Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cloudy and Cool Sunday

Today has been a cool, cloudy day, with temperatures in the 60s.  I slept in this morning, which, due to the time change, turned out to be even later (old time 8:30 a.m., daylight savings time 9:30 a.m.).  I didn't change the clocks last night, so changed them this morning, instead.

I had planned to do some paperwork and filing today, but, instead, I did a load of laundry and sewed on my quilt.  I shall do the paperwork, tomorrow.

In the evening, I plan to do some knitting and video chat with daughter. 

There is rain in the forecast for tonight.  After which, we shall have sunshine and warm temperatures again (in the 80s by midweek).

Today, I am grateful for:

- A working heater
- Time to sew
- Rain in the forecast
- Another relaxed day
- Hot chocolate

How was your Sunday?  Do you change the clocks on the night before or do you wait until the morning? 


  1. I changed the clocks the night before, so that we wouldn't stay up too late, but the car is still on the old time. I wonder when that will get changed? We slept in till nearly 9 this morning and I couldn't resist commenting that it was "really 8 am". I'm not a huge fan of messing around with time!

    I'm glad you have been receiving gifts of food and being able to relax work on your crafts at the weekend.

    1. I didn't check my car clock! I will check it tomorrow, when I have to go for my blood test. I must admit that my favorite part of daylight savings time is it remaining light until later.

  2. Proud you had a good day, and slept in and rested..Nice day.
    I sit my clock back or up the night before. We had church on Sunday, so didn't want to show up at the wrong
    Have a great week.

    1. Having to be somewhere on time is a very good reason to change the clocks the night before. I remember one year when I forgot all about the time change and was late for a bridal shower! :o


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