Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Curry Puffs and Goodbyes on Monday

Today, I woke up with a headache that lingered all day, even after a nap.  It finally went away after I took some Tylenol for it.  I think I might have been dehydrated, or, the weekend's activities and a lack of sleep just sort of caught up with me.

In the morning, I cooked the ground beef I had bought, yesterday, and made curry puffs so daughter could take some for her lunches, this week.

Ground Beef Mixture
I added finely diced onions and celery and grated carrots to the ground beef, along with curry powder, chili powder, curry leaves that I cut into fine strips, salt to taste, etc.  Then, I mixed in the leftover mashed potatoes I had in the fridge. 

I placed a heaping table spoon of the ground beef mixture in the center of squares of frozen puff pastry that had been thawed.  The pastry is then folded over to form triangles with the meat filling inside and sealed by pressing the tines of a fork along the edges:

Filling and Folding the Pastry

After they were made, I placed them on foil lined baking sheets and brushed the tops of the pastries with some milk, before putting them in a 350F oven for about 20 minutes to bake.  It was finally cool enough to turn on the oven, today, in order to bake them!

Curry puffs ready to go in the oven

I took a picture of the baked curry puffs, too, but, for some reason, that picture is taking its own sweet time to upload!

All too soon, it was time to take my daughter to the airport.  Her flight was at 3:00 p.m.; I dropped her off at the airport by 2:00 p.m.  After I came home, I replied to my blog comments and commented on a couple of blogs.

After daughter called to say she boarded her flight, I took a nap.  I woke up once, when she called to say she arrived at the other end, and again, when she called to say she reached her apartment.  But I went back to sleep, each time and woke up at 7:00 p.m.!  All in all, I slept for almost 4 hours! 

Later, I emptied the waste baskets, took the trash cans out to the curb, watered the front garden, put away the laundry and dishes from yesterday, and did another load of laundry.  Afterwards, I video chatted very briefly with daughter.  She said she ate two curry puffs for her dinner; I'm glad she didn't have to worry about cooking a meal after she got back to her apartment.

Today,, I am grateful for:
- Daughter had a safe flight back
- I was able to send some food back with her 
- Tylenol!
- An afternoon nap
- Cooler temperatures

Monday's To Do List:
- Call and make a doctor's appointment (new referral)
- Call primary care clinic (pharmacy claims they never received the refill authorization) 
- Take daughter to the airport - DONE
- Cook the ground beef I bought - DONE
- Take the trash cans to the curb - DONE
- Water the front garden - DONE
- Put away the laundry - DONE
- Change the sofa dust covers
- Do another load of laundry - DONE
- Empty the dishwasher and dish drainer - DONE
- Buy a gift for neighbor T

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Call and make a doctor's appointment (new referral)
- Call primary care clinic (pharmacy claims they never received the refill authorization)
- Change the sofa dust covers
- Buy a gift for neighbor T
- Put away laundry/Do another load
- Paperwork/filing
- Bring the trash cans in
- Attend the knitting group?

How was your Monday?  Did you have a good day?


  1. Bless, those curry puffs look delicious! Seeing your photo reminds me that I have some puff pastry in the freezer -- seems like I ought to put it to good use!

    I too frequently feel gratitude for pain killers, ibuprofen in my case. I'm glad your headache went away and that your daughter made it safely back to her apartment.

    1. Thank you, Laura. I buy the puff pastry when it goes on sale and keep in the freezer. They come in handy when I want to make something like the curry puffs or sausage rolls.

      I have ibuprofen, too; I try to go without pain killers, but, occasionally, I have to give in and take something.

  2. Those look nice. Sorry you had to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. Hopefully she'll be back to visit soon! Did she have to show them food at the airport? Last year when I was flying back from England they wanted to see all the food I had - wasn't any fun pulling out all the chocolate bars I'd bought last minute at the airport lol. This year I had them all separated and they didn't want to see them. On my way over this year the security told us to separate all food. Sometimes I think they make it up as they go along lol

    1. Daughter's next visit will be for Thanksgiving, Sharon, unless something comes up that will require her to come down before that. She only has carry on luggage with her and that goes through the TSA checkpoint without any problems; as long as she doesn't have any liquid items. So, no jams or chutneys or, even, peanut butter! I think they are more particular about food items on international flights than in-state/domestic flights. I know they used to always ask about food items I had when I used to fly back from Sri Lanka and that was well before TSA, back in the 80s and 90s.

  3. No wonder you needed a long afternoon nap...cooking all morning and then doing some domestic chores later on. That must have been a very refreshing nap. I also took a nap yesterday with the full intention of getting stuff done last night. Never happened. Also, even with all that napping, I still slept in until 9 this morning. I've got some catching up to do. Ha.

    1. The only problem with long afternoon naps is they mess up my already messed up sleep cycle! It was 4:00 a.m. before I got to bed, last night, and I know I didn't fall asleep right away, either. Then, I slept till 10:00 a.m. :)


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