Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wednesday: Grocery Specials

Today was a bit cloudy and cooler than the past couple of days.  Not cold, but in the low 70s rather than the upper 80s. And it even drizzled a little in the evening!  Not enough to do any good; I'll still need to water the garden, tomorrow.

Today, I went to the office and spent most of the morning attending a meeting.  The rest of the day passed quickly enough. 

On the way home, I put gas to the car.  Gas has gone up to $3.25 per gallon at this particular station (one of the cheapest stations in my neighborhood); I put $30 worth of gas and it should last me until the end of next week.  Currently, I drive approximately 40 miles a day during the work week, just commuting to work and back.  It wasn't too long ago that I used to drive approximately 100 miles a day, and used to spend $100 a week on gas (when gas prices were higher than they are now).

Breakfast was yogurt and granola (today was the "sell by date" on the discounted yogurts and today I ate the last of the 4 containers I bought); lunch was rice, shrimp curry and sauted cabbage (finished what I had cooked; need to think of another vegetable to cook for the rest of the week); an orange for dessert; cookies for afternoon snack; dinner was pork chops and corn, with chocolate covered raisins for dessert. 

I had a lovely, relaxed evening.  Had a chat on the phone with one of my friends and wrote to another.  Video chatted with my daughter.  And read a bit more of the decluttering book.

I looked through today's mail and the grocery ads.  This week's grocery specials include apples at $.39/lb., tangerines at 3 lbs./$1.00, pears for $.49/lb., chicken drumsticks for $.79/lb., and red onions for $.20/lb.  These prices are at one of the ethnic grocery stores, not the chainstore supermarket.  So, I think I shall shop at the ethnic grocery store, this week.

How was your Wednesday?


  1. Your grocery finds sounds good.
    I really hate to see gas prices going back up.. eeeh..We are at 2.37 gallon, however , we had gone to 1.89 gallon.. Praying it wont go back to the nearly $4.
    Hope you have a blessed weekend. Judy

    1. The gas price reduction was good while it lasted, wasn't it? Hope you have a lovely weekend, too. Thanks for commenting.


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