Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Keeping Cool on Monday

Last night, before I went to bed, I did a little paperwork, even though I had planned to put it off till today, and gathered the papers I needed to take to my appointment with the financial planner, because it was bothering me that I hadn't done it and I couldn't fall asleep with it on my mind!  Sometimes, it is easier to just do it than worry if I will have enough time to attend to it, later!  This morning, I woke up when the alarm went off at 9:00 a.m., and felt relaxed, because I had got my papers together, the night before (well, very early in the morning).

A short while later, my cousin P called.  Apparently, she was having tendinitis in her shoulder and had made an appointment with her doctor.  She said she had tried to get Access transit to take her, but they needed 24-hour notice and, although, they are sometimes able to fit in a same day transport, they were fully booked, today.  So, I asked her how she was getting to the doctor's and she said her husband will take her.  I would have offered to take her, but I had my own appointment scheduled for 1:00 p.m. and I didn't want to be late.

After I spoke with my cousin P, I called Aunt C to ask if I could come to see her, tomorrow.   She will be going to France on a pilgrimage, later this week, and I wanted to drop off something, including a birthday gift for her.

Then, I checked my emails, responded to a couple of emails and emailed my daughter, responded to blog comments, and commented on a couple of other blogs.

By which time, it was almost noon and I had to rush a bit to get dressed to go to my 1:00 p.m. appointment!  I was glad I had gathered my papers together last night!

I got to my appointment on time and met with the financial planner to go over a couple of things, pertaining to my retirement planning.  Afterwards, she invited me to stay and have lunch with her, as the company had ordered in Middle Eastern food for everyone and there was a lot of food.  Over lunch, we chatted about ourselves, our children, my pre-retirement vacation, her recent vacation, etc.  I've been with this particular financial planner for the last 4 years, or so.  Prior to that, I was the client of one of her partners.  Unfortunately, he was killed in a car accident and that's when I was reassigned to my current FP.  We work well together, so I have stayed with her.

After I got home, I washed the quilt from daughter's bed.  Then, Dancer decided that the floor of the laundry closet (it is not big enough to be called a room, it is the size of a large closet) was the coolest spot in the house for him to nap:

Sleepy Cat

Of course, he heard me taking a picture of him, and raised his head (but his eyes are still closed):

"What?  I'm too sleepy to open my eyes, OK?"

A couple of minutes later:


I called cousin P back, in the evening, to ask her how her appointment went, but she didn't pick up the phone, so I left her a message.

My daughter called when she got home, and we chatted for a bit.  Then, I made a cup of tea.  I was having my tea when Aunt T called for a chat.  I owe her a visit!

Later in the evening, I cleaned out the fridge, emptied the waste baskets, took the kitchen trash out, and took the big trash can to the curb for trash pick up in the morning.  I also sprayed the area in front of my front door, again.  I had dressed all in white again; this time, I didn't get as many fleas on my long white skirt, but there were a few.  I am using the indoor spray, since I finished the outdoor spray.  I need to buy another container of outdoor spray and ask M to spray again, the next time he comes to do the garden (next week, as he is on vacation, this week).  In the meantime, I am hoping the indoor spray will be effective.

As soon as I came in, I removed the white clothes and did a mini load and hung them up to dry.  I also sprayed the family room sofas, again, just in case.  While the spray dried, I sat in the living room and went through the mail and played the piano, a little bit.  One of the things I'd like to do once things have settled down a little bit is to learn to play one or two songs, properly, meaning, following actual piano music, as opposed to picking out a song by ear and fitting in a few chords to go with it!  I did take piano lessons when I was a child and I can manage to read music (although I flounder a bit with the notes below middle C and more than an octave above it!)  I have my daughter's music books from when she learned to play and I can give myself a refresher course.  If I get stuck, both cousin N, and my neighbor S across the street, teach music; they will both help me, I'm sure.

Then, I put away the quilt that I laundered in the afternoon, remade my bed with sheets from the linen cupboard, and washed the sheets I had been using.  They will dry overnight.  I am glad I have two sets of summer sheets for my bed (the third set is flannel, for the winter), so I can alternate between the two.  In the winter, when I wash the flannel sheets, I put one of the summer sheets on the bed, but I can't imagine putting the flannel sheets on the bed in the summer!

Cousin P called back in the evening and we chatted for a bit.  She saw the doctor and he had given her an injection and told her to ice her shoulder, take ibuprofen, and switch to a lighter purse!

Still later, I video chatted with daughter (again, the video froze after the first few minutes, and, at one point, the audio stopped working, too, but it came back).  I was complaining to her that I was too busy with errands, cleaning, and laundry, during my so-called vacation/retirement, and she was laughing at me.  She asked me what I expected and I said, "Lie on the sofa, read, watch TV, relax", and she laughed even harder!  She said it was my fault for postponing so many things to do after retirement!  She might have a point, there!

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being where I am, financially
- My washing machine
- Phone calls with family
- My daughter
- Time in which to do things

Monday's To Do List:
- Change my bed sheets - DONE
- Put away laundry - DONE
- Do more laundry - DONE
- Paperwork - DONE
- Appointment with financial planner - DONE
- Clean out the fridge - DONE
- Take trash cans to the curb - DONE
- Water the indoor plants - TUESDAY
- Check and spray the front walkway again if needed - DONE

I got most of my to do list done, today.  I didn't get to watering the indoor plants, but I am tired, now, and I don't want to climb on the stepstool to water them, because accidents tend to happen when I am tired!  The plants can wait one more day.

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Do a card for aunt C
- Visit aunt C
- Water the indoor plants
- Bring the trash cans in
- Put away the laundry
- Wash another blanket (or two)
- Maybe buy milk on the way back from aunt's? 
- Clean the bathrooms

Today, it was over 100F where I am.  Tomorrow, too, it will be 100F.  I still haven't turned on the room a/c, but I might turn it on, one of these afternoons!

How was your Monday?  What have you planned for Tuesday?


  1. Learning the piano is one of my goals. Although I play and teach brass and woodwind I never had the opportunity to learn the piano. I started teaching myself some years ago, was doing well but then had to put it to one side when I became a carer for my late partner and simply didn't have the time or the energy. I've had a few half hearted attempts since he died but life keeps getting in the way. Now I've retired I've decided that there really is no excuse and will make the time to do some daily practice. It's now or never!

    1. Now you have me humming that song, "It's Now or Never" in my best Elvis Presley imitation! LOL!

      I hope you will be able to get back to learning the piano. I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time at all, since you already know to play other instruments. I am looking on learning to play as a way to exercise my brain! :)

  2. Dancer seems to know how to relax. Sometimes I look to my cats for tips on relaxing when I'm wound up. They seem to have it down to a Tee.

    1. Oh, cats have mastered the art of relaxing, haven't they? We can definitely learn a thing or two from them!

  3. Replies
    1. That he is, Nil. He sleeps in some strange positions and I wonder how that can be comfortable, but he seems to be quite happy!

  4. Although I tend to procrastinate where housekeeping is concerned (it remains a job that is always there), I do like to be prepared for appointments and events. It would have bothered me as well if I did not have all my ducks in a row before going to bed the night before the appointment with the financial advisor. Anything could have happened in the morning to keep you from being ready and I don't like taking that chance.

    Dancer looks so comfortable on that cool tile floor. I once had a cat long ago who used to curl up in the bathroom sink when the temperatures got really warm. I guess the cold porcelain was just the ticket for staying cool.

    1. Yes, being prepared the night before is best. Sometimes, I think I'll have plenty of time in the morning, and, invariably, I have other things to do or I oversleep and then, I am rushed and unprepared!

      Poor Dancer says it is hard to be wearing a fur coat when it is 90+ inside the house!

  5. Obviously Dancer thinks he is being helpful by sleeping where the fleas can't get onto furniture! Or maybe it really is just that he finds it cooler there.
    That is a wonderful idea to get into more piano playing and I wish you well with it.

    We had a lovely visit with our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter and they stayed a couple of nights since there is no school yet. The weather behaved so that they were able to enjoy the beach for 3 days! DS and DDIL went down there again on Sunday evening and saw a shooting star, but yesterday evening we all played an interesting board game which kept us up quite late until unexpectedly I won!

    1. Poor Dancer keeps moving around the house, looking for the "cool" spots - the brick fire place hearth, the tiled bathroom floor, the vinyl laundry floor, etc.

      Thank you, Bushlady; I hope the piano playing will be a good hobby.

      Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your family. Your granddaughter is going to have so many lovely memories of her summer holidays, visiting Grandma and Grandpa. :)

  6. I am exhausted reading that list! I'm sure Dancer is finding the good spots. If you need to know the best place to sit, first move the cat! WS x

    1. There's so much that needs doing, Lyssa, but I am trying to pace myself. Very true about cats knowing the best places in which to sit! LOL.

  7. That sounds like a very busy Monday. People often say that they are busier than ever in retirement.

    1. I've certainly found things to keep myself occupied, these past two weeks! My cousin asked me if I missed going to work and my answer was, "No"!


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