Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Good Day

I have had a good day, today.  I felt fine and didn't have any aches or pains.  I was very happy about that.  Hopefully, I'll have another good day, tomorrow, too.  It will be nice if I can enjoy a couple of days of feeling well before the next chemo session!

It was a productive day as far as office work was concerned.  I made good progress on my current work assignment.  However, I didn't feel like doing my personal paperwork and filing, so I didn't! But I shouldn't procrastinate too much on the filing, otherwise the paperwork is going to start piling up again!

One of my neighbors sent me dinner, today.  She called me in the morning to say she was planning to make a rice dish that I liked the last time she made and sent me.  So, around 5:30 p.m., one of her daughters brought me a plate of rice that was cooked with onions, carrots, tomato, bell peppers, and chicken.  It was delicious, but I was able to eat only half of it.  I kept the other half in the fridge, for later.  Daughter will be coming home tomorrow night and she can have that half for her dinner, if she likes.

There were phone calls from two cousins and an aunt, today.  I appreciate them calling to check up on me.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Feeling well, without any aches and pains.
- Getting my office work done.
- My neighbor calling and sending me dinner.
- Phone calls from family. 
- Emails from friends.

How was your day?  



  1. Filing has always been the bane of my existence, I hate it so much. I finally got it all done around Christmas, then decided that I was going to stay on top of it... it worked for a couple of months and now I have a small pile again. I really ought to cull all my files, but you know that the second that I shred something, I'll be needing it. After all, who would have thought that I would need to refer to my 2003 tax return to amend my 2014 return as I just did a couple of weeks ago?

    So, all of this to say: I commiserate! I hope you have a nice, restful day today, Bless.

    1. What a good thing you had the documents you needed! They say keep tax returns, etc. for 7 years, but I've kept all of mine!

  2. I'm really glad that you had a good day. That food sounds delicious! x

  3. Thank you. I am going to try to duplicate the rice, one of these days.

  4. So happy you had a good day, with no side effects. And you accomplished a lot of your work.
    I had a good day also. I cleaned out a closet and bagged up some things to take to Good will.
    Hope you have a good evening.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I see that you are in spring clean mode again! :)

  5. Hi Bless, In following your blog, I wonder if you are getting enough exercise. Would you consider an early AM walk before it gets hot as being sedentary has it's own downside. You've not mentioned weight in a long time and it may drop due to the loss of appetite. I note you've not reported intake of important fruits and vegetables so I presume I should MMOB. I fret about things like that. I wish DD would gift a FitBit for Mother's day

  6. Hi Hon, thank you for your concern. As always, it is much appreciated.

    No, I don't get enough exercise. I probably never did, except when I used to go for dance classes, many years ago. Some days I try to go for a walk around the block, but that has been very "hit or miss", lately.

    As for my weight, I have lost some. I am weighed every time I go to the clinic for chemo or injections, and the weight fluctuates from week to week, but I weigh 20 lbs. less today than I did this time last year. I could still lose another 20 lbs. and still be considered plump, but the doctors are concerned that I am not getting enough calories, as it is, so no diet until I am done with chemo.

    As for fruits and vegetables, I do eat enough of fruit, but vegetables are a different matter. Maybe something to work on in April.

    Thanks for caring, Hon. Hope all is well with you.


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