Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday -

I woke up at 9:00 a.m. (after going to sleep at 3:30 a.m.) when the first alarm went off , but went back to sleep to wait for the second alarm which was set to go off at 9:30 a.m.  Dancer's plaintive meowing woke me up around 9:15 a.m.; he was wanting his breakfast!  Yes, he is a spoilt kitty!  So, I got up, turned off the nightlight and the fan, turned on the altar lights, turned off the porch lights, and fed the kitties - Dancer and the garden cats, too.  Did I mention spoilt kitties?

Then, I spoke with daughter who called to wish me a good morning, had a cup of coffee, and eased into my day, reading and commenting on a few blogs.  I commented on some of the blogs I regularly read and comment on and on a couple of blogs I've mostly read, but not commented on regularly before.  I'll consider that as part of my "participate in the blogging community" segment of my monthly balanced life goals.  Later, I spoke with neighbor T who called for our Sunday chat

It was another warm day.  Mid-90s (95F), outside, but "only" 86F inside (yesterday, it had been 88F inside).  Tomorrow will be our coolest day this week, at only 90F, according to the forecast.  After that, we will warm up again, to the upper 90s/low 100s by the weekend! 

Yesterday, I felt a little overwhelmed.  I needed to do more house cleaning, the laundry was never ending, I discovered two fleas, it was hot, and I didn't have the energy to do all that needed to be done.

Today, I felt a little better.  I procrastinated as long as I dared to, playing online, reading my library book, phoning my friends, etc., but, eventually, I vacuumed the house in the afternoon, and nothing jumped onto my long, pale lilac skirt!  (I wore my reading glasses while I vacuumed and checked my skirt every few minutes!).  After which I tossed the new vacuum cleaner bag and took a shower to cool off!  Then, I rested a bit and had a yogurt for brunch.  Later, after tea, I changed my bed sheets and put new sheets, then, laundered the sheets that had been on the bed.  They are hanging up to dry.  I also laundered the kitchen rug and the old towels I put on the floor for Dancer to sleep on. 

There's another quilt and blanket to wash and then, daughter's bed sheets.  But, after that, the washing of the quilts and blankets will be over and they will be stored until needed in the fall and winter.  Then, all the laundry that will need to be done will be the bed sheets, the sofa dust sheets, and my regular laundry!  Oh, and two hand knitted sweaters that have to be washed by hand and rolled in towels and spread out flat to dry! 

I called friend A to check on her and her husband (he will be undergoing surgery for prostate cancer, next week).  I also called friend R to see if the plumber came to fix her kitchen sink; she said he stopped by but said he'll come again, tomorrow, to do the actual work. 

For dinner, I cooked some broccoli that is starting to turn yellow and added the last of the beef steak, cut into thin slices, to make a sort of broccoli and beef dish and cooked some rice to go with it:

Dinner: Broccoli, Beef, and Rice 
There's enough leftover for another meal, which I'll have for dinner, tomorrow.  After that, I won't eat anymore beef or broccoli until after my colonoscopy.  I have another head of broccoli, turning yellow in my fridge - I might have to cook it and freeze it.

Today, I am grateful for:
- A very slightly cooler day
- Getting the vacuuming done
- Chatting on the phone with friends
- Not feeling quite as overwhelmed
- Being able to get the laundry done

Sunday's To Do List:
- Put away the laundry - DONE
- Change my bed sheets - DONE
- Launder bed sheets - DONE
- Launder rugs and old towels - DONE

Monday's To Do List:
- Put away the laundry
- Wash the crocheted blanket
- Wash the quilt
- Take the trash cans out
- Do some shopping?
- Clean my bedroom

How was your Sunday?  What have you planned for Monday?  Are you getting tired of reading all about my laundry?


  1. Bless, it's a good sign that you found no fleas when vacuuming. I hope you got rid of them all.

    It's very hot and humid here too. I can't wait to have cooler weather.

    1. Thanks, Nil; that's what I am hoping, but it takes about 20 days for the eggs to hatch, so I need to keep up with the vacuuming, spraying, and laundry, just in case there are still some eggs waiting to hatch! At least I now have all the time in the world to do the cleaning!

      I hope it cools off quickly for you. It's not quite that humid, here; I think it is worse when it is humid!

      Is this week the last week before you return to work? I hope you are enjoying your time off.

  2. I think most kitties are spoiled. They don't give you much choice. :)

    1. Very true, Live and Learn. :) I was allowed to sleep in, today, though! For which, I am very grateful! LOL!

  3. I like doing the laundry for some strange reason, but I suppose if I did it every single day (2 and 3 loads at a time) I might quickly get tired of it. As it is, I usually only wash after 7 PM or on weekends and hang it out during the good weather. I enjoy the routine, mind-numbing act of folding clothes and putting them away. It is a quiet, non-physical task that requires no thought at all. I guess that is why I like it. Now vacuuming....that's a different story. I hope this may be the end of it for you, for a little while anyways.

    1. Susan, in general, I don't mind doing laundry. After all, all I have to do is load the machine and turn the knobs and it does all the work for me! It's not like I have to draw water from the well and cut firewood to heat it up in the fireplace and scrub everything by hand! Or haul it all to the river to beat on the rocks! LOL. I have washed everything, including sheets and towels, by hand in a bathtub, a long time ago, when we tried to save money by not using the washing machine and drive up the electric bill - oh, the "good old days" of when my family first came to the States! But, normally, I do 2-3 loads a week, not 2-3 loads a day! More than the laundry, it was the fact that I can't relax my guard with the fleas. But, now that the winter blankets and quilts are more or less washed and put away, it will be only the bed sheets and dust sheets, and the regular laundry, so, I'm thinking a load or two, 2-3 times a week should be fine.

      I need to keep up with the vacuuming too - I used to try to do it once a week, but sometimes, it would be once every 10 days; now, I need to do it every 3-4 days! It's expensive, too, because I used to be able to use the same vacuum cleaner bag until it got full, but now, with the potential fleas and flea eggs, I need to throw the bags after just one use. I'm telling myself it's OK, at least I can afford to do so without too much of a financial hardship.

      Just do it, Bless, don't think about it too much!

  4. I wonder if you had thought of putting a moth ball inside the vacuum cleaner bag to kill any fleas that might get picked up? It would save you putting the bags out in the garbage before they are more full. I put a couple in the central vac canister in case the odd wee spider or other critter gets picked up.

    Really hot and humid today. I don't get too enthusiastic about housework when it is like that. I did get two small loads of laundry on the line.

    Oh, I saw a bear today when I was coming back from town! It crossed at the intersection farther up the road, and was headed our way, but haven't seen it since. It was only the size of a large dog, perfectly black and slim. No sign of mama bear, and I think it is old enough to be alone. I hope so!

    1. Bushlady, no, I hadn't thought of moth balls! I didn't think they'd be effective, but no harm in trying! We used to put moth balls in everything, back in Sri Lanka! Thank you for the suggestion! I am going to buy some the next time I go shopping (I need to buy more vacuum cleaner bags!)

      Stay cool in the heat and humidity. It has been a lot cooler, today, but now, it is 2:30 p.m. and it is starting to get hot.

      Oh, a bear sighting! Ha, ha, even the bears are law abiding in Canada, crossing at intersections instead of jaywalking! Its mama taught it well! :D

  5. I’m sure you don’t want to buy a new vacuum just for this flea crisis, but when your current one no longer works and you have to get a replacement vacuum, the bagkess ones are wonderful. They have a canister that you can empty and wash ... no bags. Just a future option.

    1. Thank you, Carolyn; I'll keep that in mind. My current vacuum is rather old (as are most of my appliances!), but still going strong! With my asthma, the vacuum bags are a good solution as I can just slip them off and throw them away, without breathing in too much of the dust.


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