Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday In Review

Today marks two weeks of being on vacation!  Wow, that went by quickly, didn't it?  The first week was bookended by the two weddings and taken up with getting the eucalyptus tree trimmed, afternoon naps, some shopping, laundry, and visiting an aunt, while enjoying daughter's company, all week.  The second week has been taken up with errands, getting the car serviced and car registration renewed, a doctor's appointment, fighting fleas, and more laundry!  I noticed that I didn't seem to need any afternoon naps during this second week!  Maybe I am feeling more rested?

Today, I slept in a bit and spent a relaxed morning, chatting with Aunt C who called to say she had just finished reading the book I had given to her ("Having Our Say - The Delaney Sisters' First 100 Years" by Sarah and A. Elizabeth Delaney with Amy Hill Hearth), checking emails, replying to blog comments, and commenting on one or two other blogs.  Then, I put away the laundry from yesterday, sprayed the sofas with flea spray, cleaned out my purse (need to remember to do this more often; I found a $5 Extra Care Bucks coupon that I had forgotten to use!), and ran errands.

First, I drove to the post office to mail the two bill payments - I had kept them in my mail box, yesterday, hoping the mail carrier will come by and collect them, but, I guess I didn't have any mail, so the mail carrier didn't actually approach my mail box, because the bills were still there, at noon, today.  So, I went to the post office and I had the postal worker date stamp the bill payments with today's date - they are not due until next week, but they'll have today's postmark, whenever they do get delivered and processed.  Yes, I know, online payments are faster; but I like to support the postal service!

Then, I drove to the bank and took out some cash, since I prefer to use cash than a credit card.  

The next stop was the pharmacy to pick up my prescription refill.  I received another $5 Extra Care Bucks coupon and, rather than let it sit in my purse and expire, I immediately redeemed it for two boxes of daughter's favorite Life cereal ($1.99 each) and a package of potato chips ($1.69); my payment was $.67.

Then, because I've been on vacation for two weeks and it felt like all I've done is run errands, I stopped by the library and checked out a book I have been wanting to read.  

New Library Book
While I was at the library, I also spoke with one of the librarians to ask her about joining the Friends of the Library (she gave me the email of the person in charge of that; I will contact her, next week) and about their Tuesday night knitting class, which meets from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. (they also run the used book sales, I was told).  I am very much a home body and I certainly don't need to get together with a group in order to knit, BUT, my daughter is worried that I won't have enough social interaction once I am retired and I had told her I'll join in a couple of things at the library.  They also have volunteer reading programs, tutoring, etc., if I want to do more (I will need to be fingerprinted, etc., and go through an interview for those activities as they involve interacting with children).   That level of commitment might be for later, however, as I am definitely not ready to fill up my days with outside activities, at this time.  First, I need to have enough time for me!  But, knitting for a couple of hours once a week (it's air conditioned in the library, so not uncomfortable to knit during the summer) would be nice.  Besides, I might be able to get some of the other knitters interested in knitting the red hats for newborns for the American Heart Association with me.  

I came home a little after 2:00 p.m. and had a yogurt for brunch, followed by the last of the grapes and some of the potato chips.  Then, I laundered one of the quilts I used to have on my bed and started on my book. 

My supervisor called me to tell me that he was processing my time sheet for this pay period and to confirm the time codes with me.  I really appreciate him doing that.  

Later, I had a cup of tea and chatted with my daughter who called to say she was home and shared the things she learned on the last day of the statistics workshop.  

Friend M came to do the garden and he very kindly sprayed the front yard and back yard, to the extent that he could, with the outdoor spray I had bought.  I am not sure just how effective just one application might be - we might need to do another application or two - but I feel happy that something has been done.  M also gave me the name of a pest control company another of his clients had used and recommended.  I shall give them a call if today's spraying isn't effective.

One of the things I had said I would do this month is attend Friday night meditation sessions at the temple.  However, I wasn't ready to attend the meditation session, today.  I am not entirely happy about that, but, I do need to keep in mind that, although I wish to do X,Y, and Z, and think I ought to be able to do so, I still tire fairly quickly, and between the heat (we were at 100+F, today, too) and the stress over the fleas, etc., I didn't have the energy to do more than what I did, today.  I don't want to push myself too much and overdo things simply because I think I should be able to accomplish certain things, and get overtired.  I think I will plan to attend next week's session and take it from there. 

I was also too tired to dust and vacuum, today.  The plan is to wake up a little earlier, tomorrow morning, and vacuum while it is still cooler.  In the meantime, I combed Dancer, today, and found only one, possibly two, fleas on him, which was a big improvement over what I had been finding in previous combing!  I am starting to feel that we might be making some progress in ridding ourselves of the fleas! 

Later in the evening, I called friend R to confirm that I will be taking her to get her shipping boxes, tomorrow.  She will come over to my house, I will take her to get the boxes, we might get something to bring home and eat, and then, I'll take her back home. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- M spraying the garden for me
- Being able to run errands
- Daughter sharing her day with me
- A new book to read
- Finding fewer fleas on Dancer!

Friday's To Do List:
- Bank - DONE
- P/U refill - DONE
- Post office - DONE
- Library - DONE
- Put away laundry - DONE
- Wash another quilt - DONE
- Spray the garden - DONE
- Dust the living room - SATURDAY
- Vacuum - SATURDAY

Saturday's To Do List:
- Dust living room
- Vacuum
- Take friend R to pick up her shipping boxes
- Maybe have lunch with her
- Drop her off at home
- Change my bedding
- More laundry!

Someone decided that the quilt draped over the drying rack made a good tent:

Dancer's "Tent"

The quilt had dripped a bit and I put towels to absorb the water; they are slightly damp and probably very cool:

Dancer "Camping"
He got up a minute or two ago, and ate some of his food, and came back to his "tent":

"Me camp out here all night!"
Yes, he's one spoilt kitty!

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Hooray for the progress on the fleas! It irks me that CVS puts expiration dates on the ECBs. I mean, they're already linked to our ExtraCare cards and we can't donate them, so why even make them expire? But at least they give us more than the 2 weeks Walgreens gives us on the Register Rewards and they don't restrict us too much in how we can use them.

    You had a busy day! Dancer is adorable.

    1. I think the ECB here are valid for just 2 weeks, because the one I received yesterday expired on 8/17/18. That's why I decided to use it right away. I need to spray the front a little more, but I didn't find anything on Dancer, when I combed him, last night. I haven't combed him, yet, today.

  2. I hope you are enjoying the book. I haven't read that one but DH and I enjoy historical novels and non-fiction, also historical programs on Netflix. We always seem to learn something new and we often follow up by googling something that is of interest for further investigation.

    DS and family are coming tomorrow and I have been preparing treats. I also got rather busy with our supper tonight as I had fetched out a couple of pieces of lamb from the freezer and decided to make a curry. It took quite a while to cut up the meat and finely chop the veggies and add specific spices according to a recipe, rather than just using curry powder. Then it simmered for a long time. It turned out well and DH was very happy as he loves curry.

    That Dancer is really smart. It probably is cooler under there with the wet quilt, and it also makes an impressive setting for a special cat, with a "canopy" over him!

    1. I read the first third of the book, last night! The book is based on the lives of Lady Jane Grey and her two sisters.

      Yum! Lamb curry! Hope you have a wonderful visit with DS and family.

      Ha, ha, Dancer says he's always fancied having a canopy bed! :D

  3. I’ve read that fleas can hatch every two weeks so you may want to spray in two weeks if the product you used only kills live fleas. The exterminator sounds like a wise investment to ensure you’re free of those little pests.

    1. The product label says it kills the eggs and larva, as well, but, yes, regular applications will be the best way to go for the next several weeks!


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