Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday's Productivity

Once again, I spent most of the day working on office stuff.  I sent two more completed assignments and updated my supervisor.  She emailed me to thank me for the updates (makes it easier for her to update her supervisor).  

Later, I went through the bottom drawer in my chest of drawers.  I had kept several bits and pieces from my daughter's childhood in that drawer, including the banners we had used for various birthdays.  My mother insisted that we celebrated daughter's birthdays in a big way.  Each birthday had a theme (Sesame Street, Barney, Pocahontas, Barbie, etc.) with the decorations and cake to match.  I had given away my collection of cake pans, but had saved some of the banners in an attempt to hold onto memories.  But today, I asked daughter if she wanted the banners kept and she said no.  So, I have decided the time is right to toss them.

Today's decluttering:

June 8 Decluttering

6 Happy birthday banners
2 packets of leftover party favor bags
1 pile of holiday cards (from 2012)
1 magazine
= 10 items

Total so far:  80 items decluttered.  It doesn't feel like it, though, because most of what I've decluttered have been relatively small items.  Hopefully, I will start to see a difference by the end of the month.

Today seems to have been the day for phone calls!  First, my niece called.  Then, her mother, my half-sister, called.  Later, a friend called.  And two of my aunts called.

I went through this week's grocery ads, but I tossed most of them.  I only need some bread, cans of coconut water, and maybe more bananas, for next week.     

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being able to let go of a little bit more.
- Phone calls from family and a friend.
- Being able to work from home.
- A steady salary.
- Another comfortable day, temperature-wise.

I didn't spend any money today, either.

Tomorrow, I will go to the lab for my blood test in the morning and daughter will come home in the evening. 

How was your day, today?  Did you have a good day?


  1. I am dreadful about keeping cards - I always intend to recycle them into other things, but only about half of them ever get used for that. I admire your diligent decluttering. I have just one holiday banner and it comes out for every appropriate occasion!

    1. I, too, keep thinking I can recycle the cards, but never get around to it!

      One all-purpose banner would have been more my style, too, but I was often over-ruled by my mother when it came to her granddaughter!

      I am getting rid of things now that I couldn't bear to let go in earlier rounds. So, all kinds of interesting stuff is making its way out of the house!

  2. I wish I could get your attitude to decluttering. I would bet real money that our temperatures are about the same (low to mid seventies) - I am finding it too hot! Take care x

    1. Lyssa, it's taken many years to get to this stage. I used to save everything! I still have a lot of stuff I've held onto because of sentimental reasons, because I might be able to reuse/repurpose, etc. What's going out now is what I've held onto in previous decluttering sessions. I still have too many "collections"!

  3. 80 items already! It does add up. Do you have the good stuff staged somewhere to donate to a thriftstore? Disney freaks would probably go for the Disney-themed banners on Ebay big time. I don't think you can get Pocahontas-themed merchandise anymore.

    I've been holding on to a bunch of party supplies that are Clone Wars/Star Wars related. I was going to declutter them last year but with the latest Star Wars movie coming out I thought maybe it would rekindle Star Wars passion in my youngest son so I kept them. But he hated the movie (as Greg and I did too) so I think now it's time to get rid of that stuff. It makes me sad as all three of my boys were really into Star Wars and I keep thinking that maybe I'll have a grandson one day that would love that too. But you know what? It'll be his parents' responsibility to buy him all of that so I have got to let it go. (talking to myself right now!)

    I'm glad you had a good day. I did too because I read a book that I enjoyed and didn't do anything else, lol.

    1. I have the donations in a bag in the 3rd bedroom (which will be my next room to declutter - it looks like a bomb went off in there!) I was going to just toss the birthday banners, but maybe I'll put them all in a plastic zip top bag and drop in the donations bag.

  4. Congrats on the decluttering.. It feels so good, doesn't it? I bet you will see a big difference in the end . and in my case, if nothing else, I feel like , I at least cleaned out a drawer/cabinet or table.ha
    Know you will be so happy to see daughter.. Pray all is well with your blood test, and you do well with next treatment..

    1. Judy, it does feel good, especially knowing that each drawer/shelf/cabinet is being gone through, decluttered, and organized. It's been way too long since that was done.

      Yes, it'll be lovely to see daughter again. I miss her when she's away!

  5. Don't let the fact that your daughter doesn't/won't want most of the things you've saved and that mean something to you bother you or hurt you. Our daughters have grown up in an entirely different world than we did and it continues to change fast.You'll notice that the words "heirloom" and "keepsake" have dropped out of conversations and that many people don't even know what they mean anymore. Just about everything has become disposable. Take pictures of the things that mean something to you that you're tossing or donating.

    1. Good advice! Of course they have grown up in a different world and they are different people with different personalities. Actually, it's probably a good thing! They won't be weighed down with all the baggage! :)

  6. I think you are doing great on the decluttering. Decluttering is really hard for me. I get overwhelmed by big projects. Thank goodness my hubby is good at those kinds of things.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I have learned to do it in baby steps. One drawer or one shelf at a time! Just 10 items, each session. For no more than 15 minutes per session. If it becomes too overwhelming, I put it aside for another day. A second opinion is a good thing, too. :)


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