Saturday, March 7, 2015

March Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning - Week 1

I went grocery shopping this morning.  I didn't need a lot of items, this week, since my fridge, freezer, and pantry cabinets are full.  I mostly went grocery shopping for fresh fruit.  But I found some yogurt (store brand) that was on clearance (nearing sell-by date) and I decided to buy a gallon of milk, as well, even though I have half of last week's gallon left. 

Here's what I bought:

Potatoes, 10 lb. bag = $.99
4 yogurt cups, @ $.39 = $1.56
1 gal. milk = $2.79
1 mango = $.33
1 cantaloupe @ $.33/lb = $1.02
Total = $6.69

I checked the price of eggs, today.  $2.89/dozen large eggs and $3.99 for 18 large eggs.  I am hoping eggs will go on sale for $1.99/doz. or less, in the next couple of weeks.  

My monthly grocery budget is $75 (for food, only, for one person; does not include toiletry, household products, pet food).  Although daughter will be home for one week, later this month, on spring break, I will not increase my grocery budget.

Amount spent: $6.69
Amount left in budget: $75 - $6.69 = $68.31

My meal planning is not very specific.  I don't plan a different dish for each day.  Instead, I make two or three main dishes, which I rotate and have for lunches and dinners, with the option of cooking something else on any night. 

This week, I plan to have pork chops made over into spicy sauted pork as my first main dish and shrimp curry from the freezer as my second main dish.  I might make some pork fried rice, as well, one night or have breakfast for dinner one night (scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, toast or fried potatoes).

There will be rice and potatoes for starch (as well as bread and pasta if I change my mind).  

For vegetables, I will make sauted cabbage and maybe a vegetable stir fry (carrots, baby corn, green peas, etc.).  I also have most of a head of lettuce that must be finished, so, there'll be some salads, too.  And a bit of leftover sauted green beans.

Breakfasts and snacks will be toast with butter and jam or cheese; crackers and cheese; cereal; yogurt; fruit; cookies; leftover sponge cake; etc.

As I said, not a very structured meal plan.  But it works well for me.

Have you done your weekly grocery shopping for this week, yet?  Do you make more structured meal plans?


  1. Great prices on the potatoes,milk and produce.. Hope you find some eggs.. that is a lot for eggs.. [I think they know, we have to have eggs..ha]
    Know you will look forward to your daughter coming home for spring break.. My daughter/granddaughters came to visit after church today.. We really enjoyed seeing them.
    I only buy groceries once a no shopping for me..

    1. I have occasionally shopped once every 2 weeks, but I've never tried shopping once a month. You must plan very well to be able to do so!

  2. Have you tried cvs and wal-greens for eggs? They were $1.29, but have gone up to $1.69 (on sale). You can go to and to find when eggs will be on sale. Hope this help. I came over from Prudent Homemaker. I hope I haven't sent this twice. The computer "ate" my first attempt to reply.

    1. Christine, I haven't tried either of those two places for eggs. The CVS I generally go to (near my work place) doesn't carry much perishables. But I will definitely check another one that is only a short detour on my way home from work. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.


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