Sunday, October 23, 2022

Mostly Cloudy on Saturday

Prompt: Heist
"The logo for the phantom thieves of hearts from the
game/anime Persona 5"

It is apparently a hat with a mask with flames on one side of the mask and not the snout of a red and white dog in a top hat (which is what I thought it was!  LOL!)

It was a cloudy day, today, with an afternoon high of only 71F.  The 38% chance of rain that was forecast for the evening never materialized, although I don't know if it rained in other parts of the area.  I'm glad I asked M to water the garden on Friday.

I did two loads of laundry in the morning, including bed sheets, and hung everything up to dry indoors.  I was tempted to put them in the dryer, but, I resisted the temptation!  

In the afternoon, neighbor S called me.  Her mother had made some lahmajoon (Armenian pizza) and would I like some?  Yes, please!  She also gave me some Chinese moon cake cookies her husband had bought and some square rice cakes/crackers that her daughter N had given her:

Treats from Neighbor S

I ate one of the lahmajoon for brunch and the second one for dinner!  I saved the cookies and the crackers for another day.  

I started on a new crafts project, this evening, sewing some "mug rugs" which are like oversized coasters.  I'm using fabric I have in my stash, but, I don't have the colors I'd like to use for them (fall colors).  Brown and grey will have to work instead of orange and yellow!  I'll post photos after I am done making them.  

My daughter was feeling some fatigue and a slight headache that came and went throughout the day.  She took it easy and rested.

Poor Dancer was feeling a bit under the weather, today.  He threw up several times and I got a bit worried, but, he seems to be feeling better, now.  He ate some kibble and drank a little water; but he has been very subdued all day.   

Today, I am grateful for:
- Treats from neighbor S and her family
- Daughter continues to recover from the booster without major side effects
- Dancer seems to be recovering, too, from whatever upset his tummy
- Washing machines and other working appliances
- Rubber gloves

Today's joyful activity was doing more crafting.

How was your Saturday?  Any plans for Sunday? 


  1. The food S brought you looks delicious. What's on the lahmajoon?

    1. The lahmajoon was delicious! The topping is a mixture of ground beef, tomato, onions, etc., blended together. I posted the recipe here:

  2. I have been enjoying your daughters artwork.
    Now I want Armenian pizza (Had to google it but it sounds delicious)

    1. Thank you, Anne. :)
      Lahmajoon is delicious! I hope you have the opportunity to try it, some day. :)

  3. You're not alone ... I thought it was the snout of a red and white dog in a top hat at first glance.

    As usual the food from S looks so tasty, especially the lahmajoon. She is such a generous friend isn't she?

    I'm glad your daughter only had a mild reaction to her booster jab, and I do hope Dancer is feeling better now. He will need to check the quality of your work on the mug rugs so he'll need to be feeling tip top.

    1. Glad that I'm not the only one who saw a dog's snout in the drawing! I need to have some of these drawings explained to me! LOL.

      S and her family are such generous friends! They always think of me and share their delicious food with me.

      Thank you, Eileen; I, too, am glad that my daughter is having only mild side effects from the booster jab. I'll be having mine in early November and I hope I'll have mild side effects, myself. As for Dancer, poor kitty was sick earlier this morning, too. :(

    2. I'm jealous that I can't see the dog! I can only see what I am meant to. I've even tried squinting! I'm sorry (for him and you) that Dancer isn't well. I hope his tummy settles down soon. I'm still not eligible for a fourth jab and really hope I don't have to wait much longer. :o(

    3. It's good that you can only see what you are meant to see. :)
      Thank you, Lady Ella; I think Dancer is feeling a bit better.
      I hope you will be eligible for the booster jab, soon. Is eligibility based on age, over there?

    4. Yes, unless you have a condition that requires you to be called earlier. Suddenly I can see the dog!!

    5. :D Glad you can see the dog! It's a bit like those optical illusion drawings where some people see two faces in profile and others see a vase! :D

  4. I'm intrigued by all the anime drawings as I am unfamiliar with anime and your daughter is obviously quite an expert. Her talent is amazing.
    I'm glad she was able to rest during the effects of the booster. Poor Dancer, I wonder if he got into something he shouldn't, although it is usually dogs that eat strange things.
    I know the temptation of using the dryer as it is a lot more effort to hang the sheets up! I do use the dryer often for 10 minutes with no heat, to fluff up towels and other items that are hard after line drying.

    1. I don't know much about anime, myself, Bushlady, but, my daughter is very into it!
      I, too, am glad that my daughter is able to rest while she is experiencing the booster side effects. She says the side effects show that her immune system is responding to the booster!
      Dancer might have eaten something he shouldn't have, although I'm not sure what, because he's indoors, all the time. But, occasionally, insects like crickets get in and I've seen him attack them...maybe he snacked on one and it didn't agree with him!
      I was just being lazy, yesterday, when I wanted to use the dryer! I like your method to fluff up line dried towels - I must try that!

  5. I hope Dancer feels better soon.
    I can't unsee the dog now :)

    1. Thank you, Jules; Dancer is feeling a little better, today.
      Ha, ha, you, too! :D

  6. I can't see a dog in a top hat but that's good I suppose :) I do hope Dancer is feeling much better now, it's such a worry when our pets aren't well.

    1. It's a good thing that you can't see a dog in the drawing, Eileen. :D
      Dancer is feeling a little better, today. Not quite his usual self, but, he's doing OK. I was worried because, it being the weekend, the vet's clinic is closed and I couldn't have taken him in if he had taken a turn for the worse. I think he just ate something that didn't agree with him, but, he's getting on in years and I worry about him!

  7. Every time I see that pizza from neighbor S I think, "I need to make one of those!" lol. It looks so delicious.
    Oh gosh - I hope as I read on that Dancer is feeling better.

    1. The lahmajoon was very delicious; I posted the recipe S gave me, but, I haven't made it, myself.
      Dancer is better now, thank you. He got a bit spoiled when he was not feeling 100% and now, he thinks he should continue to be spoiled! :D


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