are getting some rain, at long last, and the weeds are up, practically overnight!  My goal is to weed all the flower beds and put down mulch.
- Inside: Continue to clean and declutter; focus on my bedroom.

Daughter:  Will be celebrating her birthday, this month! Looking forward to her coming home for spring break, later this month.

Family:  Keep in touch with extended family (phone calls, emails, etc.)

Friends:  Get together with friends a couple of times; e-mails & phone calls.

Career:  Continue to manage work load efficiently.

Finances:  Refine the budget using February's spending log.  Keep to the grocery budget of $75, even with daughter being home for a week; plan to eat from freezer. 

Health:  Work on better nutrition, more exercise and more sleep. 

Leisure/Crafts/Hobbies: Finish Works In Progress:  finish knitting the white scarf; sew on the hexagon quilt top.

Productivity and Time Management:  Continue implementing cleaning routines.

Some of my monthly goals remain the same; others have changed a bit.

Do you make monthly goals?  If so, what are your goals for March?


  1. hi, just came back from a Home & Garden shop and while I couldn't read the labels of the multitude of racks, of garden seeds but recognize many by pictures. I'm so envious of your growing climate. I wonder if you grow any of the wonderful greens that are so healthy for you in your garden among the flowers. We do what we can in large planter/patio containers.

    I get an American financial newsletter and they are noting the closure of a great many bank branches with a great many more to come. Now that the banks have converted sufficient numbers of clients to use electronic bank, they will make it as inconvenient as possible to use personal services like tellers or loan officers.

    The heat here at this resort community is about 34C 93F. I hang out at the pool in the early AM, lobby mid day and only go out to see sites late in the day. I'm missing a lot because they are closing as I arrive. Trying to explain destinations is hilarious, some days like today, the tuk tuk driver must be from elsewhere as he had't a clue and a 10 minute ride was nearer to 40 minutes as driver, DH and I were lost

    1. Hi Hon, a sense of humor is essential when you are touring places, isn't it? Incompetent drivers and getting lost, etc., all becomes part of the experience. I haven't been growing vegetables and leafy greens because of the garden cats. There's no way to keep them away from the growing areas. Container gardening doesn't help because they just consider the pots as their personal beds (at best) or potties! :p


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