Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Review

A review of March, before moving on with April goals.

Spiritual: attended the monthly prayer meeting; continued with daily devotions.

- Outside: Most flower beds were weeded and 3 jade plants were transplanted from containers in the back garden to the edge of the lawn in the front. 
- Inside: House has been maintained for the most part. 

Daughter:  Celebrated her birthday, this month.  And we spent a wonderful week together over spring break.

Family:  Celebrated one aunt's birthday and heard news of another aunt's death.  Met several members of the family at the prayer meeting and called my half-sister to wish her for her birthday.  Exchanged emails with other relatives.

Friends:  Met several friends at the prayer meeting and went out to brunch with another friend; plus, there were phone calls and emails exchanged.

Career:  Enjoyed a week of vacation!

Finances:  Did OK, for the most part; filed my taxes.  Found out that daughter's apartment rent will be going up after her current lease expires.  We are weighing the pros and cons of her staying where she is (and paying more) and finding another, less expensive, apartment. 

Health:  Definitely need to focus on more exercise, adequate rest, and a healthy diet.

Leisure/Crafts/Hobbies: Did some sewing I had been wanting to do for a long time. 

Productivity and Time Management:  I think I did OK, on the whole. 

March was a good month and I was able to attain most of my goals.  I'll post my April goals, tomorrow.

Did you make any goals for March?  If so, how did you do with attaining them?


  1. It sounds like you had a really accomplished month! I like the way you reflect on each area of your life and write about your goals.
    I have been crossing a lot of things off of my to-do list this past week to make up for what didn't get done in March. I am keeping my fingers crossed that April will be much more productive. All in all, March was a good month- many blessings all around and much to be thankful for. :)

    PS- Oh, Bless, your daughter was home in March? I didn't realize. Hahaha. Just Kidding. I love hearing about your beautiful relationship with your daughter and I am so glad that you girls had such a wonderful time together- and that you behaved yourselves! :)

    1. Dawn, several years ago, I was caregiver to my semi-invalid mother, single parent to my then-much younger daughter, working full time, etc. And I felt there were areas of my life that were being neglected. That's when I learned to look at the various segments of my life to make sure each segment was getting some attention.

      I am glad you are getting things accomplished and that overall, March was a good month for you.

      Oh, did I forget to mention that my daughter came home in March? :D :D

  2. Sounds like you had a good month. I don't believe I really had any set goals for March, but it was still good.

    1. Jess, glad to hear that you had a good month. That's what's important. :)

  3. Bless, looks like you have had a really good Month.. So happy you were able to spend the week with your daughter.. So special.
    Sorry about her rent going up.. Sending prayers , she will find something cheaper/better.
    Have a great April.
    Love how you did the whole month... I have accomplished a lot of my to do list this month. My goal was to clean out all closets/cabinets/drawers and re-organize. I have most of them done.. I am pleased with what I have done thus far. But a new month full of to do list.. It never ends I guess.ha

    1. Judy, some goals get carried over from month to month, as they are more long term. And you are right - those to do lists just keep going on and on! Hope you have a blessed week and month.


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