Saturday, August 11, 2018


Today marks three weeks since the start of my vacation!  I know I've done things, but I feel like I haven't accomplished half of what I had wanted to do during this time!

Cousin P's phone call woke me up, this morning.  She wanted to know if I had a stamp I could give her to mail a payment; I said yes and she came over right away.  I gave her two stamps, just in case she needed an extra one before she could go to the post office. 

Then, I had my morning coffee and replied to blog comments.   Later, I called to r.s.v.p. an invitation to a friend's 66th birthday.  They are doing a Route 66 theme!  So, of course, I am already thinking of how to incorporate the theme into the card I will make!  I have some road map themed scrapbook paper, but its not specifically about Route 66.  I wonder if I can cut up part of the invitation and incorporate it into the card, or would that be tacky?

In the afternoon, I did a load of laundry and a bit of this and a bit of that.   But very little that was on my to do list!

Later in the evening, I went to the temple to participate in the Friday evening meditation session.  I spoke with friend R before I left to ask if she wanted to go, too, but she had just come home from work and was tired.  The meditation session was nice.  I took a package of cookies I had bought some time ago and the package of wafers Aunt C had given me.  I made friends with a Cuban American lady who was also participating in the meditation session.  She had visited Sri Lanka recently and was telling me all about her visit, about the fresh fruits she enjoyed and drinking fresh King Coconut water (King Coconut have an orange colored outer husk and is considered the best type of coconut for drinking).

After I came home, I turned on the sprinklers at the back to water the back yard and video chatted with daughter.   I also watched "South Pacific" on one of the public channels on TV.  I have the VHS tape of it, but I enjoyed watching it on TV, too.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being on vacation
- Laundry drying quickly in the heat
- Being able to participate in the Friday evening meditations
- A visit from cousin P
- Having sprinklers to water the back yard.

Friday's To Do List:
- Clean the bathroom - STARTED
- Laundry - DONE
- More paperwork/filing - DID SOME
- RSVP a birthday party invite I received - DONE
- Some tidying and dusting - DONE
- Water the back garden - DONE
- Temple for Friday meditations - DONE

Saturday's To Do List:
- Finish cleaning the bathroom
- Vacuum
- More laundry
- Paperwork
- Dishes

I am going to keep Saturday's to do list short.  They are forecasting a cooler day, tomorrow.  Cooler as in being only 95F! 

How was your Friday?  What are your weekend plans? 


  1. I don't think it would be tacky to include part of the invitation in the card. That would make the card a special memento because it did include part of the invitation.

    I guess it's a new mindset you're still working on, but after this vacation, you will still have a lot of time to accomplish things, so you don't need to worry about what's still on your list. From my perspective, you're getting a lot done every day, at a nice pace. Enjoy it all. :)

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn; I will incorporate part of the invitation. I actually did that with another card I made! One of my nieces in Australia sent me an invite to her wedding and the couple's names were printed on a small square of card stock that was mounted on the front of the invitation; I included that piece with their names in the card I made to go with my wedding gift to them.

      Yes, I think I was expecting miracles, or, at least, seriously underestimating how long it would take me to do everything that needs to be done! I am hampered by the heat - that's my excuse! We'll go with that, shall we? And, I am going at things at a relaxed pace. I'm taking lots of breaks to play online, read, watch TV, etc. I shouldn't grumble. :)

  2. Time flies when you're having fun! And sometimes just if you're really busy. We're three weeks (halfway) into our Sumer break now and I'm left wondering where the time has gone. It will be haircuts and new school shoe fitting appointments before I know it.
    The birthday sounds fun. X

    1. Jules, time does fly when you are doing things! I know you are doing lots of fun things with your daughter; enjoy the time together. How much longer do you have before school starts again?

  3. Bless, you are enjoying your retirement. So don't stress too much about not getting things done. When I look at your to-do list it's clear that you've done a lot.

    Sometimes I day dream about my retirement. Heheee. Unless I win a lottery, mine is far away, but still it's nice to think about what I'd do.... 😀

    1. Thank you, Nil; I am being impatient, aren't I? In my mind, retirement always meant a time in which to relax and do my crafts to my heart's content, as well as getting my house organized. I've much I want to do, but I need to do baby steps, because I don't have the energy to do more, especially in this heat!

  4. Your scrap-booking/card making supplies are very well organized. I was amazed to see that your round box is exactly the same pattern as a hexagonal box that I have on the shelf in my closet, with some soaps in it!

    I only ever did one scrapbook, for the benefit of my mother who was in a care home and had dementia. I thought it would be a good way for her to remember important people and events in her life and also give the staff a better idea of who she was. I enlsrged some old photos to use at the beginning and when I gave it to her, she opened to the first page and exclaimed, "that's my mother!" (She and her siblings lost both parents at a young age.) After Mom died, I was able to take the book back with me and I have since shown it to DGD, who was interested to see that I had included her parents and even herself as a baby.

    1. Bushlady, the round box is covered with some gift wrapping paper that I had, and then, sealed with decoupage medium. I made a second box like that and there's another one with some stickers decoupaged on it (back when I was into decoupage!)

      What a wonderful idea to make a scrapbook for your mother! And how lovely that you have it to share with your granddaughter. It will be a family heirloom for her, I'm sure.

  5. I laughed when I read your first statement. It has been eight years since I retired and I still make the same comment all of the time. Obviously I still haven't got used to how long something is going to take to accomplish. I set up a daily to-do list for Monday and it generally takes me a week or more to do it all. At least I get to pick and choose according to my energy levels or by priority.

    To answer your question about making a card, someone else made a wedding card for my son and his wife using part of their invitation. They were thrilled with it. She had designed her own wedding invitation and was touched by the fact that someone loved it so much, they thought to include it in their design of a homemade card. It would not be tacky at all.

    1. Susan, I hope and pray that I will live long enough to say, "it's been eight years since I retired"! Especially after the cancer diagnosis, I am more aware than ever that the future is uncertain. I probably have enough crafts supplies and things to do for at least another 10 years! LOL!

      Thank you for sharing that information about the card your son and DIL received. I did use a bit of a niece's wedding invite, which had their names printed, on the card I made for them. So, I shall do the same with this invite and incorporate it into the card I'll make. Now, I just need to look at some card designs to get an idea!


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