Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday's Accomplishments

I went to bed a little after 3:30 a.m., last night and woke up at 11:00 a.m., today, when my neighbor T called for our Sunday morning chat!  Needless to say, I didn't do much during the remainder of the morning.  One of my friends had sent an email and I read and responded to it; then, replied to blog comments, and read and commented on a couple of other blogs.

In the afternoon, I put away the laundry from yesterday, hand washed a few items, and washed the last quilt that I had on my bed.  I have now washed both blankets and both quilts I used to have on my bed, and one blanket and one quilt that were on my daughter's bed.  I still have one more quilt and three more knitted/crocheted blankets to wash!

In the evening, after tea, I vacuumed the house.  I had put a new vacuum cleaner bag and, after I finished, I tossed the bag, even though there was hardly anything in it, just in case there were any fleas or eggs.  I had worn a pair of white socks and my eye glasses while I vacuumed so I could easily see if anything got on my socks, but I didn't notice anything, so I am cautiously optimistic!  Nevertheless, I sprayed the sofas, the area rugs, and the drapes, put new dust sheets on the family room sofas, and laundered the old dust sheets. 

In between, I read several more chapters from the library book and video chatted with my daughter, except the video part didn't work - it hasn't been working for the past several days, actually, with the video freezing; so it is more like a phone conversation, which isn't quite as satisfying, because we can't see each other.

Today, I am grateful for:
- The washing machine can handle queen size quilts
- The one large drying rack can accommodate the queen size quilts
- It is hot enough for the quilts to air dry in a day
- Leftovers from yesterday's lunch out for today's lunch
- Fans to help cool the air during this current heatwave!

Sunday's To Do List:
- Vacuum - DONE
- Change my bed sheets - MONDAY
- Change the sofa dust covers - DONE
- Put away the dried laundry - DONE
- Do additional loads of laundry - DONE
- Paperwork - MONDAY

Monday's To Do List:
- Change my bed sheets
- Put away laundry
- Do more laundry
- Paperwork
- Appointment with financial planner
- Clean out the fridge
- Take trash cans to the curb
- Water the indoor plants
- Check and spray the front walkway again if needed

So, that was my Sunday.  How was your Sunday?  Did you have a good weekend?  What are your plans for Monday?   


  1. I didn't do much yesterday as I was tired after my poorly episode on Saturday, but I did clear a space in the living room for the delivery I'm expecting today. I'm stuck at home waiting for the new tiles for the bathroom and ensuite to be delivered - I had to take the delivery early so that I could get the sale price. Everything else will be delivered when I get back from my holiday at the end of August.

    Glad to hear that you may have conquered the flea problem indoors at least. Washing quilts and blankets is hard work at the best of times but at least you are able to get them dry in a day. You'll feel good about it once you've got them all done, clean and fresh and packed away.

    1. Sorry you were tired, Eileen, but glad you took it relatively easy. I hope the tiles were delivered without any difficulty; the early delivery is worth it if you were able to take advantage of a sale price, I'm sure.

      Washing the blankets and quilts was on my to do list for this summer, anyway, but the flea situation just sort of kicked it to a higher gear! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we've got the fleas under control. I just have to be careful not to bring any in from outside, until the situation outside is also taken care of. Need to call a pest control service, this week.

      Hope you have a good day, today.

  2. It sounds as if you are fully enjoying retirement! Andrea

    1. I've certainly had enough things to do to keep me from being bored! LOL. I am hoping that, eventually, the days will fall into a nice, easy routine and there will be more time to sit and relax!

  3. Fleas are awful! Malevolent cat was allergic to fleas and we could tell when we were getting affected because her lips swelled up as if they had had filler. How is Dancer doing? WS x

    1. Dancer is doing OK. He now knows what it means when he sees me coming with the bowl of water and flea comb! He is liking being combed less and less. I keep threatening to give him a bath if he doesn't allow me to comb him - I bathed him once, several years ago, when he had fleas, and it is an experience we'd both rather not repeat, I'm sure!

  4. You reminded me to water my indoor plants again. They were so dried out when I returned last Sunday night, I watered them generously; but with the heat of the past week, I found the soil had dried out again. I also changed out my bed sheets and washed up 3 loads of laundry including one of my queen sized comforters which I hadn't put away in storage yet. It dried up quickly on the line, so I folded and put everything away before the end of the day.

    Basically I stayed working in the kitchen this weekend with the a/c on and a fan blowing across me while I worked at the stove. Not ideal but I like to cook ahead when the hydro rates are at their lowest. I had my son and his wife over for dinner last night so made my moussaka and baked it outside in my electric roaster. I got to see all the photos that their photographer had taken of their wedding day. So beautiful.

    1. Indoor plants dry out quickly when it is hot, don't they? I water them once a week and that seems just right. I don't have that many indoor plants and I have to keep them on top of tall shelves, out of Dancer's reach, as he tries to eat them!

      You did a lot of work over the weekend! I, too, have a fan on the kitchen counter and turn it on when I am in the kitchen! I haven't been cooking, much, however, since it is so hot! How wonderful that you were able to see the wedding photos, so quickly! I'm sure they all looked very lovely.

      Hope your week is off to a good start, Susan.


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