Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Midweek Catch Up

White Sage Flowers

The white sage plant in the front garden is flowering.  It is a California native plant and drought tolerant.  Bees love the flowers.  The plant is edible, but, I must admit that I haven't actually used it in my cooking.  

I spent a fairly quiet holiday weekend.  I watered the garden on Saturday as I didn't do it on Friday.  On Sunday, I did some laundry and house cleaning , picked up my medication refills from the pharmacy, and went into a department store in the same shopping mall as the pharmacy to return a package as the item sent was the wrong size.  I had been thinking of going to the store later in the week, after the holiday weekend, but, the parking lot was quite empty, so I went inside and the store was quite empty for a holiday weekend!  I thought there would be more of a crowd shopping the Memorial Day sales, but, no crowds at that particular store.

On Monday, Memorial Day, I did some weeding in the back garden and, later, my daughter talked me through the process of setting up the new laptop that she got me as a Mother's Day gift.  It is up and running and it is lovely to have a reliable internet connection, again!  I have been bookmarking most of the blogs I visit on a regular basis, but, I know that there are one or two that I haven't bookmarked yet.  

On Tuesday, I watered the garden, did more weeding, and picked blueberries.  Afterwards, I gave myself a pedicure.  

Today, Wednesday, gardener M was here and we set up some wire mesh around the "corn patch" (hopefully!) and the okra bed:

The Corn Patch (with Mama Cat guarding it)

This seems to be Mama Cat's favorite spot in the garden at the moment.  She even sleeps there, although her cardboard box is still set outside, under the patio.  

Okra Bed

The okra seedlings are coming up, but, already, some of them have been eaten by something!  Not sure what - birds?  Chicken Little? Snails?  Hopefully, the wire mesh will discourage birds from eating the seedlings.  We used the wire mesh that I already had and some branches and part of a broom stick for the supports.  But, M has been tasked with sourcing some bamboo poles for the pole bean supports.  

The roses are still flowering:


M has also been asked to buy some top soil, at his convenience, to add to the rose bed.

I spent a little more time in the garden after M left and did a bit more weeding.  I have been carrying the metal garden chair around and sitting on it to weed.  

And I came across this bee, resting on a leaf on the nectarine tree, and cleaning its hind legs.  It seemed like a rather odd thing of it to do, but, I suppose they don't want to always have pollen on them?  

Bee at Rest

I was going to make a meal plan for the week on Monday, but, I've been finishing up leftovers for the most part.  For brunch, today, for example, I made waffles to eat with the last of the chicken curry.  Dinner was some of the frozen breaded shrimp, baked in the toaster oven, with tomato chutney to dip into.  I'm thinking of maybe getting a pizza for a late lunch, tomorrow, on my way home from the doctor's appointment; if I do, there will be leftovers for dinner and another lunch or two.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- My new computer
- My daughter helping me with setting it up
- Reliable internet services, again
- M's help with the garden
- The availability of my medications

Today's joyful activities include gardening, crocheting, and watching online videos.

Plans for tomorrow include the appointment with the doctor to go over blood test results.  

How is your week coming along?



  1. What a great Mother's Day gift from your daughter, something you really needed and she is so kind helping you set it up, something that can be quite daunting for sure. I hope the wire meshing does the job and you have corn to look forward to, I like you have a guard cat :) I hope your appointment with the doctor goes well.

    1. It is a wonderful gift, isn't it? I definitely needed her help to set it up, because I have never done so, before!
      I'm hopeful that the wire mesh will keep the critters out and the plants can grow undisturbed. A guard cat is useful, although, she only chases Patches away, not the chicken!
      Thank you, Eileen. I, too, hope the doctor's visit goes well!

  2. A reliable computer. Yay! I have never see a bee clean its legs. I guess that's something they usually save for the hive, so we don't see it. How interesting. And that picture of the rose is so good I feel like I could reach out and touch its soft petals.

    1. Yes, a reliable computer, which was much needed. I will now take the old computer in to the store to see if they can fix it; if not, I will ask them to recycle it.
      I, too, have never seen a bee clean its hind legs. At first, I wondered if it was dead, because it was so still, but, then, I noticed that it was moving its legs, rubbing the hindmost leg with another one. I hope it was OK.
      Thank you, June; glad you liked the picture of the rose. :)

  3. The white sage flowers are pretty and the rose too. Nice fences around the corn and okra patches. It looks as though Mama Cat has happily staked out her territory.
    How nice to be off and running with your new laptop. I will be calling upon my IT experts (son-in-law or daughter) to help me. We got fiber optic internet, and our printer won’t recognize the new wifi connection. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    I had a dentist appointment Tuesday, then enjoyed a day in the city. I saw an exhibit at the New York Public Library main branch (and said hello to Patience and Fortitude). Then I walked by Rockefeller Center and visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I joined a friend, and a few of her friends, at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to cap off a perfect day.
    Yesterday I had a school meeting with a client. Today I am back to my quiet routine at home.
    Your pizza plan sounds fun. 🍕

    1. Thank you, Taconix. Usually, my daughter will set up the computers for me, but, this time, she talked me through it. She keeps telling me that I'm a smart, capable woman, that I could set up a computer without any help from her, but, I needed her to tell me what to do, at least this time! LOL. The printer isn't connected to this new computer, yet.
      Sounds like you had a wonderful day on Tuesday (apart from the dentist appointment!). I hope the rest of today goes well and you have a lovely day, tomorrow.
      Pizza was bought and a portion of it enjoyed for lunch; there are leftovers for later. :)

  4. I'm so glad that you have your new laptop, and now, hopefully, a reliable internet connection. It must be almost impossible to manage without it these days.
    I do hope the wire mesh will help to protect the okra seedlings. I'm still not sure what happened to my carrots, even though they were covered.
    I hope your test results are okay. Xx

    1. Thank you, Jules; it's lovely to have a new, working laptop!
      I, too, hope that the wire mesh will keep the seedlings safe. I've not had much luck with carrots, myself.
      The test results were mostly good, but, I will require medication for the one thing that was not so good. Still, I'm grateful that medication is available. :)

  5. How wonderful of your daughter to give you a new laptop! It's always so nice to have updated tech. I hope this will settle the internet problems you've been having. Also, hopefully the fencing will protect the seedlings. With the corn and okra, you are an urban farmer!

    1. It's a wonderful gift, isn't it? I'm very blessed. The internet connection is working well with this laptop. I'll take the old one in, next week, to see if it can be fixed.
      Ha ha, yes, I'm an urban farmer! Don't forget the one tomato plant, too! LOL. So far, only 9 corn seedlings have come up from a packet of 50 kernels (all were planted!) so I'm not quite sure just how successful an urban farmer I will be! :D
      How is your first week of retirement coming along?

    2. Oh yes, not to forget the tomato plant! My first week is going well, doing a lot of cleaning. This morning the department head called me...would I be interested in teaching one class in fall? My replacement fell through. Oh dear. Something to think about!

    3. Oh, wow, yes, definitely something to think about. Maybe you might feel like teaching one more class in the fall, after having a relaxing summer.

  6. I think Mama cat just wants to be somewhere where she is likely to get into a photo on the blog. She wants to be famous like Dancer!
    When I looked at the rose photo, I could smell it. It must have been a memory fragrance, as my laptop certainly doesn't have a smell feature!

    1. I think Mama Cat wants to be able to see if Patches is approaching the food bowl!
      The rose does have a light fragrance! :)

  7. Yeah for a new computer and solid internet coverage.
    And what a nice gift from your daugher.
    I'm thinking the corn corral will do the trick. :).
    A pizza tomorrow sounds like a good plan. I will read on and see if that happened.

    1. Thank you, Debra. Yes, it was a lovely gift from my daughter and much appreciated. :)
      If the corn will ever sprout, I'll have a nice corn patch! But, so far, only 9 or 10 seedlings have come up!
      Ha, ha, yes, the pizza happened! I ate half and froze the other half. :)


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