Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Another Visit with Cousins on Monday

Crocheted Coasters

I had another lovely visit with my cousins on Monday.  I This time, we took the pictures at the beginning, before we ate lunch!  LOL.  I made a sausage stir fry to take along with a jar of my tomato chutney.  V had made a lovely lunch with rice, pork curry, potato curry, okra cooked with red bell peppers, a beetroot curry, and there was some of the fried dry fish leftover from earlier.  At the last minute, her husband fried some pappadum to have with the lunch and, of course, I was told to serve myself a portion to bring home with me, which I did!  There was fresh pineapple for dessert, but, I brought my portion home because I was too full for dessert immediately after lunch.

I wanted to give cousin M a very small gift, keeping in mind that she had a full suitcase of stuff to take back and weight limits to take into consideration.  Rather than buy her something, I decided to crochet her a set of coasters - very small and very lightweight so she could tuck them into a corner of her suitcase.  She was very pleased with the gift and told me that she still had a grey and white scarf I had knitted and given her on a previous visit - I had forgotten that I had made a scarf for her!  

I stopped at the pharmacy, on my way home, to pick up my inhaler that was ready.  I didn't buy anything else while I was at the drugstore.  The dollar store next door was closed and already, there was some graffiti outside the building, which is sad.  

After I came home, I did a load of laundry, watered the back garden, accepted another package for friend R, and took the trash cans to the curb (set them up outside the driveway as there was no room along the curb).  Later, I chatted with my daughter.  She had a good first day of the conference, which started in the afternoon and concluded with a vegetarian dinner (apparently, in order to minimize the carbon foot print of the conference, but, no doubt, also as a cost cutting measure as vegetables are cheaper than meat!)  The dinner consisted of an assortment of Indian, Chinese, and Western food, according to daughter, probably because it was an international conference.   Daughter said she did get a mild migraine, probably due to the time change affecting her sleep patterns and the stress of flying, but, it went away, later on.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Another lovely get together with my cousins
- A safe drive to and from the lunch with cousins
- V sending me home with a container of food
- My medications being available
- Daughter being OK

Today's joyful activity was getting together with my cousins over lunch.

Plans for Tuesday include taking R's packages to her.

Meal Plan for the Week:

Meal plans for the week will include sausage stir fry (with rice or noodles), the food cousin V sent home with me, chicken curry (from the freezer, thawing in the fridge) with rice and moringa curry (also from the freezer); and the stuffed chicken breast that neighbor S gave me earlier which will be made over into a chicken casserole with a can of cream of chicken soup,  and leftovers.  There might be some breakfasts for dinner, too, as sometimes, I have my main meal of the day for brunch.  

I am going to post this before I lose my internet connection!

I hope everyone is having a good week!



  1. Your crochet is so neat. What a good idea for a lightweight gift to tuck into a suitcase.

  2. Happy days with the cousins! A bonus to get two gatherings for the price of one - even though one person was still missing. I don't mind turbulence on flights, but have just read an article about a particularly bad flight to Singapore in which several people were injured and one died. They had to make an emergency landing in Thailand so it's quite understandable to be nervous. Makes the blood run cold to think about. Fortunately all was well with daughter and hopefully the conference is rewarding.

    Hope the internet is behaving now!

    1. It was fun to be with the cousins. I seem to relate better to them now than I did when I was younger, although there isn't much of an age difference.
      My daughter hates flying (she gets very anxious being up in the air) and turbulence of any sort is even more anxiety producing for her. I don't like turbulence, myself, because I'm very prone to motion sickness.
      The internet is still not very reliable. I was trying to comment on your blog, earlier, and got kicked off!

  3. Lovely crocheted coasters! That’s a nice and easily-packable gift.
    I had an in-person work day. I’m looking forward to a quieter time tomorrow.
    I had phone calls from both daughters today. They’re busy with work. Younger daughter is using up what she can before moving and had husband and me laughing at some combinations.
    I hope your daughter isn’t in the path of storms in Denver.
    Time for dinner—thankfully leftovers. 😊

    1. Thank you, Taconix. My earlier response to your comment disappeared! I think I lost internet connection as I was publishing it!
      I hope you have a quieter day, tomorrow.
      When does your younger daughter leave on her cross-country trip?
      My daughter is now in Omaha and experienced her first tornado warning and, apparently, there is a flood warning, now!
      Enjoy your dinner!

  4. The coasters are lovely and a very thoughtful gift for fitting in a suitcase. It's nice you got a second visit with your cousins.

    1. Thank you, Celie. It was nice to have a second visit with the cousins. Cousin M generally visits once a year or so, but, each visit is special. :)

  5. So glad you had a lovely visit. The crochet coasters are a lovely gift especially as they are made with love.

  6. More food from your cousin! I'm so behind, I'm sure it's all eaten up.
    I imagine you enjoyed it.
    The coasters you made for your cousins are very pretty. What a good idea for a gift suitable for packing :)
    I hope the rest of your daughter's conference went well.

    1. Yes, the food was delicious and it has been eaten up.
      Thank you; I was rather pleased with my set of coasters.
      Daughter's conference included a tornado warning, flood watches, a lightning strike on the parking structure directly across her hotel room, and being required to show proof of ID to receive the hotel rate the conference attendees were supposed to get while her (white) colleague was not asked for any ID. Somehow, I don't think that she'll be eager to return to Omaha any time soon.

    2. What??? That makes me so mad. I'm sitting here fuming after reading that.

    3. Yes; the sad thing is, we had been sort of joking before she went, saying what were the chances of her being asked to provide an ID to get the lower rate and her colleague not being asked! Of course, it could still have been random, and had it happened about 10 years ago, we would not have even thought twice about it, much less brought it up before she even went, but, now, we are more aware and we wonder. :)


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