Saturday, March 28, 2015

Friday: More Sewing and Gardening

Today, I cut out and started to sew the pajama top.  I made good progress but there's a little more to go. The top has a few more parts to sew than the pants, but, so far, I haven't made any mistakes.

Today, my gardener came over to work on my garden.  He's my neighbor's nephew and has been my gardener for 22 years.  When I was on my extended stay at the hospital during my daughter's birth, my neighbor noticed that the grass in my front garden was overgrown and hearing (from another neighbor) that I was at the hospital, had her nephew mow my lawn.  Later, she told me she would have had him mow the back, too, except the gate was locked and they couldn't access the back garden.  Ever since then, he's been my gardener! 

Today, he repaired two sprinkler heads for me, removed three rose bushes that had died during the winter, and transplanted three jade plants from a container in the back garden, to the edge of the lawn in the front garden, along the sidewalk.  I had planted a row of lantana bushes along the edge of the lawn, last year, but three of the lantana bushes died due to the sun and lack of water (even though they are drought tolerant to an extent).  The front garden has a south and west exposure and receives full sun from about 9:00 a.m. till sunset.  With our current drought (in our 4th year of drought) and water restrictions, I'm finding it difficult to grow the lush garden I would like to have.  Instead, I am turning to succulents and other drought tolerant plants.  

My neighbor (the gardener's aunt) came over to visit while her nephew was working on the garden.  She has recently recovered from a fall (and subsequent fracture and surgery), so it was good to see her walking about and looking well.

Later in the evening, I watered the front garden.  I usually water the front garden twice a week and the back garden once a week.  Our temperature today was 90F and the garden was very dry.  

I also trimmed my daughter's hair for her.  Tomorrow will be her last day at home this spring break!  How soon the week has flown by!  We've planned a couple of errands for tomorrow morning and will go out to lunch with a friend.

How was your Friday?  Did you have a good day, today?

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