Thursday, March 19, 2015

This Week's Grocery Deals

This week's grocery ads are here.  And eggs are finally on sale!  $2.49 for 18 large eggs at one store; $1.99 for a dozen large eggs at another store.  Not the $.99/dozen I had been hoping for - maybe they'll go on sale at that price closer to Easter?  The question is, do I take a chance and hold out until then?  Or do I buy a dozen now and maybe buy another dozen when/if they go on sale at $.99?

This week's advertised deals:

Store 1 (no frills chain supermarket): 
chicken drumsticks for $.79/lb
mangoes for $.33 each
eggs for $2.49/18
pasta, $.69/lb

Store 2 (full service chain supermarket):
eggs for $1.99/doz.
split chicken breasts, $.99/lb.
canned tuna, $.59/can (5 oz).

Store 3 (ethnic store):
brown onions, 8 lb/$1
chicken leg quarters, $.79/lb
Red Delicious apples, $.25/lb
Granny Smith apples, $.39/lb
bagged carrots, 3lb/$1.00
pasta, $.69/lb
canned garbanzo beans, $.50/can (14 oz.)

I will definitely buy some eggs, maybe some pasta, and bread (just in case my bread making experiment doesn't work out).

How do these "good deals" prices compare with yours?  Are they prices you'd be willing to pay?


  1. I think these deals are great! Especially at store #3. I always think that there is no such thing as too many eggs. When I think they aren't going fast enough I will make a big batch of deviled eggs or make a lot of egg salad and eat it for lunch for several days to use them up. Have you ever tried cutting up carrots and adding it into a basic egg salad? It sounds weird, I know, but it is really good! Back when I was younger I babysat for a family that ate it that way, they said they liked the 'crunch' the carrots added, and it took a while for me to try it out. When I finally did try it I never made it the without the carrots again- it was good. :)

    1. Dawn, I've never tried egg salad with carrots! I shall try it, next time. I need to watch my cholesterol intake, so I try to limit eggs to 1-2 per week. But I can always use up eggs in muffins, etc.


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