Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wigs and More!

Wig Plus Goodies

Today, I went in for my wig fitting.  I wanted a black wig because my natural hair was black (with some grey), but although my own hair was long, I was fine with a short haired wig for a change.  I tried on several wigs, but the choice was a bit limited because, apparently, my head was very small!  Many of the wigs I tried were too big!  I finally settled on the one pictured above - a black/very dark brown wig with dark red highlights! 

In addition to the free wig and a cap to wear under it, I also received all the other items pictured above!  2 hats, 2 hairbands to wear with the hats (to cover any exposed scalp under the brim of the hats), 2 scarves (one of which was pre-tied), 3 turban-like caps, and a crocheted blanket to use when having chemo and hydration sessions (the treatment room is always very cold), all in a blue tote bag!  I told the two ladies who helped me fit on the wig that I knew to knit and crochet and didn't need the crocheted blanket, but they insisted that I take it!  There were ponchos and knitted scarves as well.  Apparently a group of ladies make them and donate them to the cancer center.  It has given me a new idea - when all this is over, I shall make a few items, myself, and donate to them to give to other patients.

Going to the wig fitting and back took up 2 hours of the morning.  I spent some time before the wig fitting, all afternoon and part of the evening working on office related work and submitted another completed assignment.  That is the nice thing about being able to work from home - I can work around the cancer-related appointments and still do a full day's work.

I took a short break from work in the afternoon to walk in the garden.  I picked two oranges from the tree and took another picture of some roses:

Yellow Roses

Of course, it meant I didn't have enough time to do any sewing, today.  Instead, I will do some knitting after dinner.  I need daylight for sewing, but can knit at night without any problem.

Today, I am grateful for:

- My new wig.
- All the other goodies I received in addition to the wig.
- A safe drive to the cancer center and back.
- Oranges from the tree.
- More roses blooming.

How was your Wednesday?  


  1. That was nice to receive all those items and very wonderful of you to want to make and donate items too!

    1. I was quite overwhelmed when they gave me all the extra items! I had no idea they gave anything else other than the wig!

  2. So proud you got your wig, and I think you chose well. It will look nice on you. How very sweet that you received the other gifts, and that will be so fun for you to make gifts to give back.. Such a blessing.
    The oranges sound wonderful. I love oranges and I just bet getting them fresh off the tree would be fantastic..
    Have a great day.

    1. I had one of the oranges today and it was so sweet and fresh.

  3. That is a pretty wig, and the other items look great, too. I hope that these lovely things will help you through the next phase of treatment.

    I see you have a dish of lemons on your table. Are they from one of your trees?

    1. Bushlady, yes, the lemons are from my trees; I picked them on Tuesday morning. :)


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