Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Visiting on Tuesday!

Birthday Card

Today, I visited my aunt C and cousin N.  It will be aunt's birthday, later this week, but they are leaving on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, tomorrow, and I wanted to give her a card and birthday gift before she left. 

The first item on my to do list for the day was to make a birthday card for my aunt.  One of these days, I am going to plan ahead, sit down, take my time, and make half a dozen cards to have on hand, rather than rushing around an hour or two before I need to leave, trying to put something together and hoping the glue will dry before I have to give the card!   The card was made entirely with items I had on hand - card stock and scrapbooking paper, bought on sale, several years ago; a piece of twine from a package I had received; a fabric flower from a party favor; and rhinestones bought for one of my daughter's dance costumes back when she was in high school.  The card design was inspired by a card I had received from a friend, at the end of my cancer treatments.  The card I had received had been square, with a die cut butterfly in the center.

On the way to my aunt's house, I stopped at a Japanese fast food restaurant; I had coupons for buy one, get one free rice bowls.  I was able to buy four teriyaki chicken and vegetables rice bowl for the cost of two ($13.12, with taxes); one each for aunt, cousin, cousin's husband, and myself.

I spent a lovely afternoon, visiting with my aunt and cousin (once her piano students had left).  We had lunch and sat around talking until tea time.  I left after tea.  Before I left, Aunt gave me four pairs of new pants and a pair of shoes that cousin had bought for her which aunt claimed didn't fit her.  The shoes fit me perfectly; I haven't tried on the pants, yet.  I was told I could give them away if they didn't fit.  She also gave back the containers from when I had taken her soup and egg salad, and since the custom is to not to return a container that is empty, she filled one of the containers with cookies and included a packet of wafer cookies, as well. 

After I got home, I brought in the trash cans from the curb, combed Dancer (didn't find anything on him!  Yay!), checked the mail (weekly grocery ads), watered the indoor plants, put away the laundry from yesterday,  and did another load (two knitted blankets).  I think I am getting "laundry fatigue"!

I called cousin P to check on her shoulder and friend R called to thank me again for taking her to get her shipping boxes.  Daughter called to share the good news that she's receiving a cost of living increase! 

Today, I am grateful for:
- A lovely visit with Aunt C and Cousin N
- "Buy one, get one free" discount coupons
- Daughter receiving a cost of living increase
- Electricity to run the fans and other appliances
- A safe drive to aunt's house and back

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Do a card for aunt C - DONE
- Visit aunt C - DONE
- Water the indoor plants - DONE
- Bring the trash cans in - DONE
- Put away the laundry - DONE
- Wash another blanket (or two) - DONE
- Maybe buy milk on the way back from aunt's? - WEDNESDAY
- Clean the bathrooms - WEDNESDAY

I felt too tired in the evening to clean the bathrooms.  The heatwave is on-going and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter than today was!

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Clean the bathrooms
- Buy milk
- Put away laundry
- Do another load of laundry
- Do the dishes/run the dish washer

I am going to leave the list at that, although there are at least a dozen other things I want to add to it!  I might do a few more things if I am up to it, however.

How was your Tuesday?  Are you managing to stay cool during this hot summer? 


  1. The card is really pretty Bless. It sounds like you enjoyed a lovely visit with your family and I hope they have a safe trip later this week.
    It must be a relief for you to find Dancer free from fleas (try saying that quickly!) All your diligence must be paying off. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. My aunt liked the card, very much. But, looking at the picture, I see that there is room for improvement!

      I am feeling optimistic that I caught the flea infestation in the early stages and have been able to get it under control, hopefully! I will keep combing Dancer, because there's always the chance that new eggs have hatched!

  2. It was much cooler yesterday and will be the same today. It should rain later this afternoon so I want to do all the outside things quite early, just in case.

    I have friends coming round this afternoon and we're going to play some new-to-me flute music together, which I'm really looking forward to.

    1. Oh, I'm so glad the temperature is cooler and there's rain in the forecast, too! A musical afternoon with friends sounds wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful time. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Lyssa. As I stated above, looking at the picture, I can see some room for improvement! But, I will be making this design, again.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice afternoon of visiting and leaving with some cookies is a bonus. Have you had any relief from the heat yet?

    1. It was a very nice afternoon, and aunt said she enjoyed it, too. No relief from the heat - today is going to be hotter than yesterday! 104-106F is what the forecast said. It's 10:30 a.m., now, and I have the fan on, already!

  5. The card is beautiful. Do you use a special cutting tool ? I can never get clean lines when I use scissors. 😊

    My mom also has the custom of not returning containers empty.

    1. Thank you, Nil. No special cutting tool - I drew a line with a ruler and pencil on the back and cut with a pair of scissors.

      My mother, too, would put something in when she returned a container or dish; I've passed along the custom to my daughter! :)

  6. What a pretty card. I make cards too and usually have a dozen or so ready made, also anniversary, new baby, new home, sympathy etc etc. I used to sell them at work and at the gym and have made something in the region of £1,600 for two charities (Crohns & Colitis UK, and Cancer Reasearch). However, too many demands on my time now means that I only make them for my own use. What a lovely custom to return a container with food. I like that!

    1. Thank you, Eloise. I remember you posting that you made cards for sale at the gym. I really want to take the time and make a few cards to have on hand - it seems to me that I am always making my cards at the very last minute and doing a rushed job!

  7. I love the simple elegant design of your card and you blew me away when you stated you did not have a paper slicer. If you made those straight cuts with a pair of scissors, then you could knock me over. I keep trying to come up with different card designs all the time, but when I make a card I really like I make several for my stash. I like that you save bits and bobs to use as future card embellishments. I also find everything I need at the Dollar stores.

    I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. It was cooler here today and at the moment it is pouring down rain. It is very welcome. I hope your "new to you" pants fit you well and that we can get to see what you received from your Aunt.

    1. Thank you, Susan. No, I don't have a paper slicer or even an Exacto knife. I just used a pair of scissors and you'd laugh if you saw the pair I used - it used to belong to my daughter, when she was in elementary school! :D I think I'll take a picture of them and post it.

      I'm glad your temperatures have gone down and you are getting some rain. Our heat continues. I tried on one of the pairs of pants I received from aunt and they are a little big, but it's possible that they might shrink when I wash them. I will take a picture of what I received and post it, too. :)

  8. That is such a beautiful card, and isn't it a great feeling to create something with what you have on hand and have it turn out perfectly?
    I did some laundry this morning and then went out for some groceries. Much of the afternoon kind of disappeared into a nap, after a bit of post lunch crossword puzzling. My list went to pot!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady, and yes, I love being able to use what I have on hand to make something. :)

      I'm glad you were able to indulge in a nap! Sometimes, we need that extra bit of rest! You know the list will wait until tomorrow. :)


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