Sunday, March 20, 2016

March Grocery Shopping

This Week's Groceries

Daughter went grocery shopping for me, yesterday.  I had looked through this week's grocery ads and made a list which required her to go to three different stores (one of which was on the way from Store 1 to Store 3).   Not pictured above are the two bags of cat food she bought for me, as I don't include pet food in my grocery budget.  Speaking of grocery budgets, I'm afraid I've been very lax lately!  I've been getting daughter to buy what is needed, without paying too much attention to cost and I have been sharing some of the groceries with her.  For example, the three bags of coffee and the two snack bars in the photo above are for her.

So here's what she bought:

Store 1:

10 lb. bag of potatoes = $.99
Ground beef (2 lbs. @ $3.39/lb.) = $6.76
3 Salmon steaks @ $3.99/lb. = $10.49
4 Pork chops @ $1.69/lb. = $2.95
Bosc pears @ $.49/lb. = $.74
Papaya @ $.69/lb = $2.48

Store 1 Total = $24.41

Store 1 Receipt

I wanted her to go to Store 2 because Gold Medal flour was being advertised on sale for $1.99/5 lb. bag, but when she got to the store, she called to say that they were all out of the Gold Medal flour, but store brand was available for the same price.  So I had her buy the store brand flour, as I am down to half a bag of flour, and I like to have enough flour on hand should I decide to bake something.  And I had her buy the two bags of cat food from there, as well.

Store 2:

5 lbs. bag store brand flour = $1.99
(plus 2 bags cat food, @ $11.99 + tax; not included in the grocery budget)

Store 2 Total = $1.99

Store 2 Receipt

Store 3:

2 6-bottle packs of soda @ $3.29 + $.30 redemption value = $7.18
18 Eggs = $2.99
3 bags coffee grounds @ $6.99 = $20.97
1/2 gal. milk = $1.79
1 can pasta sauce = $.99
1 jar pasta sauce = $2.50
2 Quest bars, @ $2.79 = $5.58
Tax on soda = $.65

 Store 3 Total = $42.65

(The soda helps when I feel nausea; the 2 liter bottles are much cheaper, but they go flat before I can drink it and I don't like soda that is flat, so the more expensive smaller bottles.)

Store 3 Receipt

Total Grocery Spending:  $24.41 + $1.99 + $42.65 = $69.05

I cooked the pork chops, last night, and had one for my dinner with a baked potato and green peas (daughter went out to dinner with some friends). 

Last Night's Dinner

The remaining pork chops are in the fridge, and we'll have them for dinner another night, this week.

I plan to cook the salmon steaks and ground beef, today.  I might freeze two of the salmon steaks to have on hand for later or for daughter to take when she goes back to Berkeley at the end of spring break and freeze half of the ground beef, as well.  I want to make a Shepherd's Pie with some of the ground beef and make spaghetti sauce with the rest.  It all depends on how much of an appetite I have and for what. 

And in case anyone is wondering at the lack of vegetables among the groceries bought, I didn't need any because I have cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, and beets in the fridge, plus some corn, etc. in the freezer. 

How is your March grocery shopping coming along? 


  1. Proud daughter is home with you and was able to go grocery shopping for you. Know you will enjoy her company this week.
    Have a great week..

    1. Thank you, Judy. It is a blessing to have her home for the whole week!

      Hope you, too, have a wonderful week.

  2. I decided to buy some collards the other day as I was tired of the other green veggies like frozen peas,beans, and the usual bunch of broccoli. I have been cutting out the thick rib of the collards and washing and slicing the leaves and then putting them in a heavy pot with a little olive oil, then sprinkling with ground garlic flakes, a little chili powder, a smidgeon of frozen ginger root and a little lemon juice. I stir, and cook covered, checking and stirring. The result is delicious.

    1. That does sound good, Bushlady, and well seasoned with the garlic, ginger, chili powder, etc. I must confess that I don't eat as much leafy greens as I should.

    2. Nor do we, it is more bother to deal with something like kale or collards. Frozen spinach is easy, though!

    3. I must remember that. I've bought fresh spinach, but frozen would be easier.

  3. Now that looks like my kind of dinner! Very yummy. I love pork chops, but rarely fix them since the husband won't eat it.

    1. Thanks, Jess. Wish you lived closer - I'd have invited you over to share dinner!


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