Tuesday, October 25, 2022

More Creative Writing: October Week 4 Meal Plan

Last week's creative writing meal plan gets good mark for effort!  This was the meal plan for last week:

Salad/fruit salad ✔
Peanut butter toast ✔
French toast ✔

Ground turkey keema curry with rice or flat breads
Pizza from the freezer ✔
Fish curry, rice, vegetables
Leftovers and "made-overs" ✔
Or, my favorite new category: Something else!  ✔

And how it worked out:

Monday: Assorted leftovers (waffles and katta sambol for brunch; rice and the last of the Thai pepper beef for dinner)
Tuesday: Pizza (from the freezer) for brunch; leftover blended turkey-vegetable soup and toast for dinner
Wednesday: Peanut butter on toast (brunch); "souped up" rice (rice cooked in the leftover turkey soup), sausage, green peas (dinner)
Thursday: ??? I didn't keep an account, but, I know I ate something; probably more peanut butter on toast for brunch and maybe leftover pizza (from the freezer) for dinner?
Friday: Scrambled egg and toast for brunch, more leftover souped up rice, sausage, and green peas for dinner
Saturday: Lahmajoon (Armenian pizza) compliments of neighbor S, for both brunch and dinner!
Sunday: Frozen burrito for brunch; chicken curry and lavash (Armenian flat bread) for dinner, with cucumber salad

Snacks: Assorted fresh fruits (the last of the papaya, mangos, apples), cookies, peanut butter cups, almonds.

I didn't feel like cooking the ground turkey keema curry or the fish curry I had planned and pulled out a packet of previously cooked and frozen chicken curry, instead! 

And here we are, the last week of October!  Time for more creative writing!  Leftovers to be used up this week include the last of the chicken curry and some Italian sausages.

October Week 4 Meal Plan/Options:

French toast and bacon (had on Monday)
Frozen pizza (had on Tuesday; 1 slice left)
Fresh fruits/salad
Sauteed garbanzo beans(chick peas)

Chicken curry and lavash flat bread (had on Monday; a little more chicken curry and a lot of lavash leftover)
Sauteed Italian sausage and vegetables with pasta
Ground turkey keema curry and rice
Leftovers/Made-overs/Something else!

What are the meals you are planning to make this week?


  1. I am always amazed at the variety of foods that you eat. I made a roast chicken this afternoon and had that with sauteed carrots and a salad. You do really well with your food budget.

    1. Thank you, Stephenie. I think it's thanks to my neighbor S who shares food from her culture with me! Your roast chicken meal sounds delicious and very healthy, too! I really need to incorporate more vegetables into my meals, especially when I go off the meal plan! I'm doing well with this month's food budget! I'm going to set aside some of the unspent portion of the budget for stocking up, later.

  2. Nice meal plans. I am trying to use up some freezer stuff this week. The weather has been so nice though I have ended up buying some salad for us. We don't eat as much salad in the winter as, after working outside, the guys want something hot at night!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. Good idea to use up some of the freezer stuff before the holidays - make room for all those holiday goodies! :) You've had some unusually warm weather up there, lately, haven't you? I have some salad stuff in the fridge that need to be used up! Maybe I'll have a salad for brunch, tomorrow!

  3. You do well with your meal plans and your "something else" still makes me smile, that's the way to do it :) I managed to empty one deep drawer in the freezer ready for some food for Christmas. We are eating more hot meals now the weather is much cooler.

    1. Thank you, Eileen! As for "something else" - you know what they say, "If you can't beat them, join them"! LOL. A long time ago, I read something where the meal plan was set according to the day - if it was Monday, it was spaghetti and sauce, if it was Tuesday, it was always chicken pie, if it was Wednesday, it was always ... and so on! The idea behind it being the lady of the house didn't have to think about it and the family always knew what they'll be having for dinner. At the time, that sounded like a really good idea and I tried to have a set meal plan like that. I could never pull it off, though!
      Well done with emptying one drawer in the freezer! I wish I had a freezer with drawers! My freezer has shelves (which don't pull out) and one bin at the bottom that does slide out. I can never keep the freezer organized!
      Nothing like a nice hot meal to keep one warm during the cooler weather! I'm thinking of doing more baking to help warm up the house at the same time! :)

  4. I took out some turkey soup from the freezer the other day and added a little frozen corn and some frozen chopped kale. There was enough left over for a helping for DH the following day. I find that frozen kale is great for adding to soup because it is already in small pieces.

    1. Your turkey soup sounds good! I have not tried frozen kale, but it sounds like a good thing to add to soups, etc. :) The nights are getting a bit chilly, here, and I think I'll be making another pot of soup, soon!

  5. I haven't eaten French toast in years. I might just have to make some this weekend. X

    1. I love French toast! I hope you added it to your meal plan for this weekend! :D

  6. I remember you mentioning the turkey soup but I don't remember you making it. Was it in the freezer?
    You had some good food this week. Your food always sounds very tasty and most of it I would certainly be happy to have for my own meals :)
    I made some lentil soup this week and we ate that for a few days.
    The second day we had it, I roasted some shrimp and added that to it and that was good.

    1. I made the turkey soup earlier - just in time for a heat wave! I kept the broth for about a week before I made the soup, gave some of the soup to M, had some of the soup, myself, then, blended it and had it like that for a couple of servings and finally used it to cook some rice! It just kept going on and on! LOL.
      Ooh, that was some gourmet lentil soup that you made! Yum!


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