Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Rain on Tuesday!

Day 9: Nest
"Who is the girl? Based on any character?"
"No, just a girl from my imagination" 

We had a shower of rain, this afternoon!  Right after I had watered some of the plants in the front garden with buckets of water I had saved from when I had showered!  Not a very heavy shower of rain, but, there was a flash of lightning followed by a clap of thunder, loud enough to scare Dancer, and then, a brief shower of rain for about 15 minutes.  It was long enough to wet the ground.   We need a few more showers of rain like that!

Day 10: Crabby 
"Krabby, a character from Pokemon"

Neighbor S called me in the morning to tell me that she had put some of her overflow trash into my black trash bin that was out on the curb waiting to be picked up and I told her that was not a problem at all.  Then, she asked me if I would like some chocolate covered strawberries that her niece had made and I said I'd love to have some.  She also brought me some other chocolates that had an orange gel like filling:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Other Chocolates
Compliments of S

I was able to give some fresh papaya that I had peeled and cut this morning to neighbor S in exchange (she had already declined my offer of turkey-vegetable soup, saying she had a lot of food leftover from the family gathering over the weekend).

Yesterday, Monday, I started on my Fall house cleaning.  I know that most people tend to do Spring cleaning, but, I like to do a Fall cleaning, too.  I washed the inside of the front door, dusted the windowsills and dusted the living room furniture.  I will wait until it is closer to the end of the month to decorate for Halloween, though.  Later in the day, I cleaned the bathroom and the litter box, took the trash cans to the curb, and did some paperwork.

Day 11: Eagle
"Bald Eagle drawn from an online image"

Today (Tuesday), I sewed on the quilt a little more, sewing down one of the sides.  It's coming along! 

I also cleaned the kitchen, a little bit - I don't know how the kitchen counters get so messy, but, they do!   

Today, I am grateful for:
- Rain!  It wasn't much, but, it was something and that's better than nothing!
- Chocolate covered strawberries and other chocolate goodies from S
- Being able to give some papaya to S in return 
- Phone calls with cousin and friends, including neighbor T
- Weekly trash collections

Today's joyful activity was sewing on the quilt.

Plans for tomorrow include tending to the garden with M and tidying/cleaning the dining area.  

How was your Tuesday?  What are your plans for Wednesday?  Do you do Fall cleaning?


  1. Wow your daughter's drawings are excellent, very talented she is. Those chocolate covered strawberries yum, yum. That's good you've had some rain, I sent some of ours over to you ;-) No Spring or Autumn cleaning for me, little and often is my motto.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. :)
      Oh, the chocolate covered strawberries were delicious!
      Thank you for sending over some of your rain! I'd be happy to receive more if you can send more over, please! :D
      Little and often is good and I try to do that, but, I'm afraid I let a few things go over the summer! It was too hot to clean, is my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :D

  2. I try to do a little cleaning all the time, but with vacation and other things I have not been keeping up. Same goes for all of the outdoor chores. I have today off, so maybe I'll start my catch-up.

    1. I, too, try to keep up with the cleaning and housework, but, I tend to slack off from time to time. Plus, certain tasks (like cleaning the ceiling fan blades) get done just a couple of times a year. Vacations and taking care of family members who are not feeling well take precedence of housekeeping! Make sure you take a little time for yourself, too, on your day off from work.

  3. Great news that you've had some rain and I hope you get some more over the coming days.

    I don't do autumn cleaning, just spring cleaning, which is more than enough for me. My plan is to get a cleaner in the new year ... that's my idea of doing housework!

    Your daughters' drawings are very good, and those chocolate goodies from S look delicious. x

    1. Thank you, Eileen; there is more rain in the forecast! I can hear distant thunder and I'm hoping it means that there will be another shower of rain, today!

      I slacked off the cleaning in late August and most of September when it was so hot. It's time to do some deep cleaning. I do like your idea of doing housework! :D

      Thank you; I like sharing my daughter's drawings. :) The chocolate goodies were much appreciated! :D

  4. More nice drawings! I can't imagine how long they took to do. Are they on paper? Canvas? Glad to hear that you are getting some rain at last. I hope there will be more so that your area gets a decent soaking, and the reservoirs are replenished. I'm sure that ration of strawberries counted towards your daily allowance of fruit! ;o)

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella. The drawings are on paper, colored in with markers. She will sometimes draw and color one drawing a day; other times, she'll draw several drawings in one session and color them on another day.
      There was thunder and lightning in the distance, today, but, no rain. M watered the garden as usual.
      Oh, yes, of course the strawberries counted towards my five a day! :D

  5. How nice to have been shared such love treats! Loving the drawings from your daughter - if only I could draw like that!

    1. The treats were very welcome! :)
      Thank you; she used to cry and say she couldn't draw when she was a child, but she has found her style of art and drawing now and enjoys it. :)

  6. I'm enjoying your daughter's colourful artwork! I'm glad you had some rain and I hope you get some more to water the garden. We had rain today after a lovely day yesterday. I'm glad S is keeping you supplied with treats!
    I don't get a lot of spring cleaning done as we are always preoccupied with making maple syrup, so now I have a list of fall cleaning that I want to do.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady.
      There was some distant lightning and thunder, today, but, no rain. We need more rain! Glad you are getting some rain up there.
      I read somewhere that it makes sense to do fall cleaning so that the house is clean for when we get ready to spend more time indoors. :)

  7. Yeah for rain! Even a little is something - I hope it rains again soon.
    What a nice plate of cholatey goodness from Neighbor S.

    I always enjoy seeing your daughter's creations.

    1. Every little bit of rain helps! There is a 50% chance of rain in the forecast for tomorrow (Saturday); I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
      It was a lovely plate of chocolatey goodness! :D
      Thank you, Debra; you are very kind. :)


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