Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday: Sewing Pajamas

I had promised myself that I would indulge in some sewing once the taxes were done.  So, today, I set up my sewing machine on the big dining table, which is where I like to sew.  I have three or four things I'd like to make, including a sewing machine cover.

But I decided to start with a pair of much needed pajamas.  I have just one pair of pajamas (I tend to wear more nightdresses than pajamas), which started to tear (I've had them for over 12 years, so they were quite worn).  So, today, I unpicked the old pajama pants, pulled out a length of cotton flannel I had purchased on sale, after Christmas, and cut out a pair of pajamas, using my old pajamas as the pattern.  I have a commercial pattern, as well, which was included in the pattern I use for my flannel nightdresses, but I chose to use the old pajama as my pattern because I know it fitted me. 

It turned into a bit of a project because I made a silly mistake and sewed the wrong seams together and ended with a skirt instead of pants, not once, but twice!  So, had to unpick the whole thing, twice!  I was getting quite frustrated, but with my daughter's help, I managed to sew it:


It's the first pair of pajama pants I've ever sewn.  It didn't turn out too bad, I think.   Once I had figured out which seams to sew, it didn't take too long to sew.  Tomorrow, I will cut out the top and start sewing it, although, as daughter pointed out, I could wear the pajama pants with a T-shirt and save myself a lot of work!

Have you sewn pajamas?  Have you found yourself sewing the wrong seams?


  1. I had to laugh out loud while reading this- I have sewn the pajamas wrong too! I was so frustrated the first couple of times I made them, but once I did it right it was like a light bulb went off in my head and it was smooth sailing after that. :)
    I think your pajamas came out wonderful! I really like the fabric you used! I usually make pj pants for the kids and top it with a plain t-shirt or long sleeved shirt. Sometimes I take some of the fabric I used for the pants to sew a design on the t-shirt so that it looks more like a pajama set (example: cut out a heart for my daughter and sew it on the shirt, embellish with some cute buttons, etc.)
    I enjoy seeing your projects, you make me want to break out my sewing supplies right now! Isn't sewing relaxing? Maybe it's just me but I find the hum of the machine so calming. :)

    1. Dawn, glad to have given you a laugh! :D And thank you for saying you enjoy seeing my projects. I hope you get to do a bit of sewing, yourself, soon. Maybe this weekend?

  2. The last thing I tried to sew was a rather simple dress made up of 4 panels. I sewed 2 panels together upside down. I vowed never to sew again. My mother, who was a wonderful seamstress, finished the dress, & I wore it for many years. The only sewing I do now is sewing on loose buttons & repairing hems.

    1. Becky, sometimes, it's those simple items that give us the most trouble! Glad your mother was able to finish the dress for you and you were able to enjoy wearing it. :)


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