Saturday, March 26, 2016

Insomnia and a Completed Project

I experienced a new side effect, last night.  Insomnia!  Except I didn't realize it was a side effect at the time!  So I tried hard to fall asleep until, at 2:00 a.m., I decided to get out of bed.  I ate a leftover chili dog and read until 3:00 a.m.  Then, went back to bed to toss and turn until 5:30 a.m.!  I finally dozed off then, only to be woken up with Dancer cat jumping onto the bed at 7:00 a.m. (he does this every morning to see if I am awake yet to give him breakfast!) and daughter's alarm going off at 7:30 a.m.  By 8:00 a.m., I gave up trying to go back to sleep and got up.  And I've been up since then - didn't feel like having an afternoon nap, today!  Later in the morning, I looked up side effects and found out that insomnia, especially on the day of the infusion, was quite common!  I didn't experience it last time, so it was new to me.  Now that I know, I'll be ready for it with a knitting project or something, next time.

Finished Scarf

Speaking of knitting projects, I finished the scarf I had been knitting during recent chemo sessions!  I finished the last row this morning and sewed it up to make it an infinity scarf.  It is made from leftover yarn I had in my stash, so it is a stash-buster scarf and another completed project!  It will be added to the holiday gifts stash, and since it was made from leftover yarn, it is a very frugal gift.  I now need to find another project to work on while I am at chemo therapy - it has to be small enough to be easily carried back and forth and easy enough to start and stop without losing count of stitches or my place in the design.  So nothing too complicated.

Daughter went hiking with a friend, this morning.  On the way back, she put gas to the car for me.  I have a full tank of gas to drive myself to the clinic on Monday and Tuesday mornings, next week, for immune booster injections.

I did some paperwork and filing this afternoon.  My filing cabinet is too full, so I am taking the opportunity to go through the files and toss older information I no longer need to keep.  I have three more stacks of papers to go through before I will be up-to-date on my filing!

At 5:00 p.m., I went to my appointment with the tax preparer and finished filing my taxes.  Even made next year's appointment, so that is taken care of.

I made salmon cakes for dinner, tonight, with the last of the salmon, flaked and mixed with mashed potatoes and sauted in a bit of oil.  There were enough leftover for another couple of meals!  

I had planned to do a load of laundry today, but I never got around to doing it!  I did run the dishwasher, though.   Will do the laundry tomorrow.

Today, I am grateful for:

- No side effects other than the insomnia.
- Getting the taxes done and filed.
- Adding another frugal gift to the holiday gift stash.
- Getting more paperwork and filing done.
- Phone calls from friends.

How was your Saturday?  Did you have a good day?


  1. Your scarf if so pretty.. Sorry about the insomnia. That is so difficult. Good idea to have a project for the next chemo treatment.
    Proud you got your taxes done.. Always a good plus.
    Have a blessed week.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Hope you have a blessed week, too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I got the idea from a scarf my daughter had been given as a gift - it was a machine made scarf, but, I figured out the pattern and made two scarves, eventually. The one shown above was given to my supervisor at the time when she retired.


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