Sunday, August 12, 2018

Saturday: Still Too Hot to Trot

It was supposed to have been cooler, today, but it was still hot!  I have been seated in front of the fan, most of the day, not wanting to move, let alone vacuum!  Dancer has been trying to keep cool under the laundry rack:

Cool Cat!

Friend R called in the morning; apparently she is having some plumbing problems (leaky kitchen sink), so she's waiting on the plumber to come.  She hadn't noticed the leak (no water on the kitchen floor), but the tenants in the apartment below her had complained to the management and they had contacted her.  She said she called me because she needed to tell someone and her children (back in Sri Lanka) would be sleeping due to the time difference.  So, I commiserated with her and we chatted a bit; I asked if she was OK for lunch and she said, yes.  We rang off after promising to call again, later.

I put away the laundry from yesterday and did three more loads, including the dust sheets from the family room sofas as part of the ongoing war against the fleas.  I should probably remove the sofa cushion covers and wash them, too.  In the next go around.

My washing machine was purchased back in 1992; it is still going strong!  The turning knob for the wash cycle dial is broken and I turn it with my fingers; sometimes, the machine stops midway through the cycle and I need to open and close the door to get it started, again (there is a plastic pin on the inside of the door that triggers the washer mechanism to start), or, occasionally, poke at the mechanism with a chopstick I keep nearby to get it going;  and, every now and then, I need to do a second spin cycle to remove all the water from the clothes (especially when I do big loads).  But it is still handling all the laundry I keep throwing at it!

The afternoon was too hot to do anything, other than laundry and doing a blog post!  That's my excuse for not vacuuming, although I really need to vacuum, tomorrow.  I did finish cleaning my bathroom and I dusted the dining room.  The dishes were washed, too, and the kitchen counters and stove top wiped.  I took the recycling to the big bin outside, combed Dancer, and will do his litter box before I go to bed.

In between, I watched various programs on TV, mostly cooking shows, and I read a little.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being the type of friend my friends feel OK to call when they need a sympathetic ear.
- My washing machine - still going after 26 years!
- Fans to help me stay cool
- Electricity to run the appliances
- Texting and video chatting with my daughter

Saturday's To Do List:
- Finish cleaning the bathroom - DONE
- Vacuum
- More laundry - DONE (3 loads)
- Paperwork
- Dishes - DONE
- Dust dining room - DONE
- Wipe kitchen counters & stove top - DONE

Sunday's To Do List:
- Put away the laundry
- Change my bed sheets
- Launder bed sheets

I have other things I would like to do, but I am not going to list them all and overwhelm myself.  The vacuuming and changing the bed sheets will be the two main tasks

How was your Saturday?  Did you have a good day?


  1. I noticed the humidity as soon as I got off the plane! It was hot while I was in England too. Luckily here we do have a window air conditioner, though I haven't been outside in it much

    1. Welcome back, Sharon! Enjoy the heat while you can! Before winter returns! I, too, have a window a/c, which I haven't turned on, because I don't like to do so until it gets to 90F inside the house! Today, it was "only" 86F.

  2. Dancer has the right idea. During our hot spell Mog was usually to be found in my bedroom which is the warmest room in the house! When I had my dog he would always lie on the kitchen tiles as they were nice and cool. X

    1. He does have the right idea. He thinks I'm crazy for wanting to clean the house when it is so hot! LOL!

  3. I'm not sure how old our washing machine is, but we were very happy to get an older model when we moved to our new house. It works better than our previous much newer model. I think it's true. They don't make things like they used to.

    I hope there is a break in the heat soon for you. We've had many days in the 90's for a while now, but we have AC. I just limit my outdoor activities to the mornings and evenings. The only problem with this is that is when all of the mosquitoes are out. With the extra rain this summer, we've had a bumper crop.

    1. This is our break in the heat, right now, Live and Learn. The mid-90s. We are told to enjoy it while we can, because we will be back in the upper 90s/low 100s, by the weekend! :D September is usually the hottest month and the 90s will continue to mid-October. Then, it will cool down and you'll hear me complain about how cold it is! LOL!

  4. Dancer looks so cute! (and I hope it cools off soon for you. That is amazing about your washing machine! It probably cleans better than our modern energy efficient ones! I hope you can keep it forever! Andrea

    1. Dancer probably spends 20 hours of the day, sleeping! And another 3 hours cat-napping! LOL!

      It won't cool off until October. Tomorrow will be the coolest day this week with temps. of 90F; after that, the forecast says it will heat up again to the upper 90s/low 100F by the weekend.

      The washing machine is on, as I type - doing the bed sheets that were on my bed. After that, I plan to do the kitchen rugs/bath mats. It's a good machine; my daughter would like me to get a new one because the knob is broken and it acts up, on occasion. But I keep putting off buying a new one!

  5. Good for you keeping your washing machine going all that time. They were better made back then anyway.

    I went to church in the morning and this afternoon was fairly lazy although I did send an e-mail that needed a bit of research first. We ate supper in the gazebo as we have a new (used) wooden table that I got in a yard sale yesterday and DH stabilized it as it was wobbly. It is perfect now. A good $5 worth!

    1. I'm glad you had a restful Sunday afternoon, Bushlady. Aren't Sundays supposed to be days of rest, anyway? The new table sounds like it was an excellent buy and supper in the gazebo sounds wonderful. Hope you didn't get bothered by the mosquitoes!

  6. I would keep the washer as long as it is still working well. When I needed a new dryer a few years ago, my husband and I were convinced by the salesman that it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of a sale offer to replace both the washer and the dryer with matching appliances. Since I wanted to SOMEDAY replace the washer with an energy saver that also used less detergent and water (front loader), we agreed. There was nothing wrong with the washer I had, so we gave it away to someone who could use it. I have always wondered if it is still going strong. It was second hand when WE acquired it.

    In that kind of heat it is enough for you to sit in front of the fans and maybe do a little crafting or reading and trying to stay cooler and hydrated. Either forget the vacuuming or turn on that a/c unit.

    1. I should probably put in for a service call to have the washer and the dryer looked at - I bought them both at the same time, but the dryer isn't heating up (still tumbles, but no heat!) I wonder if the vent hose needs cleaning (probably does). The service call is $100, just for them to come out and take a look, but, that's still cheaper than a new washer/dryer, isn't it?

      Today is a much cooler day! Only 80F inside the house at 12:30 p.m. I still haven't turned on the fan! I should take advantage of the fact and do some housework, instead of being on the computer! :D


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