Thursday, October 27, 2022


Definitely Sweater Weather!

It was almost 61F in the family room at 11:00 a.m., this morning!  Yes, I was wearing a sweater over a blouse, and I went outside, where it was 73F, and walked for 10 minutes to warm up!  Today's afternoon high was 75F and I sat outside for a few minutes as it was warmer outside than in!  Eventually, the house warmed up to 68F!

Dancer had a good night and I didn't find any throw up when I woke up and he hasn't had any issues during the day, today, either.  He spends a lot of his time sleeping, but, that's normal for cats, isn't it?

Today, in the morning, I payed my gas bill and scheduled a safety check for the furnace/heater.  The earliest they had available for such a non-emergency/routine service was on Monday, November 7th, which is reasonable, I think.  

M was here to tend to the garden, today.  As usual, we spent a few minutes just chatting before he started on the garden and I mentioned that I am having the plumber come out, tomorrow, to tend to the bathroom sink faucet, to see why the water flow suddenly stopped.  He asked me if the faucet had an aerator and if I had checked it for debris.  Yes, it has an aerator and I had wondered if it was blocked, but, I couldn't turn in although I had tried.  He asked if he could take a look at it, opened it with the help of a pair of pliers and yes, the mesh inside the aerator was clogged!  He cleaned it and put it back and we have flowing water, again!  Woo hoo!  Nothing was wrong with the faucet, itself!  I'll still have the plumber come out because there are the other issues with the slow draining tub and the faulty diverter in the shower, etc.  They are inconveniences I have been putting up with and tolerating and if you were to look around my house, you'd see that I am very good at tolerating inconveniences! 

In the afternoon, I cleaned my daughter's bathroom (the slow draining tub is in there).  Since my daughter is not at home right now, no one is using this bathroom and I haven't been cleaning it weekly.  Well, the bathmats I had in there had a rubber backing and during the hot summer, the rubber backing had melted and glued itself to the ceramic tiles on the floor!  When I pulled the mats up to wash them, parts of the rubber backing remained stuck to the floor.  I tried to vacuum it up, but, it didn't do anything.  I tried to mop it, but, it didn't do much, either.  I took a brush and scrubbed at it and that helped a bit.  Finally, I took a big kitchen knife and scraped the stuff off and used a piece of melamine foam ("Magic Eraser") as well!  All that scrubbing and scraping warmed me up and I even removed the sweater I had been wearing!  LOL.  It also tired me out!  I was too tired to do the vacuuming I was planning to do!

I rested after that and watched the evening news.  Then, I had to put my sweater back on because once I had stopped scrubbing, I got cold, again!  And I had a mug of hot cocoa instead of my usual evening cup of tea.

Later, I ran the dishwasher and washed a few items that can't go in the dishwasher by hand.  There weren't a lot of dishes to put in the dishwasher, but, I haven't run it for at least a couple of weeks and I had been told I should run it at least once a week to keep the hoses flexible!  I thought I'd better run it tonight; that way, if there was a problem, the plumber will be here tomorrow, anyway!  LOL! Fortunately, the dishwasher worked well!  

Brunch had been the leftover slice of pizza from yesterday and apple slices.  Dinner was leftover pasta from last night and a piece of the moon cake for dessert.  I will probably have something for a snack before I go to sleep, though.  

Today, I am grateful for:
- M fixing the faucet for me as well as tending to the garden
- I was able to schedule a safety check for the furnace within a reasonable waiting period
- Warm wool sweaters!
- Sunny days (according to the weather forecast, November will be mostly cloudy and cool)
- Video chatting with my daughter

Today's joyful activity was chatting with M and sitting outside to enjoy the warmer temperature!

Wednesday's Prompt: Ego
("An egotistic pose.  Not based on any particular anime character.")

Plans for tomorrow include the plumber's visit, vacuuming, and doing some tidying around the house.

How was your day?  What are your plans for Thursday?


  1. Oh dear what a lot of work to remove that rubber backing of the bath mat. And isn't your M a treasure to fix the bathroom facet. Very glad to hear Dancer is doing well.

    1. It was more work than I really wanted to do, but, I got it done! There is still a little more of the rubber backing left on the floor (the tiles are sort of dimpled, so, the stuff got into the dented areas!), but, that's on the to do list for another day!
      M is truly a treasure! He does a few odd jobs for me, around the house (replacing smoke detector batteries, burnt out ceiling lights, etc.) and now, plumbing, too! :D
      Dancer seems to be fine, again. :)

  2. At least your cold house is motivating you to get some walking in as you warm up. :) Glad Dancer is doing better and cats do sleep a lot. A whole lot.

    1. Ha, ha, yes! It's the motivation I needed to do some walking! :D
      Dancer seems to be fine, again, today, too. I hope he's over whatever it was that caused him to throw up!

  3. That temperature is about what it was like outdoors today when I walked round to visit my friend! No wonder you needed a sweater. That was good of M to fix your faucet. We have a lot of buildup on our faucets and I had to do the trick of putting the shower head into a plastic bag of vinegar the other day. It really worked well clearing all the deposits. As for your bath mats, that must have been hot weather to melt that rubber onto the tile. What a tedious job to scrape it off! Household chores never end, do they, but it is better than not having a home at all.

    1. Please tell me that you wore a sweater or a light jacket when you went to see your friend, Bushlady! It's all relative, though, isn't it? I remember coming down to LA from Green Bay, Wisconsin, one Christmas, to visit my sister; it was something like minus 30F and snowing when I left and 67F in LA when I arrived. My sister was wearing her winter coat and I was shedding layers down to a short sleeved blouse! 67F felt so warm, back then!
      It was very kind of M to fix the faucet! He saved me some money, too, because I didn't have to get the plumber to fix that! But, the plumber unclogged the bathtub drain and fixed a few other plumbing issues for me.
      The bathmat was old, that might have contributed to the rubber deteriorating and melting. I've another similar 'non-skid' rug in the family room and that is starting to stick to the wooden floors! Probably time to dispose of the old mats and rugs and get some new ones.
      Housework never ends but, as you say, I'm thankful to have a home. :)

  4. In Michigan, that's the weather where people are out in their shorts lol.

    Sorry about the bathroom rugs. Glad, after much work, you were able to get it taken care of. That's part of the reason I stopped buying those kind and replaced with ones that didn't have the rubber backs. I also found that they stained the tiles!

    1. Yes, I know; people were like that when I was in Wisconsin, too!
      Yes, the bathmats I have in my bathroom now don't have a rubber backing; I need to get a similar set for my daughter's bathroom, too.

  5. I am still enjoying your daughters artwork.
    It is night here and the house is colder than I like it to be, but other than turning on the furnace one beautiful day (to run it with the doors and windows open so the smell would drift outside) I will not use it. I have a firm and fast policy to never heat the house until at least November 1, but most times we don't need more than the den fireplace until mid December. So I am reading this in my gown and a blue jean jacket (I have not changed over my summer clothes yet and all my sweaters are still upstairs,)

    1. Thank you, Anne; just a few more days to go for Inktober!
      I am planning to wait until the gas company technician does the safety inspection on Nov. 7, before I turn the heater/furnace on! I have all my summer and winter clothes out all year long, so it's easy to grab a sweater if needed. I'm just a wimp when it comes to cooler temperatures, that's all! :D

  6. That was kind of M to fix your tap for you. That sounds a hard job getting the rubber off the floor and having to bend or kneel to scrape it off. I'm so glad Dancer is doing OK, I'm sure cats do sleep a lot, Tilly does too, our pets have the best life :)

    1. It was very kind of M to fix the tap for me, Eileen. He is a good friend as well as my gardener. I got a good workout scraping the rubber off the tiles! I had to bend (probably wouldn't have been able to get up if I had knelt!). Dancer seems to be fully recovered, today. Our pets do have it made, don't they? :)

  7. I am glad that M was able to fix your water flow. One less thing to pay for with the plumber.
    I laughed as you described taking off your sweater because you were getting over heated with all the exertion from cleaning those tiles!
    Now you know what to do next time you are cold - start scrubbing lol
    Your daughter's picture is very clever.

    1. Yes, it was very kind of M to fix the sink tap for me. There were other things for the plumber to do, so it all worked out, well.
      Ha, ha, yes, I'll scrub and clean to keep warm and by the time spring rolls around, I'll have a sparkling clean house, as well as a lower heating bill! :D Moving around will always generate a little internal heat, won't it?


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